Evan Caminiti “When California Falls Into The Sea” LP

Like I said, those Barn Owl guys, ultra-prolific. This new solo album from Evan Caminiti has been in the works for over a year, and it promises to be completely awe-inspiring. Because I haven’t heard this one yet, I’m gonna trust what the label says. They state that “When California Falls Into The Sea” finds Caminiti “shifting away from the evocation of the land elements and towards the urban- the grit of blood on the streets, junkies and poverty juxtaposed with beautiful, fleeting moments like sun reflecting off of glass buildings into dingy puddles in the street- to produce songs that parallel a dialogue where guitars sort of float through the air weightlessly, weaving around each other like butterflies and other moments that are more solitary, monolithic excursions into the night.” So yeah, heavy shit. Fans of Barn Owl and their side-projects know what to expect by now, this is a blind-buy all the way. The LP has an edition of 500 and costs $15 at handmadebirds.com.


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  1. This is a very nice record in a cool package. When I listened to it last night it reminded me of, of all things, the soundtrack to the movie Paris, Texas by Ry Cooder. Spacious, blues-tinged guitar with lots of reverb: it’s a sound that has always moved me. I would recommend this LP to fans of ambient music, but more to guitar players or people who like guitar-centric music, which would be fans of Barn Owl, I suppose. BTW, the pressing was 100 copies on white vinyl, 400 on black. Cool blog!

  2. thanks for the post. the new Barn Owl EP is a killer as well, you might be interested.

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