Fabio Frizzi “Zombi 2” LP

Fabio Frizzi is a master soundtracker. Who else could provide the proper mood for one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history: a zombie fighting a real-live, fucking shark. It’s no easy task to provide musical accompaniment to the inspired lunacy of Lucio Fulci, but Fabio pulls it off effortlessly, creating soundtracks that stand on their own with no need for ironic, retro sentiments. His soundtrack for Zombi 2 is available on 140 gram vinyl in an edition of 1000 at beta.forcedexposure.com.


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  1. The link just goes to a photo bucket image link of the cover.

  2. I ordered this from soundstagedirect.com. A little bit pricier but shipping was gratis!


  3. Anyone else pick one up from forced exposure? Comes with a poster. Are these signed?

  4. My poster was signed. Think I’ll have it framed!

  5. My poster was badly creased in such a way that it very much affected the image, also both the inner and outer sleeve of the record were quite damaged due to death waltz’s chintzy packaging. Either get pro or quit.

  6. I agree, very cheap, flimsy jacket. I wish they would make the release more about the movie/soundtrack than their record label. Every release has that shitty design on the cover.


  8. Yeah that cover design is bad, let’s talk about the Eraserhead reissue coming up on Sacred Bones!

  9. I have to say, I’m thrilled with this recent wave of classic horror soundtracks pressed on vinyl. Two different Frizzi efforts, Eraserhead (although I missed out on the limited edition), Andrzej Korzynski’s score for Possession (on Finders Keepers)… Maybe we’ll get some Goblin or Riz Ortolani reissues at some point (Cannibal Holocaust, please!).

  10. I think the cover’s cool. It’s a nod to old VHS covers (the label being on the front another part of that nod.) I think that’s why there are posters too, to really enjoy the full painting.

    I’d say it’s TOTALLY about the music, all the work’s in the restoration of the OST, the posters and all are just cool extra’s.

    I’m totally into the wave of rereleased OST’s too. Didn’t know about the Possession one, thanks for the heads up.

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