Fell Voices “Demo 2008” LP

You shouldn’t even be reading this. You should have already clicked through to purchase this completely essential vinyl repressing of Fell Voices debut demo cassette. The second release from fledgling metal label/distro Analog Worship, this is available on 180 gram mossy green vinyl or standard kvlt black vinyl (also 180 grams). Easily the most highly recommended purchase we will be covering this week (and probably for a few weeks after), so pick it up immediately at analogworship.com.


2 Responses to “Fell Voices “Demo 2008” LP”

  1. I just got my copy in the mail today. The shipping from these guys is great! Very fast. The problem that I have, is that although the album is fantastic, considering the price, the packaging could have been a bit better. It comes in a very thin slip style case. With a very small paper containing notes. That is it. No mp3 download, no booklet. No gatefold. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate Analog Worship for putting this out. And its a great release. But for $20 shipped, I expected a little more packaging wise. No schwag either. :/
    Take a page from Hellsheadbangers or Gilead Media. They know how to package.

  2. Shipping was really quick, and my items were very well packed. I ordered a cassette as well, and these guys went the extra mile to make sure it wouldn’t damage the LP during its journey through the USPS. Haven’t listened to this yet, but the moss green vinyl looks great. I’ll agree that the price is a bit steep for such plain packaging though. Essential purchase anyhow…grab one before they’re gone.

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