Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” 2xLP Test Pressing Giveaway

Adam from Gilead Media reached out to us this morning offering to do a test press giveaway for the new Fell Voices album. We like Adam, we like Fell Voices, and we love you guys so of course we got right on top of it. You all know the deal, and if you don’t: see the rules below. Epic is a grandiose word which has been severely diminished due to overuse so we will not use it to describe the searing 62 minute record which is Fell Voices’ Regnum Saturni. Rest assured, everything you love about this band is in full muscular display here. Presented in a tip-on, old-school gatefold sleeve with a spot gloss, metallic silver LP labels on 180 gram vinyl, and hand-screenprinted and etched D-side. Basically: awesome visuals and music and you must own it regardless of whether you win a test pressing or not. This is being co-released by gileadmedia.net and antitheticrecords.com.

Contest is closed. We will contact the winner shortly. Thanks, everyone.

Fell Voices - Regnum Saturni 2xLP


247 Responses to “Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” 2xLP Test Pressing Giveaway”

  1. This should be badass

  2. please please please please :)

  3. Yes please!

  4. I haven’t listened to it yet, but if it’s anything like their prior releases, it will be great.

  5. Yes, yes and more yes!

  6. Gilead!

  7. I should win this cos I run their FAN SITE on facebook. Hahaha!! Love, love this band

  8. Count me in!

  9. Would love to own this!

  10. of fuck yes

  11. I love Fell Voices’ previous work, and virtually everything Gilead releases is an instant classic. I’d *love* to get my hands on a test press of this!

  12. Need!!!!!!!!

  13. Amazing band. This shit is gonna break down the walls.

  14. really excited for this! saw them a month ago in brooklyn and it was mindblowing.

  15. I got 5 on it

  16. Give me free stuff

  17. awesome!

  18. Awesome!

  19. I really think this is their best record so far, by recording it live they only made it sound more haunting than before

  20. Oh yes, it shall be mine.

  21. \m/

  22. I think I should win this cause I look the best in a jogging outfit.

    and I really like that Fell Voices split with Ash Borer.

  23. sweet.

  24. Yes please!

  25. Fell Voices + Gilead Media = Awesome vinyl!

  26. What an easy contest!

  27. WANT! That would be amazing! \m/

  28. hell yes!!

  29. Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

  30. Best album of the year so far!

  31. O rly

  32. I’d love to get this!

  33. Fingers crossed!

  34. I love Fell Voices! Fingers crossed…

  35. That would be nice!

  36. Just bought a house… can’t afford records… serious bummer. PICK ME!

  37. Album is stellar!

  38. One of the most essential released of the year.

  39. Thanks

  40. Fingers crossed. Hoping they come back to Portland soon…it feels like it’s been forever.

  41. That’ll make a nice addition to my collection. Yes, please.

  42. want.

  43. WANT.

  44. Yes! I need this.

  45. It shall be mine!!!

  46. Just heard that record for the first and it blew me away! such an outstanding and mere dark atmosphere….
    I hope you’ll pick me 😉

  47. Album is great! Can’t wait for the US press

  48. Exciting!

  49. Hell Noises!!

  50. Easily one of my favorite bands of the past few years. \m/

  51. Awesome. Sadly they hadn’t got any records left on tour when i saw them :(

  52. worth a shot, i suppose.

  53. Nice! Saw them at the Gilead Media Fest. They melted my eyeballs.

  54. Pick me please, I can’t afford the new pre order right now and I have all their other releases!!!!

  55. Wow, nice giveaway!

  56. even though I own a huge vinyl collection,I have not test presses,so help me solve this problem-so in the name of Jesus,Satan,Buddha,Krishna,Superman,and Angelina Jolie-PLEASE PICK MY NUMBER

  57. Can’t wait to listen to my new record!

  58. I could use these psychedelic space jams in my life. I would love them and raise them as my own child.

  59. sounds cool, looking forward to this amazing record

  60. I need it !

  61. Can’t wait for this!

  62. Enjoying this new material. Keen to score DLP.

  63. This record fucking rules! Gilead Media and Antithetic Records always put out great records!

  64. I would love this <3 money saved will allow for more records

  65. This is sweet.

  66. Love to get this especially since I’ve had no money for music in quite some time. Keep up the good work you do.

  67. Awesome!

  68. Gimme dat!!!

  69. Have you guys ever seen Tim Allen’s “The Shaggy Dog”? It’s definitely my favorite film of 2006.

  70. I want this. I want this. It’s a very good record and I want this.

  71. would love this!

  72. gilead, gilead, gilead.. oh how I love you.

  73. Yes please!

  74. You guys are way too awesome; cheers to a great new release!

  75. I feel lucky!

  76. Woo!!!

  77. Can’t wait for this!

  78. I would sleep with this under my pillow.

  79. Best USBM band. The material on the ashborer split is unreal.

  80. I saw them play at Gilead Fest last year and was surprised by their “vocals without microphones” approach. This would be sick to win!

  81. MITƆIV A ⅃⅃Ǝᖷ

  82. I totally ran out of my emergency supply of Fell Voices last night so I could really use some more.

  83. they’re too sexy to have test presses

  84. Sunny days, black metal, what more does mankind need…

  85. How do I enter this contest?

  86. Racords

  87. I need some Fell Voices in my Life!! woooohoooooooooooo!

  88. Their set at Gilead Fest was unreal. Looking forward to this release!

  89. gimme dat!

  90. cool

  91. Memememe

  92. Nice!

  93. Count me in

  94. I don’t usually participate in these things but..

  95. It’s a tie.

  96. These guys were amazing at the Gilead Fest.

  97. Oh Yeah Fell Voices Thanks Gilead!!

  98. OMG VINYL and Gilead is a winning combination!

  99. I probably won’t win this but its worth a shot.

  100. Wow, lots of responses, Not surprising.

  101. OMGV is the best.

  102. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast

  103. Fell Voicez!!!

  104. Bananas

  105. hi

  106. “now um i don’t usually do this but…um…”

  107. I like free things

  108. Super pumped for this one!

  109. Yes

  110. Yeah buddy

  111. Third test-press-contest lucky x

  112. This would indeed be most pleasing…

  113. This album rules.

  114. Sweeeeet

  115. Amazing band, bad production

  116. …very rad! thanks!

  117. \m/

  118. Bacon.

  119. Absolutely love this record!

  120. gimme gimme gimme

  121. Boss win.

  122. Allow me to throw my hat into the ring.

  123. This new FV looks awesome

  124. I would love to enroll in your test press giveaway. More importantly, I’d like to win it. Can’t wait for this release.

  125. comment! 😀

  126. one of the great bands on a great label

  127. Listened to the stream from the album this morning… Test press or not I’m getting this album! Epic and evolving. Good luck everyone! Got to love Fell Voices

  128. Gonna buy it from Adam anyway, but a test press would be an awesome surprise!

  129. Awesome. This is a great contest. Good luck everyone!!!

  130. If I don’t win, I will be purchasing it… but to be honest, my credit card could use a break from vinyl for at least a few days…

  131. I am mesmerized by what these guys have done this year along with Altar of Plagues and Ash Borer, it sucks that I live in South Florida because I wont get to see Fell Voices live after hearing how the execute phenomenal performances.

  132. Coffee!!

  133. Oh, lovely.

  134. Fantastic album! Everyone should get Lychgate too (and anything else Gilead puts out)

  135. First time hearing this band, and damn! Gilead always knocks it down.

  136. This record is going to be so great, amazing band, amazing label. Thanks gileadmedia

  137. awesome band!

  138. neat!

  139. Such a fantastic, hauntingly depraved release to say the very least – all in all it’s taking me by the hand and showing me the path down to definite schizophrenia…

  140. Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum! Give me some!

  141. Stunning band and an amazing label that still makes music that matters!!!

  142. Winning is fun.

  143. I will teach you to be rich

  144. There a few bands that I want to see live as badly as Fell Voices. Chicago Wants to see you.

  145. Excellent band. Can’t wait for this.

  146. Oh hell yes! \m/

  147. One of the best live shows I’ve ever seen!

  148. Love this band! Actually, the Gilead Fest and all the vinyl I got there turned me on to a ton of awesome music.

  149. In for the win!

  150. Sounds delightful!

  151. In Odin’s name I pray…

  152. I will win this time…

  153. Want!

  154. Please and thank you.

  155. This slab of metal must be mine!

  156. Yes please!!

  157. I’m in

  158. This band rocks my socks clean off

  159. Killer record!

  160. Great labels, great album, hook me up!

  161. I don’t even own any test pressings! Fingers crossed for one

  162. Pick me!!! Please?

  163. WANT!

  164. I love testpressings!

  165. Another giveaway so quickly. Awesome! thanks

  166. Yes!

  167. entering

  168. Me Me me

  169. Yes please!

  170. Love both labels, great idea guys. I have a test-press of the Untitled record so it would be cool to land this one.

  171. please!

  172. schwing!

  173. Please pick me!

  174. word

  175. Let me feed with it my SL-1210MK2!

  176. ROLLIN’

  177. This will go perfectly with my Hell – III test pressing! I love this band!

  178. I shall not win. of this I am certain.

  179. Hey! Gilead is an amazing label

  180. Fell Voices!!! I hope when I get to see them live I can shout out, “Play ‘Untitled’!!!” I wonder if i’ll get some laughs or maybe some angry stare downs….

  181. Has to be me!

  182. Thanks!

  183. sure, why not?

  184. yeah boi!

  185. I probably have room for this somewhere

  186. Gonna buy either way.

  187. I loved the last release. Can’t wait for this one!

  188. heck yeah

  189. The man in black fled across the desert, and Adam followed.

  190. gimme!

  191. cannot Wait for this album!

  192. here’s hoping

  193. C’MON!

  194. In it to win it.

  195. woooooo

  196. Amazing band! Amazing deal! Amazing amazing!

  197. magic

  198. Epic.

  199. […] OMGVinyl is hosting a contest to win a test pressing of the album, although the contest will probably be […]

  200. This should be an impressive release. Just once I’d like to actually win one of these things. Hey, Higher Power are you hearing me? Anywho, this should be great!!!!

  201. … snake eyes.

  202. This would make a pretty great birthday present for myself!

  203. I would love to own one of these.

  204. This package looks amazing. What a cool giveaway!

  205. Mmm, yes please!

  206. Blamo!

  207. so stoked for this.

  208. Thank you.

  209. screened, cool.

  210. I love Adam and Gilead Media and I love Fell Voices and I love OMGVinyl! Please and thank you.

  211. Bought the euro release of this and was sorely dissappointed with the packaging. Wish I waited for this release of it :-(

  212. Yes, I would like to have this one too 😀

  213. I f–king love Fell Voices, wish they’d come to Texas. Until then, if I win this, it’d make up for not seeing em. Oh, and Mike is my biggest inspiration in playing drums.

  214. Fingers crossed.

  215. I’m holding my breath

  216. The only way Fell Voices should be heard…vinyl.

  217. Hey, cool. Neat. Super

  218. Yes, please.

  219. Black baby.

  220. nice! hope to win.

  221. Pow!

  222. Good lord, Fell Voices picks the most fitting artwork, imagine being in the middle of that enormous storm in another planet… Only Fell Voices would be appropriate. Thinking about it reminds me of a black hole I encountered on salvia.

  223. Probably the best band I saw at Gilead Fest. Can’t wait for this record.

  224. Love This Band. Split with Ash Borer one of my faves!

  225. Storm on Saturn. Cheers :)

  226. Big fan of Fell Voices and everything that Adam Bartlett does with Gilead. I hope I win this!

  227. hello

  228. Can’t wait the own this beauty on vinyl!

  229. Health is a crown that only the sick can see.

  230. Stoked for this release – just saw the band on their Euro tour with Ash Borer…

  231. I’m into it

  232. Mine

  233. bump

  234. This is my comment, and I would love everyone involved if I won.

  235. me hungee

  236. epic!

  237. Give it to me baby uh huh uh huh!

  238. Yes please!

  239. woohoo! :) count me in

  240. Awesome! \m/

  241. Contest!

  242. I’m in

  243. You’re paralyzed… cause this is Thriller…

  244. hook it up

  245. Is it too late?

  246. cheers!

  247. Fuck whoever won.

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