Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” 2xLP Test Pressing Giveaway

Adam from Gilead Media reached out to us this morning offering to do a test press giveaway for the new Fell Voices album. We like Adam, we like Fell Voices, and we love you guys so of course we got right on top of it. You all know the deal, and if you don’t: see the rules below. Epic is a grandiose word which has been severely diminished due to overuse so we will not use it to describe the searing 62 minute record which is Fell Voices’ Regnum Saturni. Rest assured, everything you love about this band is in full muscular display here. Presented in a tip-on, old-school gatefold sleeve with a spot gloss, metallic silver LP labels on 180 gram vinyl, and hand-screenprinted and etched D-side. Basically: awesome visuals and music and you must own it regardless of whether you win a test pressing or not. This is being co-released by gileadmedia.net and antitheticrecords.com.

Contest is closed. We will contact the winner shortly. Thanks, everyone.

Fell Voices - Regnum Saturni 2xLP


247 Responses to “Fell Voices “Regnum Saturni” 2xLP Test Pressing Giveaway”

  1. … snake eyes.

  2. This would make a pretty great birthday present for myself!

  3. I would love to own one of these.

  4. This package looks amazing. What a cool giveaway!

  5. Mmm, yes please!

  6. Blamo!

  7. so stoked for this.

  8. Thank you.

  9. screened, cool.

  10. I love Adam and Gilead Media and I love Fell Voices and I love OMGVinyl! Please and thank you.

  11. Bought the euro release of this and was sorely dissappointed with the packaging. Wish I waited for this release of it 🙁

  12. Yes, I would like to have this one too 😀

  13. I f–king love Fell Voices, wish they’d come to Texas. Until then, if I win this, it’d make up for not seeing em. Oh, and Mike is my biggest inspiration in playing drums.

  14. Fingers crossed.

  15. I’m holding my breath

  16. The only way Fell Voices should be heard…vinyl.

  17. Hey, cool. Neat. Super

  18. Yes, please.

  19. Black baby.

  20. nice! hope to win.

  21. Pow!

  22. Good lord, Fell Voices picks the most fitting artwork, imagine being in the middle of that enormous storm in another planet… Only Fell Voices would be appropriate. Thinking about it reminds me of a black hole I encountered on salvia.

  23. Probably the best band I saw at Gilead Fest. Can’t wait for this record.

  24. Love This Band. Split with Ash Borer one of my faves!

  25. Storm on Saturn. Cheers 🙂

  26. Big fan of Fell Voices and everything that Adam Bartlett does with Gilead. I hope I win this!

  27. hello

  28. Can’t wait the own this beauty on vinyl!

  29. Health is a crown that only the sick can see.

  30. Stoked for this release – just saw the band on their Euro tour with Ash Borer…

  31. I’m into it

  32. Mine

  33. bump

  34. This is my comment, and I would love everyone involved if I won.

  35. me hungee

  36. epic!

  37. Give it to me baby uh huh uh huh!

  38. Yes please!

  39. woohoo! 🙂 count me in

  40. Awesome! \m/

  41. Contest!

  42. I’m in

  43. You’re paralyzed… cause this is Thriller…

  44. hook it up

  45. Is it too late?

  46. cheers!

  47. Fuck whoever won.

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