Ghost “Opus Eponymous” LP

It’s hard to know what to think about Ghost, their background is strange, to say the least.  They are kept a complete secret with anonymous members and painted faces/costumed bodies live (check their MySpace out).  The other weird thing is that they are being marketed as black metal, when in actuality, their music sounds like the anything-but-black early days of metal.  It’s not heavy, it’s not dark.  It’s also not bad, but like I said, it’s just hard to know what to think about the way they are being presented.  That being said, the new LP on Rise Above is limited to 400 copies on solid blue vinyl and 400 copies on clear/black speckled vinyl for £16.  You can also buy the “die-hard” edition which comes on heavy black vinyl, has an edition of 300, includes a poster and patch, and costs £24.  Visit

UPDATE: Available in North America at!

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  1. Excellent band, had the pleasure of seeing them live last Sunday and they delivered the goods in that environment as well.

    As for the whole black metal thing, I guess it’s a nod towards their obvious influences like early Mercyful Fate. So satanic and ritualistic rather than straight up black metal, I guess. Not like for example Watain who happened to be headlining the show that night.

  2. Sounds like something you’d hear on a Scooby Doo cartoon.

  3. Scooby Doo music is the shit!

  4. Anyone hear anything about US distribution yet? I love this album, and will definately get the wax, but ordering from Rise Above just makes me feel violated. $45 shipped for the single LP, $65 for the die-hard? Damn! Pretty pricey for a band very few have heard of yet.

    Eitther way, highly recommended to anyone into early M. Fate, and who don’t mind a little 70’s pop cheese thrown in for flavor.

    Heavy Scooby Metal FTW!

  5. Rumour has it that Metal Blade will release it in the States early on in January…

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