Giveaway: Win a Test Pressing of Grails “Deep Politics” 2xLP

Wow, we couldn’t possibly be more excited about this new giveaway.  Temporary Residence is offering one of our readers a test pressing of Grails’ new album, “Deep Politics” (read about it below).  Enter to win the test pressing by leaving a comment for this post.  Only comment once, we will be checking for duplicate entries.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.  The contest will be open for approximately 48 hours, the winner will be announced sometime Wednesday morning. Huge thanks to Temporary Residence for this generous giveaway!

EDIT:  Using the Random Number Generator at, the lucky number was 67.  Congratulations Marc, you won, you’ve been emailed.  Thanks again to everyone for entering, and to Temp Res for the awesome opportunity!


453 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Test Pressing of Grails “Deep Politics” 2xLP”

  1. love me some grails! <3

  2. sign me up!

  3. Yes please!

  4. Righto.

  5. freakin’ sweet!

  6. nice!

  7. I’m in!

  8. pretty please

  9. giev

  10. comment

  11. For a while I thought there would be No Doom. But I am sure there will be some.

  12. This is so sweet.

  13. RAWR!

  14. I WILL get this one! Already ordered the album but a test pressing will be just fine! Big fan…

  15. looovveeee!

  16. Let test my luck

  17. Give me the Grails.

  18. Here We Go

  19. I’m in …

  20. Can’t wait

  21. Yep ! I want it.

  22. Deep politics and shallow truths :-)

  23. I like grails, they distract me from this damn callisto cuddle sponge.

  24. another one to the collection

  25. I could do with one of those!

  26. WANT!!!

  27. OM

  28. This is bananas.

  29. great info!

  30. !eno siht raeh ot tiaw t’nac ,sliarG evol I

  31. NEED

  32. holy grails!

  33. C’mon random number generator!

  34. me please

  35. Thanks for the giveaway Temporary Residence. Now how about finishing up the travels in constants discs?

  36. Now that’s a contest!

  37. please, please, please!


  38. Heck yeah. Been waiting patiently for this record.

  39. I would like to win this record.

  40. One please! :)

  41. pickMe! \m/


  43. The whims of the random generator strike again

  44. gimme me!

  45. leavin’ a winnin’ comment

  46. Mmm, peanut butter!

  47. !

  48. ja takk!

  49. totally in! thank you!

  50. big money, big money, no whammies, no whammies

  51. I want this record!

  52. hook it up!

  53. gimme that

  54. I hope I win!

  55. excellent!

  56. Yes please

  57. grails kick ass

  58. I really digg this item

  59. booyahs!!!

  60. #42

  61. hoooa

  62. awesome!

  63. I wants!

  64. Thanks!

  65. They were better when their album titles had to do with heroin usage.

  66. Put me down for one WIN!

  67. NICE!!!!!

  68. Wow! I hope I’ll get lucky!

  69. I am all about this. Grails is good music!

  70. ok this time it’s mine

  71. Gotta love these test press giveaways!

  72. I would very much like to own this, and if there is any justice in the world, I will.

  73. in!

  74. grails! 😀

  75. do want.

  76. Why yes, I would like a Grails test pressing, thank you for asking!

  77. I would like this.

  78. … Much Obliged …

  79. roll the dice

  80. Count me in on this one!

  81. Awesome give away. That cover art is beautiful.

  82. Want this!

  83. yes please

  84. Grails, Grails, the magical fruit, the more you listen, the more you toot.

  85. In on this

  86. oh yes please!

  87. do want

  88. omg

  89. Holla!

  90. this february is mind-blowing. too much quality stuff floating around…

  91. Rise Up!

  92. I’ll get in on this. Woo Grails!

  93. one of the very best bands out there… would love this!

  94. Grails me baby

  95. Excited about the samples I’ve heard!

  96. I’m in!

  97. sweet guys… thanks for this

  98. Cool!

  99. Free wax, woot!

  100. Free wax, woot!

  101. YEAH!

  102. here’s a comment

  103. This should be a real gas!

  104. live long & prosper

  105. gimme dem grails!

  106. please.
    Grails FTW!!!!

  107. I WANT IT

  108. YES. Some Grails up in here

  109. I’ll take it! I’ll take twelve!

  110. I never win anything BUT why not

  111. I’m in!

  112. OMG (awesome!) VINYL

  113. I’ll take it pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  114. please giveeeeeeeee

  115. Onward Rose City!

  116. Grails + TRL = the best!

  117. all hail the grail!

  118. must have.

  119. i’ve never won anything. jelly

  120. this would be the holy grail..s in my collection…

  121. TP for my bunghole!

  122. Thanks for the opportunity.

  123. All Grails is good Grails.

  124. Be awesome like Grails.

  125. Awesome Giveaway cant wait to get my hands on this!

  126. Oh here go hell come!!!

  127. Yay! Best band ever of the day!

  128. Thanks a bunch

  129. would



  132. Maybe a dingo ate your baby?

  133. Psyched to hear this record – March can’t come soon enough.

  134. Invocation

  135. And I thought that I would only have the coloured vinyl and the cd!

  136. Awesome! Thanks!

  137. Grails pretty much rule.

  138. My chickens were all ornery today, but quit their squawking and clucked and pecked happily when I threw on some Grails.

  139. Great!

  140. Nice… Another great giveaway – Keep ’em coming guys! :-)

  141. Yes please!

  142. Sweet!

  143. UH!!

  144. Oh man! This would be the highlight in my Grails collection. Fingers crossed.

  145. YES, would love to be entered into the draw. Great giveaways guys =)

  146. super label, super band, super website. super.

  147. yes pleeeeease

  148. yes!! thanks!!

  149. Please and thank you!

  150. Looks great!

  151. NEED IT!

  152. Whoo! Let’s give it a shot!

  153. Grails!

  154. Send it this way, thanks!

  155. great!!!

  156. Yes, yes!

  157. You have found your winner.

  158. another test press contest please…thanks omgv

  159. Well, why not?

  160. iwantiwantiwant

  161. i have always wanted to win something

  162. <3

  163. I’ve never won anything!!

  164. sparky – heck yes!

  165. I’m Lovin’ it !!

  166. love em!

  167. I hope i win!

  168. can i win?

  169. Cannot wait for this. One of thee greatest bands out there.

  170. Yaaaaaaaaaap!

  171. Thanks for another contest!

  172. YAY

  173. random number generator my way

  174. Whoah. The Deep Politics release will literally be my Christmas.

  175. I need some new Grails!!!!

  176. Badly need Grails in my life!

  177. Awesome idea

  178. Can’t wait to heat this!

  179. Yyyyyeeeesssssss!!!!!! Been waiting for this for too long! Grails are absolutely my favorite band!

  180. Love this!

  181. great contest. thanks

  182. Long live Grails!

  183. grails grails grails. Thanks for the contest.

  184. grails heck yeah

  185. I am teaching my 4 year old son to appreciate great music, he is well on his way….Grails is a staple in his musical diet….

  186. I seek the holy Grails!

  187. Please let me win this test pressing, and I’ll sacrifice my soul to Grails.

  188. Hello Temporary Residence,
    I would enjoy receiving a test pressing of Grails new studio recording, “Deep Politics.” I would appreciate your consideration when you select a commentator for this amazing gift. Sweet.
    Thank you,

  189. that looks amazing! do want!

  190. this is gonna be great!!!!

  191. Yes!

  192. Looking forward to this release; great contest!

  193. Ummm…. Yes please.

  194. I recommend myself!

  195. yes please :)

  196. Obviously, a testpressing has to go to the Netherlands. Love Grails and looking forward to see the d-side in real life, shit looks epic!

  197. yep, another one …

  198. yes please

  199. Yes, please!

  200. Grails are the best!!!

  201. Looking forward to a new one!

  202. Can’t wait for this album!

  203. Awesome!


  205. I’d love some deep politics!

  206. Grails changed my life.

  207. Heck yeah, this is awesome! I’ve been into Grails since back in the day, yo. 😀

  208. WANT.

  209. It would feel so good to win anything!

  210. would love to have this!

  211. Grails!!!! Yes!

  212. hash oil!

  213. a burtal teeth mashing epic I am sure. count me in!

  214. *Signs up* I’d love one! Grails rules.

  215. Thanks!

  216. !!!

  217. Count me in!

  218. Feels so good!

  219. ( . ) ( . )

  220. I love GRAILS and Give aways!!

  221. I’ll have that please.

  222. Please pick ME!

  223. Grails are so awsome they should have sex and make tiny little Grails so they can be also awsome.

  224. So psyched for this. Know it’ll be good, the Doomsdayer’s Holiday pressings were really well done. The etching makes this one so much cooler.

  225. temp res rocks

  226. love Grails, looking forward to the new one.

  227. I’m gonna say word to the mother on this one. Holler!

  228. I am so looking forward to this new slab!!

  229. Grails = The Greatest!

  230. Yes Please!

  231. I’m in–but I’m goin’ over to buy it right now, anyways, so. . . .

  232. Please.

  233. Love the Grails! Would give this test pressing a good home.

  234. And just by coincidence I pre-ordered the record today!

  235. money money money

  236. Yes Please. Always pumped for Grails.

  237. Please? I mean, really, please?

  238. yes please!

  239. Fuckin A

  240. Grails should do a split with Earth where they do covers of covering one anothers’ songs.

  241. great band, great label

  242. Awesome band, awesome label and I would love to own this piece!

  243. love this website, grails ftw

  244. win win win!

  245. So many entries!

  246. i love all these giveaways lately, even though i haven’t won any of them…

  247. I’d love it! Thanks.

  248. I wanna win!

  249. Fingers crossed

  250. Give me the test press =)

  251. GRAILS!!!!!

  252. Awesome giveaway!

  253. I’ll take it.

  254. mineminemine!

  255. This will sound amazing on vinyl

  256. thanks! great site!

  257. comment.

  258. Yay!!!!

  259. I hope I win!!!

  260. Test pressing!

  261. OMG!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  262. GRAILS

  263. Bring on the tunes!

  264. I would love to be the one.^^

  265. grails for life

  266. grails.

  267. i cannot wait for this record! the artwork and concept behind the whole thing just seems so incredible. surely a test pressing is the only thing that could make this more awesome!

  268. deep politics, deeper sounds!

  269. Grails is the best band most people have never heard of. Thanks for the chance OMG.

  270. WOW. Love the Grails. Awesome contest !!

  271. HAI there (means “shark” there :-)… GRAILS!!!

  272. ALL Grails is GOOD Grails!!!! Hails the Grails

  273. I would like to win please

  274. Lucky day!

  275. Pick me, pick me!

  276. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  277. This would be AMAZING to win!

  278. Would love to get this, let me win please!

  279. gotta at least try on this one!

  280. Man, I guess I’m not the only one who’s in need for some Grails…

  281. Entered?

  282. Verily, zounds, Grails FTW!

  283. Awesome!

  284. w00t

  285. Need the holy Grails!

  286. I want in on this!

  287. awesome!!!

  288. Can’t wait to give the new Grails a spin. A test press would make it so much better!

  289. but I never win contests,,,

  290. Highly doubt I’ll win, but its worth a shot. Gimmie NOW!!!

  291. awesome. Count me in.

  292. Holy awesome test pressing Batman!

  293. Mmm….test pressings….

  294. Obtaining this Grails test pressing is essential to my spiritual well-being.

  295. Please sign me up!

  296. Yes! I’m in!

  297. If Grails come in Québec province, my journey on earth will be complete…

  298. GRAILS RULE!!!

  299. hot dog! GIMME.

  300. Here’s to a shot in the dark. I’m always looking forward to new stuff from Grails.

  301. Already ordered, but would love a test press!

  302. ohhhh. yes please! sign me up!

  303. Nice! You cats rule!

  304. This is so great that you guys do this! Love the music!

  305. would be SWEET to have this!

  306. GRAILS!!!!

  307. Thanks TRR and OMG!

  308. Please!

  309. fuck yeah Grails!

  310. Can’t wait for this album, preordered it last week.

  311. I’m in

  312. Love me some Grails!

  313. i wantsss

  314. OMG Vinyl…Because Records Sound Better…especially GRAILS records!!

  315. Sign me up please, can’t wait to hear this record!

  316. so. pumped. for. this.

  317. Excited about the new album and would be nice to win this as well.

  318. do want.

  319. would love this!

  320. couldn’t be more stoked!

  321. diego

  322. Who wouldn’t love a test pressing!?!

  323. :O EGADS!!! That’d be pretty rad indeed 😉

  324. New Grails…Hell yes! Sign me up.

  325. oh yeah my first lottery in ten years

  326. hello

  327. thank you sir!

  328. you’re telling me there’s a chance

  329. I don’t stand a chance at winning this Test Press.

  330. awesome!

  331. another sweet ass giveaway. thanks again guys!

  332. Honk If You’re Horny

  333. this is the time to win, what a sweet looking record..

  334. You guys rock!

  335. IN! Pumped for this Grails release!

  336. i’m stoked for dis shizzle mah nizzles!

  337. thanks for the chance, have my fingers crossed :)

  338. Grails for life!

  339. GO OFF!!!

  340. Pick Me!!

  341. Hello

  342. I’d love to win this

  343. Enter me please!

  344. Ahh I love grails!

  345. oh yes!!

  346. fo sho

  347. Do want! :)

  348. Snikey

  349. I nominate myself as WINNER!

  350. i wanna get lucky

  351. Yerp! Me please!

  352. dang, someone already used the “holy grails” comment.
    shoot. i’ve got nothing…

  353. would most likeley kill someone, or at least some large mammel for a test pressing…

  354. ahh, this is even more exciting than the last giveaway!!!!

    <3 you, omgv

  355. good music…i’m sure it’ll be stranger than ever

  356. great contest! hope i win!

  357. WOOOO!!!

  358. sounds awesome!

  359. thanks!

  360. cortez the killer

  361. Holy Grails, it’s a new album Batman!

  362. can’t wait for this album, they put out some of the best instrumental music of all time

  363. Looking forward to this one.

  364. I’m in!

  365. Nice. I can buy food this week if I win this.

  366. i’m in

  367. appealing on many levels.

  368. I can’t wait until the new record finds it’s way to my doorstep.

  369. Nice contest!

  370. Grails ..always an aural orgasm.

  371. Yes Please!

  372. Hope to win!

  373. o yea bring on the grails

  374. sounds great!

  375. Ahhhhhh dropping test presses

  376. Vinyl TP!!!

  377. behold, a comment!

  378. more like the holy grails

  379. Feels so good.

  380. Down like a clown, Charlie B.

  381. Just started listening to Grails and they are AMAZING! Would kill for a test pressing :)

  382. Hello? Where am i?????

  383. Test My Grails!

  384. i really want that! :)


  386. Cool beans!

  387. I Like!

  388. Really anticipating the new Grails album. It’s pleasure every time.

  389. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a test print.


  391. would love to have one of those!

  392. fantastic band

  393. Kul!

  394. I am also commenting on this to get a prize

  395. Tits !

  396. In it.

  397. Woo Woo!

  398. jebus….oh well, who i am fooling i never win anything…

  399. ^ winner ^


  401. No Grail Fail! C’mon winner.

  402. I sure as hell would dig this.

  403. Would love to get the test press of this album

  404. Love the Grails!

  405. A new album from one of my favorite bands!

  406. im in

  407. Grails…Test… 123

  408. I would like to count myself among the many…

  409. Happy Birthday Gregland! \m/

  410. Sign me up

  411. This would look nice in my new man cave.

  412. Yes, who wouldn’t want to send this beautifully strange vinyl by a strange but awesome band to a dude with a strange name in strange Belgium?

  413. awesome

  414. Winning this would start me on the path of expensive turntables and audio systems- I sincerely hope I do not win.

  415. .

  416. awesome.

  417. me! please?!

  418. Hella excited to listen to this album fully! Would also enjoy getting this as my first test pressing.

  419. Love this site but it needs more folk, etc., I’ve been introduced to so many great bands on this site but I’m not a big drone or metal guy

  420. yes please

  421. I’ve already preordered, but what the heck. So incredibly excited for this record!

  422. twee-drone-core rocks!

  423. Hell yes! Can’t wait for this to drop.

  424. Album of the year already?

  425. CROM!

  426. If i’m not too late!

  427. I love everything Temporary Residence.

  428. aighttttttttttt

  429. 666!

  430. Grails !

  431. Give me, give me, give me :)

  432. Thanks!

  433. winner!

  434. .G.R.A.I.L.S. is (finally) back! Preorder vinyl is in and waiting for his buddy..

  435. this moment would only be better if i had a copy of the grails lp.

  436. Fingers crossed for me.


  438. BOOBS

  439. mee mee mee agaain..

  440. S0 stoked!!!

  441. Wednesday’s my birthday, nothing would make it happier!!!

  442. awesome giveaway. Thanks, OMG and TRR!!

  443. Awesome giveaway. Would love to get my hands on this!

  444. I love vinyl

  445. wouldn’t mind adding this to my collection! Here goes!

  446. Oooohhh! Yes, thankee!

  447. come come over here in Brazil

  448. splendid!


  450. Burn…

  451. Did I win?

  452. Wan’t some!!!

  453. Fuck Marc.

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