Giveaway: Win a Test Pressing of Lilacs & Champagne “S/T” LP

First of all, huge thanks to Mexican Summer, Alex, and Emil for offering this giveaway up to our readers. We are handing over a free test pressing of the amazing Lilacs & Champagne album we talked about last week. To enter, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random in about 24 hours (sometime Friday morning). Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation. PS, the record is up for order now and officially drops on Tuesday, buy it HERE either way. Cheers!

EDIT: Just got word that we’ll be giving away a second item – a copy of the retail LP signed by Alex and Emil! Two winners.

WINNERS: Looks like the winning numbers were 33 and 136. Congratulations Jon, you’ve won the test pressing. Stefan, you’ve won the signed LP. You’ve both been contacted. Thanks so much to Mexican Summer and the band for this giveaway, and to the readers for entering. Buy the record!


299 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Test Pressing of Lilacs & Champagne “S/T” LP”

  1. Holy crap I want this! That first song they posted was so great.

  2. count me in! Awesome!

  3. I own quite a lot of Grails stuff (although not everything). This would make a nice addition.


  4. free stuff is the best stuff……even better when its good stuff to begin with

  5. Great Giveaway, Sign me up!!!

  6. gimme! gimme! gimme!


  7. How could one not want this? Count me in.

  8. Sounds like a good deal to me…sick sounds and trippy video…

  9. Need it! The first track is the jam!!

  10. That is a pretty rad album cover, I must say.

  11. Sounds really good I want this too!

  12. great record. would love this beauty.

  13. Sampling Rick Wakeman’s solo material? Nice.

  14. Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum…Christmas in January!

  15. Awesome..would love to win!

  16. The first two tunes sound intrigue, i’d be happy to hear the whole album…

  17. Awesome.. would love to win!

  18. Already ordered this one but a test pressing will suits me fine!

  19. Me want test pressing
    for free things are the best thing!

  20. Killer vibes!

  21. Me me me.

  22. Want it ! Have you listened to this test pressing ? So what ?
    Win Win Win :) #fingerscrossed


  24. It will be awesome have the test pressing, a test pressing its something that just you can´t buy.

    I’m a great fan from SPAIN !!


  25. Thick goosebumps.

  26. Mexican Summer is SIIIICK!!! Thanks OMG you guys are RAD!!

  27. Love it! One please.

  28. Fingers crossed!

  29. Great blog-great lp-Thanks!

  30. second the OMG radness…

  31. This sound great! Need this 😀

  32. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Sweet!

  34. This plate would made a small german boy who live in a big germany city very happy.

    Much Love

  35. I’m in.

  36. Yes please. Good stuff.

  37. Sign me up. Thank you!

  38. I’m stoked on Mexican Summer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Thank you for the opportunity to own such a wonderful piece of wax.

  40. I love this video. I hope I win.

  41. Verano de México es el mejor

  42. Awesome promotion! Thanks for the chance!

  43. Nice eyes !

  44. Amazing Contest ! Sounds great !

  45. saw Grails two years ago in Stockholm. Amazing! Gonna see OM in april! can’t wait

  46. Great stuff! Please enter me into the contest!

  47. Want this! Sounds awesome

  48. Yes please!

  49. pinecones & beer!

  50. this looks badass!

  51. I’m down.

  52. Sweet man!!!

  53. Please count ne in.

  54. Sweet! Love Mexican Summer stuff!

  55. sounds good, thanks

  56. Would love this and would be honored to own it!

  57. love grails, would love this.

  58. might as well throw my hat into this ring

  59. When I say I’m in luv you best believe I’m in luv L U V! This is the best January news i have had so far!

  60. Can’t wait for this to drop! Do want.

  61. Looks and sound great!

  62. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Also, please enter me in the contest. Thanks!

  63. good lord, my collection needs this.

  64. Throw me into the hat!!


  65. Cool. Thanks!

  66. Thanks for the contest/giveaway. Sounds good to me!

  67. Very nice! A free copy wold be even better!

  68. 2 words: Abso Lutely!

  69. Awesome giveaway. Crossing fingers….

  70. HEY!!!

  71. Cannot wait for this record, seriously.

  72. Sign me up!

  73. I need this. Thanks for disregarding all other entries. Cheers.

  74. First two cuts sounded great! Hope the rest of the stuff is as brilliant…

  75. Into it.

  76. Already ordered. Wouldn’t mind a test press though!

  77. Very original songs, i love them. I look forward tyo hearing the rest of the album !
    ( Deep politics is incredible too ! Haha)

  78. Absolutely completely into this. Hail OMGVinyl.

  79. Ge mig.

  80. Album of the year already?

  81. Coconuts!

  82. I’d love to get my hands on one of the two!

  83. Amazing label, amazing band. Can’t wait for this!

  84. Yes, please. Thank you!

  85. oh yes, please! :)

  86. Exciting stuff. The guys from Grails never cease to amaze me with anything they’re involved in.

  87. Sweet, lilac sweet!

  88. Prune Juice and Pickles!

  89. Would love to have this as the new soundtrack to my life !!!

  90. So excited! This will go well with my Red Sparrows split.

  91. Everyone loves test pressings!

  92. Yo yo yo! This is the best giveaway ever!

  93. Spaced!

  94. Hahaa! I know one who would not like to have this record, my forthcoming wife but that’s her problem. I want this and if I wont get it for free, I’m going to buy it, simple 😀

  95. big ups and monster trucks

  96. Best. Blog. Ever.

  97. Yes please.

  98. I have the weirdest boner

  99. I have never won anything. This would be nice to have.

  100. Yay! Cmon luck, I never win stuff! :) Thanks OMGV and Lilacs & Champagne!

  101. Yes please. Count me in!

  102. Happy daze

  103. I am a winner!

  104. Please give me thine record. I have so very little money.

  105. OMGV has the best taste in records.

  106. In that case go banana!

  107. I pretty much just buy stuff you hip me to, thanks.

  108. Please, I want to be a weener

  109. Rad song/ vid! I hope to see a tour in the near future

  110. Just knowing about this band gives one bragging rights

  111. luv u <33

  112. i have sucumbed to psychokinetic control

  113. man this sounds amazing, i would love to win the price (-;

  114. mmmmm . . . tasty wax. nomnomnomnom.

  115. Cool.

  116. Comment!!!

  117. need, want, love Emil!

  118. This music feels like there’s lilacs & champagne all over the place. very hypnotic. beautiful.

  119. Nice! Looking forward to hearing the rest of this!

  120. <3 Lilacs, <3 Champagne

  121. Great track. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

  122. hello.

  123. Can’t wait!

  124. Love it.

  125. MAN ! how come i never heard of this band before ? love the track. hope i win ’cause i don’t want to sell my girlfriend to some guy name Rico. Good job !

  126. OMG, how i would love to own this!!!

    thanks for the giveaway!!! OMGV rocks!

  127. Nice, those preview tracks are way cool.

  128. Hail Satan

  129. hello!

  130. I’ve been looking forward to this for too long!

  131. Bitchin!

  132. Boobies are awesome.

  133. The test pressing would be a great addition to my Grails collection!

  134. count me in – have been so eager for this release. thanks

  135. Want! Thanks….

  136. Well, i could say i’d kill for this one, but it’s… Wait, it’s true actually.

  137. want

  138. Need to win!!!

  139. Sweet!

  140. yes please.
    again: yes. please.again?
    yes please, i’ll have it, please!

  141. Cool giveway!

  142. This looks awesome, and I would love to own it.

  143. Why would I not want this?! Grails are my musical heroes!!!!

  144. I would love a test-press because tI’m probably the only person who wants this with boobs.

  145. Sign me up!!! Huge fan, always excited to hear new Grails 😀

  146. Really looking forward to this one! Rock on Mr.Amos!

  147. If I win, I will love you five-ever…

  148. looking forward to getting this, free or not…

  149. Would love this!!

  150. So you’re saying all I have to do is comment? SCORE.

  151. Hope I’ll win. I love music.

  152. Yes! This would be awesome! Viva la Grails!

  153. Can’t wait to WIN!

  154. Splendid! Looking forward to it

  155. bitte gif mi ze elpi!

  156. I love you guys. I wish you could make it to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  157. Really looking forward to this record, regardless of whether or not I win! :]

  158. Yeah!!!
    Great Giveaway!

  159. so excited to hear this!

  160. This is awesome!

  161. Sweet! The latest Grails record made it to my top ten albums of 2011, let’s see if Lilacs & Champagne will place itself among the best ten albums of 2012.

  162. Awesome.. would love to win!

  163. Maybe if I have the longest comment, I will get the prize. And by comment I mean penis and by prize I mean vagina. And by longest I mean mediocre and by vagina I mean the hole in the middle of the record.

  164. Trippy bro

  165. Love music, hope i’ll win. Thanks.

  166. Well, every single thing Grails guys touch is gold, like the Taj Mahal, I would love to have this travelling with me to India!

  167. Love the site! Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  168. Roses & Liquor

  169. I’ve been using Grails recordings to teach my guitar students new/interesting scales for the last three years. Give me a copy and help them learn A phyrigian!

  170. freebie!

  171. gimmie dat

  172. Awesome!

  173. Life right now is a limbo waiting for the Lilacs & Champagne record to be released. This will define 2012 as Deep Politics did 2011.

  174. Directement au niveau des synapses…

  175. Fantissimo, looking forward to it!

  176. There’s no clouds for this mexican summer

  177. That’s some great material. Would be please to listen to this all the time! Even if i don’t win it, I’ll buy it for sure.

  178. Love what I’ve heard so far!

  179. Meh. It’s not Black Tar 5, but it’ll do for now.

  180. Holy crap the looks awesome! Hope I win :)

  181. pleeeeeeeease i would love this !!!!!!!grails ruuuuule

  182. Absolutely love Grails, and I’m anxiously awaiting my pre-order for this. Wouldn’t mind a signed one, though!

  183. I’ll take this, please and thanks

  184. I confess, i’m a groupie, i neeeed it!!! (sorry, i’m also a guy)

  185. Yes! Yes! Yes! I need this in my life.

  186. comment!

  187. Ordered, can’t wait to hear the whole album

  188. Fuck yeah, can’t wait for this. 😀

  189. Well, I’d better comment then hadn’t I?

  190. Right here! :) 6rails66

  191. Pick me pick me! I swear I deserve it!

  192. I would really love to have this. You don’t think I can get it here in West Virginia, do you???

  193. The song off the record got me to get off my ass to write music again. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it

  194. Help, I’m trapped under something heavy.

  195. GIVE’R!

  196. hell yes new grails

  197. I just watched The Incredible Melting Man.

  198. This sounds quite promising! Looking forward to this release.

  199. DO ME!

  200. Me Me ME.

  201. Let’s get high and fuck to this record!

  202. i check my doorstep daily for this. stoked.

  203. want it!!!!

  204. Please! I need this more than the other 200 people over me 😀

  205. yes please!!! set to be a fantastic one!

  206. I’ve never heard anything like this before. I fell in love within the first ten seconds. MUST GET

  207. Woah!

  208. It is really extraordinary. The heaviness of the writing is strong evidence of his physical vitality and his crushing power. Note also the underlining with its upward drift and its immense strength.

  209. Awesome!

  210. I’ll take it i guess

  211. can’t (pre)order the album at my local recordstore in Belgium,
    so yes please !

  212. Amazeballs!

  213. Well

  214. Sweet!

  215. I’m in !

  216. I can’t wait

  217. Awesome ! Please count me in !

  218. This sounds like a brilliant lp, will buy for sure, if I don’t win the competition 😛 (I wish, lol)

  219. right on…. thank you.

  220. Excited and delighted

    it’d be faid if I got it considering the amount of records w emil on them I’ve got

  222. This is going to be one hell of an album. Can’t wait!!!

  223. want it suckas!

  224. awesome. Thanks again.

  225. count me in!

  226. Yeah.

  227. Okay!

  228. love grails

  229. Woo woo woo!

  230. woooo! Free things!

  231. I’ll probably end up picking this up either way. It’d be nice to have the test pressing on the shelf too.

  232. ordered this album within seconds of hearing about it. I love Grails so much I named my dog, Grails.

  233. Randomize my winnings in comment entries. Want this record!

  234. would be great!

  235. Nice sound………

  236. winner winner chicken dinner

  237. Love u longtime!!!!!

  238. comment comment, comment!

  239. Nice!

  240. Would really sound great on my record player.

  241. !YES!I WILL WIN!

  242. How can a loser ever win?

  243. yes, please.

  244. Wow. Hardly no comments ever and BAM! A bazillion comments on one post. That’s pretty cool I guess considering how awesome this record is going to be.

  245. I like free test pressings!

  246. gneiss!

  247. Red leader standing by.

  248. Mexican Summer rules! Killer giveaway!

  249. and… done.

  250. holy fuck count me in. the vinyl looks absolutely beautiful, and will sound the same.

  251. Thank you.

  252. Supurb. I must have this.

  253. mmmagic..

  254. I am watching Billy Madison right now, and I am signing up for this. Please, choose me.

  255. Your music makes me want to think more…I love anything that does that!

  256. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway….keeping my fingers crossed!

  257. Free stuff rules, omgvinyl rules, Lilacs & Champagne rules and all other shit belongs on Mars, man.

  258. This site has been a serious drain on my wallet for the past couple years…

  259. Record of the year.

  260. Yeahhhhh!!!

  261. lets open up this pit!

  262. I win?

  263. Thanks!

  264. Man, I loves me some Grails.

  265. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  266. how fucking cool is that? who does cool givaways anymore? of real fucking artist? mind blown. thanks hope these get to a deserving fan. good luck to me and you but mostly me

  267. can i have this pleeeeease? :)

  268. aww yeah thanks guys!

  269. It would be an honor to be your guinea pig. Lol

  270. Wow! Sign me up!

  271. me please!

  272. instant karma

  273. I’m in! Thanks!

  274. Hey, I love Holy Sons and Emil’s music. I can thank Duncan Trussell and the Lavender Hour for my fandom.

  275. holy Smokes. It’s going to be a Tequila Sunrise.

  276. Rollin’

  277. this’ll be a good one

  278. it’s gonna be MINE!

  279. yes, please.

  280. i am all in!

  281. fantastic stuff!!!

  282. Just on time!
    Count me in

  283. Nice prize! Can’ t wait to hear this album! Roll on Tuesday!

  284. I want!

  285. Saw you guys in Oslo, and i’ve never stopped listeing ever since! Cant wait to hear this album!

  286. Am in!

  287. I like!

  288. Count me in!

  289. Thanks guys! Y’all have helped me expand my taste and my record collection.

  290. gimme gimme gimme gimme

  291. I hope I win. ^^V

  292. Ooooh, I’m excited

  293. Gimme!

  294. Word.

  295. piping hot diarrhea

  296. I never win these things.

  297. Love what Mexican Summer has been putting out.

  298. <<>>

  299. holy cow there’s a lot of comments here. I have consulted the I-ching and it reveals my chances are low………

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