Grails “Black Tar Prophecies” Vinyl News

We don’t usually post news just for the sake of posting news, but Grails is one of those bands that we pretty much freak out every time they even update their Myspace. Which they have just done recently to share some news about the latest installment of the Black Tar Prophecies, also known as some of the best heavy psych ever committed to tape. Not only is BTP Vol. 4 due for a May 11th release on Important, but Volumes 1-3 are finally being given the comprehensive vinyl release they deserve. To say that we are psyched beyond belief is an understatement (no pun intended). Here’s a brief description of BTP Vol. 4: “…Volume IV is an even mix of Satanic backmasking tape collage and ultra-melancholy Italian suspense shit …but with an 8 minute old school Hawkwind head-nodder for when you need to go there…” Holy. Shit.

Also, I pretty much hate picture discs, but I gotta admit they have a good thing going with this one. No pre-orders or anything like that yet, but for the collectors, the pressing breakdown is to be as follows: Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 4 – 500 on picture disc, 200 on coke-bottle blue vinyl, 800 on black vinyl; Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 1-3 – 200 on translucent yellow vinyl, 800 on black vinyl. Read more at the Grails Myspace blog.


5 Responses to “Grails “Black Tar Prophecies” Vinyl News”

  1. gonna be picking these up when they come out, no doubt about it.

  2. Gimmie.

  3. who wants to bet 20+/- of those ‘coke-bottle blue’ variants will magically be ‘found in their stock room’ a few months after the release and sold on eBay via Important for 4x to 5x’s the initial selling price?

    anyway, the artwork looks killer for this as does the pic disc.

  4. Important twitter says the test pressings sound good, even the pic discs.

  5. ah yeah, love Grails!

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