Grails “BTP 4” LP + “BTP 1,2,& 3” LP

The long-awaited, much appreciated comprehensive vinyl pressing of the first three Black Tar Prophecies Volumes plus the brand new Black Tar Prophecies IV LP – all available right now from Important Records mailorder. BTP I-III certainly holds a special place in my heart as one of the first albums to introduce me to the “heavy psych” sound that I love so much now. Any album by Grails is an album you need – the first 200 copies of each new LP come on colored vinyl. Additionally there is a pressing of 500 pic discs for BTP IV, if that’s what you’re into. Read up and place an order at

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4 Responses to “Grails “BTP 4” LP + “BTP 1,2,& 3” LP”

  1. I thought Vols 1-3 were released on vinyl years ago, so are you referencing a re-release in your post? As of the time of your posting, there’s nothing in the link provided or anywhere on Important’s site for new Grails vinyl except for Vol IV itself.

  2. There was a UK release of 7 of the 9 trax on BTP I-III. This is the 1st US release, and it includes all 9 trax.

    Both colored LPs and the picture disc is up. In order to order from them, you have to fill out a form. They will invoice you if what you want is available.

  3. To clarify, BTP II was released as a 45rpm EP on Aurora Borealis. BTP I was released as a split LP with Red Sparowes. Vol III never before released on vinyl. This brand new pressing collects all three volumes on one LP. If you click the pictures, it will take you to the corresponding product page. To order from Important, click the “order” button in the site’s global navigation, and like HS said – fill out the form. They don’t make it very intuitive or easy, but they’ve been doing it like this for years.

  4. Black Tar IV is absolutely stunning. Highly recommended and tripped out to the max.

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