Grouper “Hold/Sick” 7″ & Rafael Anton Irisarri “The North Bend” LP

Announcing new Grouper vinyl for sale is usually followed by phrases like “already gone” but it appears that Room 40 is still taking pre-orders for this soon-to-be scarce 7″. Yeah, the price after shipping can be pretty outrageous depending on where you live, but it’s still well under what this will be going for on eBay in a few months. Check it out at

And while clicking around that site, I happened across this: another pre-order from one of our favorite artists, Rafael Anton Irisarri. Looking forward to hearing both of these releases. Get the Irisarri LP at

EDIT:  You can now score the Rafael Anton Irisarri LP stateside for $22 at


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  1. Pre-ordered. Came to a little over $18 after shipping and handling. Waaaaaay more than I would normally pay for a 7″, but hey, it’s Grouper. Totally justified.

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