Grouper (Liz Harris) and Lawrence English “Slow Walkers” s/t LP

Updated 8/28/2013: Now up at The chase continues. This is gonna get repressed, guys. 🙂

Updated 08/16/2013: In stock at but probably not for long. Gone again 🙁

Updated 08/15/2013: Hurry — You were not fast enough.

Whoa, hey guys! It’s us, OMGVinyl. Turns out that if we just up and decide to take a week off, people DON’T stop releasing records. What’s that all about then? If we had been around last week we certainly would have told you to buy this collaborative LP from Liz Harris (aka Grouper) and Lawrence English, seeing as how it is limited to a mere 400 copies. But… we weren’t and we didn’t and now… it’s gone. Keep your eyes peeled, though. A number of these are bound to be distributed by discerning record stores everywhere and are equally bound to disappear from said record stores’ shelves just as quickly. Bummer, sorry. We still love you though. Always and unconditionally. Visit to read all about how sold out this release is.

Slow Walkers


10 Responses to “Grouper (Liz Harris) and Lawrence English “Slow Walkers” s/t LP”

  1. preorder up at boomkat

  2. This is turning into the white whale.

  3. I have my harpoon set to stun.

  4. Aquarius has got copies, Ahab.

  5. Aquarius no longer has copies.

  6. … my harpoon failed. Again.

  7. Insound has them available for pre-order, since EM is out.

  8. Got this email:

    Hope this message finds you well.

    Firstly, we wanted to thank you for your support of the label.
    We were overwhelmed by and unprepared for the response to Slow Walkers.
    Unfortunately there has been a slight problem with fulfilling your order.

    We sold out of our allotted stock, updated the website to convey this and removed the Paypal link; due to a recent web design, the link reappeared and allowed a number of orders we simply aren’t able to fulfill of that first pressing. Your order was among those.

    We’re currently making a second edition of Slow Walkers, still with gold block printed center labels, but with different artwork.

    We can either offer you first dibs and early shipment on this limited second pressing or a full refund of your money.

    Please let us know which you’d prefer and accept our utmost apologies.

  9. Got the same email. Worst part is that they send this message right after all copies are gone from the distros. Simply ridiculous, total amateurs.

  10. boomkat has some copies and is selling them now:

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