Grouper / Roy Montgomery – Split LP

New vinyl from Grouper, bound to disappear quickly, so act accordingly. This is a split LP – one side featuring some live tunes with Roy Montgomery from a show with Grouper earlier this year and the other side featuring new material from Liz Harris herself (could it be these two new tracks on her Myspace?). This probably won’t be around too long, it’s bound to show up in a few more distros and vanish just as quickly. For now, you can get it from the fine people at

EDIT: Gone for now. Like I said, you can maybe expect this to show up a few other places. Stay tuned, be fast.


5 Responses to “Grouper / Roy Montgomery – Split LP”

  1. thnaks for the news. i also grabbed Russian Mind!

  2. gone already, i assume? 🙁

  3. nice grabs, powder. sorry mongrelcat, will bump the post if they show up again.

  4. i’m convinced that no one listens to these recocrds…they just instantly get sold on ebay and then resold two months later

  5. forced exposure!

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