Hooded Menace “Effigies of Evil” 2xLP + 7″

The Knights Templar return from the grave once again to unleash doom, death and destruction. The newest album from Hooded Menace is coming out on Relapse, and if you want the special edition on orange vinyl with a bonus 7″ then you should order soon. Also available on 180 gram black or green marbled vinyl – relapse.com.


3 Responses to “Hooded Menace “Effigies of Evil” 2xLP + 7″”

  1. I can’t tell if the “special edition” has anything more to it than the others, besides the 7″. If that’s all that comes with it to make it special, that 7″ costs $13.

  2. its so nice to see the second post of the month.
    thanks for keeping us informed and on top of things!

  3. Micheal, i believe the authors of the site are either very busy, or they’ve stopped buying vinyl and are concentrating on their poster collections.
    I would like to see this site continue though, maybe pick up another contributor or two to fill in the gaps…

    i volunteer!

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