Horse Latitudes “Gathering” 2xLP

Svart Records reaches back to 2010 to pull the debut LP from Finland’s Horse Latitudes out of obscurity and into the modern day on a not-so-modern format. Psychedelic doom and vinyl are always a winning combination in our book, and it’s great to witness a band gain recognition and have their back catalog repressed properly (i.e. on vinyl). Available in North America from or elsewhere from

Horse Latitudes


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  1. Svart Records is something to check out, the have released great bands like Hex Vessel, Beastmilk, Oranssi Pazuzu, Sink, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Callisto, Reverend Bizarre, Sabbath Assembly, Xysma, Spiritus Mortis, Lurk, Arktau Eos, etc…

  2. The title is incorrect. Awakening is their latest full-length album and the newly released debut is called Gathering.
    Everything else in the article seems correct though.

  3. Thanks for the free copy-editing Patrik 🙂

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