Horseback “Half Blood” LP Pre-order

In the pantheon of innovative and dark, psychedelic music, few stars shine darker than Horseback. The list of peers is short, and consists almost exclusively of groups that Jenks Miller himself has chosen to collaborate with between his last album (The Invisible Mountain) and this, his most ambitious recording to date. To call this metal seems to be selling it a bit short, as the associations that tag conjures in the mind of the uninitiated (i.e. satanic blood lust) have nothing to do with Horseback’s mantra-like dirge of noise. It’s repetitive, hypnotic, and ultimately quite beautiful. Stop reading and take a listen – even if you hate black metal rasping. Pre-orders for Half Blood are available right now from Relapse Records on brown standard-weight or black 180-gram vinyl.


7 Responses to “Horseback “Half Blood” LP Pre-order”

  1. Easily one of the better psych-metal bands around. Invisible Mountain still sees a lot of time on my turntable and this is one of the only metal bands I can get the wife to listen to and enjoy! 🙂

  2. If the recent 7″ on Brutal Panda is any indication, this album will be amazing & likely one of my most played in 2012.

  3. The fact that Horseback is making a new album pleases me greatly. Hold on while I stifle a yell of happiness.

  4. Wow, total Pelican rip-off, but with black metal singing. Terrible.

  5. Pelican rip-off? Pelican ain’t all that original themselves, dude. You need to go back to post-metal school.

  6. I don’t need any school. I never said Pelican was original. But this is an exact Pelican song. Can’t remember which one cuz I don’t care enough.

  7. Now you’re just making shit up.

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