Horseback/Locrian “split” 7″

Could you possibly ask for a more necessary pairing of artists? Get real; must buy. This insanely enticing 7″ is just a precursor for a collaborative EP forthcoming on Utech Records in June 2011; so try not to get your knickers twisted too hard. This is just a taste. For now, you can grip this essential piece of audio alchemy at or If you aren’t at least buying every single release that these two artists are putting out, then you are doing it wrong. Remedy that.


9 Responses to “Horseback/Locrian “split” 7″”

  1. Awesome! Just ordered mine from
    Pretty good deal, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Eleven dollars shipped for a 7″? No thanks.

  3. Not that awful a price for a limited 7″. Shipping isn’t free.

  4. land of decay’s shipping rates are a little high. was gonna order the crystal world vinyl by itself, but changed my mind when i saw the shipping was $8. i’m in the same state as land of decay for god sakes.

  5. Agreed, when I saw the price was $8, I assumed shipping was included. Love both bands, but that’s a little ridiculous.

  6. Just ordered mine from Land Of Decay! Must Buy!!! Turgid Animal / wants $7.33 for the 7″ and $9.12 to ship to the USA for an insane total of $16.45! Talk about ridiculous! And in a few months on ebay it will be totally ridiculous!!!

  7. The only ridiculous thing is when people start crying bout shipping from europe to the us. Almost every LP cost me 14-22$ shipping, and some labels have no discount on multiple items which turns out like 50$ shipping for 3lps that cost 10$ each. Ordered@mutant-ape

  8. i pay upwards of US$8 per item shipped to asia.. i can absolutely relate to expensive shipping costs. its just a matter of being selective in what you purchase, which i’m sure is something all you practice as well

  9. At the risk of stating the obvious, the best way to save on shipping is to find a great indie record store that stocks a lot of cool stuff and place a large order at once. It’s a double win: you save by combining shipping, and you support one of the coolest business left – an actual record store.

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