Isis “Live V” Limited 2xLP

Isis. Now here’s a band that knows how to release some vinyl. If you don’t own at least one Isis record, than you probably aren’t reading this blog. Their live series has been pretty great for the fans who just cannot get enough, and Volume 5 (or V) is looking to be a keeper, seeing as how it is a recording of them playing their most cherished album in full. That album would be Oceanic, and here it is presented to you, the faithful listener, on two slabs of vinyl. Your faith may waver a bit when you see the €23 price tag, but if you think you can bang, get over to as there are limited colors available (limited Isis vinyl = OOP and on Ebay next week).

UPDATE: This is now available at on black vinyl for $30. Gone for now.


4 Responses to “Isis “Live V” Limited 2xLP”

  1. yeah too bad vivahate never shipped most of the colored versions to those who bought them

  2. I’m still waiting on my VH order…

  3. i had an enslaved boxset i ordered at the end of november which, by the end of january, still hadn’t come to me here in the UK- after a couple of worried, but not rude, emails i held the box in my sweaty hands 5 days later

    i don’t think they are scam merchants, they just need a lot of prodding- i think it’s easy to forget that a lot of places we order our vinyl from is just someones kitchen table- i know im guilty of thinking there are teams of people sat around on their fat arses not sending my records out!

  4. Aside from the delays, which they emailed me about, I didn’t have any trouble getting my copy on green from the label. I think it’s worth it to grab it on black stateside because it’s an excellent sounding performance and record.

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