Isis “Oceanic” 2xLP Repress

We don’t usually post on the weekends BUT when it’s one of our favorite bands (Isis) on one of our favorite labels (Robotic Empire) and the most limited color has already disappeared (oops) then we can make an exception. Apparently this album Oceanic is a pretty big deal. Indeed, it is one of the first pieces of vinyl I hunted down on eBay when I first started collecting so many years ago. It’s been repressed a few times, and always goes out of print alarmingly fast – so even though this most recent pressing is in an edition of 2000 you do NOT want to hesitate, especially if you are after the colored vinyl. Order at

  • 100 on Seaweed (translucent green w/ black streaks)
  • 200 on Gyre (opaque olive)
  • 300 on Brine (swamp green/clear swirl)
  • 1400 on Black

EDIT:  From the label:  We actually have 100 more copies of ISIS Oceanic 2xLPs on the “Gyre” color vinyl than we thought! This one IS our fault, as we accidentally screwed up our own inventory when adjusting for the copies given to the band… and thus, didn’t even know we had 100 more copies of this until we started packing the orders. Whoops! So yeah, to everyone who missed color vinyl on this blowout, 100 more “Gyre” copies are actually still available (as of posting this).


5 Responses to “Isis “Oceanic” 2xLP Repress”

  1. Got me one of those Seaweed ones! I got the email at about 1:00 PM ET and the seaweed ones were gone by like 5:00 pm ET. Crazy fast. Robotic Empire is always doing it right though, they all look sexy.

  2. I went to Blue Collar Distro and they have different colors. They had Green, Dark Green and Black. I’m confused if the regular green is seaweed and the dark green is gyre or the other way around. Or if it’s even the same press.

  3. Grabbed a BRINE. I have an old beat up copy I bought used at a record store and it has a couple scratches on side A. I am so glad to get a nice new playable copy 🙂 Thanks for the heads up…

  4. I’ll be good with my test pressing 😉

  5. I was thinking that i could pick up one of these and sell my first press on Escape Artist. This is the best ISIS record in my humble opinion.

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