Isis “Wavering Radiant” 2xLP Pic Disc

Um yeah. This is the fifth time we have posted about this album on this blog. Not much remains to be said. Amazing tunes, amazing artwork. Now fused together for ultimate harmony between sight and sound in the form of 2xLP vinyl picture disc. These imported beauties were previously pretty expensive as I recall, so this is a steal at $20. Thank the folks at


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  1. Has anyone else placed medium sized vinyl orders with Blue Collar Distro (e.g. 8-12 including some 2xLP) and had corner bumps and split seams on every order? They are ok if it’s a small order that fits into a conventional LP mailer, but if you go over that they use an awful adjustable oversized mailer and don’t do anything to protect the LPs other than wrapping them in super-thin paper. Then they use Priority Mail stickers to seal the paper (because using their dirt cheap tape would be so costly?) even in media mail shipments. Stay classy, BCD. No cardboard sheets anywhere, no bubble wrap, no crumpled newsprint, nothing. Then they use the cheapest tape ever invented to seal the package and because it’s astonishingly weak, the tape breaks from pressure during shipping and pops the corners of the mailer wide open, which then allows the perforated edges (adjustable for different sized shipments) to buckle which then allows the package to compress vertically and the edges bend out and now the records can slosh around. You can even stick your finger through the open corners and touch the records before you open it. And this isn’t an isolated incident. Even after explaining the problem at length through e-mails they shipped me another shipment the exact same way and everything was damaged. It’s astonishing that they don’t seem to have a clue that heavier orders like that desperately need extra reinforcement and protection. After wasting all that time, they turned around and shipped it the exact same way, and they’re clearly not going to re-evaluate their awful packaging method or do anything to improve it.

    Stick to VERY small vinyl orders if you’re going to order from Blue Collar Distro.

    That said, this is a gorgeous picture disc and that really is a great price. That’s what the band was charging when I picked up a copy at their merch table last year.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention this….what’s worse is they play dumb about how awful their packaging is, while EVERY single piece of vinyl they sell on their site has this amusing disclaimer appended to the description: “Lastly, even though these records are pristine please be aware we DO NOT issue refunds or replacements for minor cosmetic damage, such as corner dings, bends, split inserts, and so on. We pack our vinyl very securely and carefully but in some cases this type of wear is simply unavoidable.”

    We pack our vinyl very securely? Wow. That’s amazing. They package so badly that damage is all but guaranteed, and they hide behind a blanket disclaimer that is a blatant LIE.

  3. Wow, that is a fairly damning appraisal. I haven’t had any issues with BCD myself, but they are located about 45 minutes from me so packages don’t travel far. Gotta say though, I haven’t heard anyone else complaining about them.

    Bent corners and seam splits used to bother me – but I’d say at least 50% of the records I get have those now, including ones I buy in store. I’m totally used to it at this point, it’s just part and parcel of ordering records online. That’s the beauty of the USPS!

  4. That’s because almost ever record pressed at GZ and shipped to the states will have splits or bends

    BCD has always sucked on all fronts

    It looks like they finally lowered some of the shipping prices though

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