Leafcutter John – Resurrection LP

Remember Leafcutter John? Well, its been a minute so we don’t totally blame you. He hasn’t released a solo record in almost a decade. Luckily for you, he’s dropping his new work ‘Resurrection’ on May 12. For those unaware, LJ has a history with crazy techniques and software for the rearranging and mangling sound. On this new recording, we’re being treated to the maturation of this idiom. Syrupy swells, woodwinds, mystery vocals and restrained, delicate guitar work are all blended into a strange comforting cacophony (thats a thing, right?). On one track, there is even a layer of sound from the North Sea that is representative of YOU. Thats right. One layer for every person alive at the time of recording. Thats just bonkers.

Speaking of bonkers, it’s being released by Desire Path, so you know it’ll be legit from the groove to the grave. Limited to 500 copies on transparent blue vinyl.



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