Lee Noble “Horrorism” LP

If you buy one LP this month, it’d better be Lee Noble’s vinyl debut, “Horrorism”. Assuming you’re into tapes or follow our little label, you’ve probably heard Mr. Noble’s delicate musings before, most find them unforgettable. He finds a way to weave his experimental compositions with a sprinkling of catchy pop, creating a decidedly more listenable sound. Like Grouper or Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, Lee’s music works as a warm welcome to listeners that are just getting started in the drone/experimental scene, providing a trace of melody for the uninitiated to grasp onto. Of course, he’s also seasoned and absolutely masterful, and “Horrorism” should stun even the the deepest of diggers. This is his best work to date, get on board. It’s a top-ten record, without a doubt. Buy it for $12 from Bathetic Records.

This amazing LP is sold out from Bathetic, buy a copy from Lee Noble or Experimedia before it disappears for good. That’s all, folks.

“Desire Isn’t Suffering” Lee Noble from Bathetic Records on Vimeo.


5 Responses to “Lee Noble “Horrorism” LP”

  1. Just got this in the mail yesterday and I’ve already listened to it twice. OMG Vinyl is right on. This is a collection of ambient drone songs and it sounds great.

  2. Thanks for this recommendation… spot on! Just received my copy – I owe you one, no, many. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the reminder, glad I ordered. I would have bummed if I’d missed it (and I had been waiting for some reason).

  4. Already got mine. Can’t wait for a proper listen.

    And while we’re here, how about a reissue of “No Becoming”?

  5. Hi, Experimedia seems to have these back in stock, and so does Midheaven

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