Lilacs & Champagne “Danish & Blue” Test Pressing Giveaway

Exciting news this morning, as we are finally ready to announce this giveaway from Mexican Summer and Alex and Emil’s Lilacs & Champagne project. Their excellent new album is out this week, and to celebrate the label is giving away a test pressing to one of our readers. What’s more, we have a second prize being offered up by Alex and Emil: a signed LP, slipmat and poster. Two prizes, two winners. To enter, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random in about 24 hours (sometime Thursday morning). Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation. Either way, pick up the new album at

The lucky numbers (from the Random Number Generator at were 157 and 207. Congratulations Alanna and Pat, you are our winners and you have been contacted! Thanks for playing, everyone. More giveaways coming soon.

Lilacs & Champagne - Danish & Blue

Lilacs & Champagne Poster


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  1. OMG Vinyl brings another interesting band, release to our attention as usual 😉

    The prizes look so tasty as well :)

  2. This is the best giveaway yet! This music is so good.

  3. I need this.

  4. So stoked for this release! I managed to talk about a half dozen people in my town into exploring (and loving) the previous release by totally fangirling out over it. Thanks for offering awesome giveaways!

  5. Schwing!

  6. Damn, I came here looking for some metal and now you’ve got me hooked on all kinds of crazy sounds. My dog will not like this, but I do.

  7. Entering!

  8. As this site has introduced me to many cool sounds, I will be very interested in seeing what this release entails.

  9. Awesome! Really looking forward to this release. Loved the last one.

  10. Another fantastic give-away — thanks, guys!

  11. Wine & Dine

  12. Awesome! I can’t tell you how much $ I’ve spent based on the recommendations on this site.

  13. already got the album but would love to win this.

  14. Hope to be lucky !!!! Thanx OMG

  15. Gimme!

  16. Amazing!

  17. Both of these prizes sound awesome!

  18. Hell’s yeah!

  19. I’m half full of good scotch and ready to go places and get things done!

  20. I’m Danish, and I’m often blue, so I should totally win this. Sounds very interesting!

  21. Very cool. Would love to win!

  22. stoked about the new album!!!

  23. Lilacs rules!

  24. Stoked about this one! Hootie hoooo

  25. I WANT!

  26. Awesome! Hope I win

  27. Great album!

  28. Great record

  29. want it!

  30. WANTS

  31. I loved the last album and this is bound to be just as great. I’m glad I was able to help them fund the recovery of this and Grails material that would have otherwise been lost.

  32. Fingers crossed for the second prize, I can’t afford to ship this over myself!! 😀

  33. awesome sauce!

  34. love the hell out of this and everything else emil/alex are involved in

  35. I would like to win this record because it would make me happy.

  36. whaddup

  37. I feel like they owe me this, because last time I saw the Grails Emil was a dick to me.

  38. “Close your eyes and ears, because here comes a sex comedy that’s all about bonking and banging.” -From Lederhosen with Love.

  39. Everything these guys do is the best! Absolutely potent.

  40. Love it

  41. ###
    Lilacs and champagne
    A sweet and bubbly trip
    The widow lost her grip
    and Peter’s gonna slip

    Why did you cry
    When the summer said goodbye
    Don’t you know there must be fall and winter too

    All Hallow’s day
    When your Mother came to stay
    I could see our summer love was through

  42. Good news! Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Either of these give-aways would be great!

  43. S/T was my favorite album of last year… very excited for this one.

  44. Would love to have this, been collecting Grails and all it’s many amazing side project’s vinyl for years now and this would look great in the collection.

  45. This band is all kinds of awesome.

  46. Finally!

  47. Danish & Blue is one of those albums you can just put on the turntable and let play through all the way. Would be dope to win this.

  48. Looking forward to seeing what they have put together for their tour!

  49. why the fuck not

  50. Love the back album art! These guys really know no limits when it comes to sampling – can’t wait to hear it on wax. Thanks for this opportunity!

  51. must have!

  52. Voila!

  53. Seeing Om next month, this prize would make for good conversation if I see Emil 😛

  54. Sweet release

  55. Groovy

  56. A test press ? Nice !

  57. So stoked for this release.

  58. Hamburgers & Tangerines baby

  59. Love this record

  60. How exciting! Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. Can’t wait to here this!

  62. Pick me pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!!! Please!

  63. CDs are a handshake. Vinyl is a hug. I love getting a hug from Lilacs & Champagne

  64. Deze wil ik wel….In English: Yes please!

  65. Duuuude, I’ve been into Lilacs since their inception, I need this!

  66. Great lp

  67. I am Danish and pretty blue, but putting this vinyl on my record player sure would put a smile on my face :-)

  68. Amazing band with a great sound! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Would really be into having this giveaway!

  70. Pick me!!!

  71. Your hand is staining my window.

  72. Aww yeah, more Emil and Alex!

  73. Way rad, Lilacs & Champagne rules n from what i’ve heard this album is amazing

  74. Would love to win this! Thanks so much.

  75. YES PLZ!!!

  76. I really want/need/must have this!

  77. This is the shizznit.

  78. Y’all are my heroes. This album’s easily one puff the tops of the year.

  79. Boobies

  80. Cool beans

  81. I must consume more

  82. I would love to win this!!

  83. Ship it!

  84. Amazing band, I want to be part of this !

  85. Want!

  86. would love to have some more vinyl.

  87. Hells jeaahhhh

  88. Sweet.

  89. Hope I win!!!

  90. …very cool! thanks much!

  91. Need to check out this Grails-related project!


  93. YAY! I hope I can win, too!

  94. Must have!

  95. been trying to get my hands on this and warm coals, so this would knock one off my shopping list

  96. A great discovery!

  97. yes please

  98. Im holding out til I can hear Danish & Blue on wax.

  99. saw Grails in Toronto about two years back. we promptly bought every LP after the show, post haste, quick sharp. we eagerly await the return of Grails. as of yet, Grails ranks as our Number One for live shows we saw in Toronto in the past two years. Every show we see, we still compare it to that show. Hearts and Unicorns. Love, The SugahShack Gals

  100. Dilla would be proud, boys. Nicely done.

  101. Tight Bra!

  102. :THUMBSUP!! Everything Emil touches turns to gold….Everything

  103. Looks like a great album, looking forward to it!

  104. Feelin this! Another solid recommendation from OMGV.

  105. Want!

  106. Best giveaway ever! Can’t wait for this release eitherway!

  107. Go go go Emil!

  108. Superterje will win this!

  109. Pick me plz!!

  110. yes please!!

  111. This rules. Received the LP a few days ago.

  112. danish & blue is great! you guys have been posting some phenomenal stuff lately.

  113. klangfarben !

  114. Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum! The last album was great….gonna head over to Mexican Summer and snag a copy.

  115. I did a horrible high five with Emil after a show in Brussels last year. Working on my eye hand coordination ever since!

  116. GRAILS!!!!! LILACS AND CHAMPAGNE!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!

  117. I think I spent more $ this month on Emil related stuff than food. Don’t make me starve through May too!!! =D

  118. Awesome giveaway! The first album was fanTASTIC and the second one is even better!

  119. A sweeeeeeeet and bubbly trip!!!!

  120. Completely new to me, but off to discover more.

  121. Interested

  122. Would love to win!

  123. Would like to have one of those :)

  124. Awesome!

  125. Get stoked!

  126. I asked the boy beneath the pines
    He said, “The master’s gone alone
    Herb-picking somewhere on the mount.
    Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown”

    Chia Tao (777-841)

  127. Thanks in advance for the LP.

  128. Hello

  129. PLEASE!

  130. Lilacs and champagne would make my day!

  131. The first L&C was a nice one, let’s give the second a try!

  132. I am NOT a Rajneesh!

  133. Need.

  134. Alright! I would love to win this. Emil is one of my favorite guests on the Duncan trussell family hour! Hare Krishna!

  135. Holy Sons changed my life – Lilacs and Champagne is changing the game!

  136. Sounds awesome! One of my favorite artists in recent memory.

  137. The second copy of the record would be lovely.
    The Music convinced me in all ways

  138. unnnnnnnhhhh want

  139. Thanks for doing this.

  140. Awesome.

  141. I love the smell of vinyl in the morning.

  142. Yes, please.

  143. so smooth

  144. once again

  145. Would love to have this. I was blown away the first time I heard them, I wrote this little post more than a year ago :

  146. The larynx is a delicate nest of names.

  147. I never win anything! Want bad!

  148. sounds sweet!!

  149. Alittle too high


  151. Want. The first LP was bomb. This one sound even better.

  152. Looking real forward to this new burner.

  153. Lawndarts in the future

  154. Jimminy crickets !

  155. Haven’t heard it yet. It will happen when I win this thing!

  156. want it!

  157. gimme gimme!

  158. Looks awesome!

  159. Contest! Thanks OMG Vinyl

  160. Ohhhhh man let me win this!!!!

  161. im in!

  162. skuubiduuu!

  163. yes please

  164. Love your site, even if I don’t get the LP. Might love it even more if I do.

  165. sure, why not.

  166. deeecent!

  167. HOT

  168. sounds really interesting. I would love to take one for a spin. Thanks!

  169. Lilacs & Champagne & Vinyl, Yay.

  170. Thanks!

  171. Lovely!

  172. Hope I win!

  173. Gimme dis! Please?

  174. damn skippy!

  175. Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I win!

  176. Hey! Give this to me!

  177. So nice of you to offer! I have really expanded my music tastes since becoming a follower of your blog. Grails was a great find and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of their new side project. Cheers!

  178. Fingers crossed

  179. Squrble

  180. Awesome Giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  181. Here goes, would love to have this!

  182. J’aimerais posséder cet album de lilas & champagne.

  183. Awesome!

  184. Did I win? DID I WIN?

  185. May two lucky people with good taste in music win!!

  186. I want I want I want. First time on the site ever and this looks awesome!!!!!

  187. Want that test pressing \m/


  189. Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.

  190. Oo. Pick me!

  191. mexican summerrrrrr

  192. I want it!

  193. Cheers guys!

  194. Okay!

  195. ………………..hamburgers and tangerines……………………

  196. Awesome!! love the music and love the art that goes with it all.

  197. Me Gusta Grails, Me Gusta Emil Amos, Me Gusta Holy Sons, Me Gusta Alex Hall, Me Gusta Zak Riles and now Me Gusta Lilacs & Champagne!!!

  198. Liked their first one a lot, going to have to check this one out too.

  199. Here’s to hoping!

  200. Need this in my collection Paleeeeease….. My God Grails are awesome live; they will take you places.

  201. L&C… Grails… love ’em! Thanks!

  202. im feeling lucky this emil and everything he does

  203. So dreamy.

  204. So good, I need it.

  205. Oh Yeah! Thanks guys!!! I really need the Vinyl. Nice!

  206. Can’t wait to hear this!!!

  207. Block rockin beats!

  208. I’ll drink some Champagne to that!!

  209. Alright!

  210. Please, send the prize to Graceland. I will take a listen with Priscilla. Thank you.

  211. Can’t get enough of this record!!!!

  212. Would love to have this

  213. Bingo!

  214. you rock

  215. OMG does it again!

  216. Count me in!!

  217. Man I love Emil. All of his music projects are so unique. I just listened to him on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and as usually it was mind bending.

  218. I want in!

  219. Very nice–thanks for the opportunity.

  220. Pick me! Pick me!

  221. YES PLEASE!!!!!

  222. West Coast sliding in at the last second! Was too busy listening!

  223. So far, really enjoying this album.
    “Hamburgers and Tangerines”, what a song! Such groove.

  224. I’m innnnnn!!!

  225. I love pretty much everything Emil puts out!

  226. Top prizes!

  227. Test pressings make my world go round. Shit goes upside down when it is signed :0

  228. I’m in for a win!

  229. Love Grails, excited to hear this!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  230. Fuck Alanna and Pat.

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