Locrian “Return To Annihilation” 2xLP

Well, this week marks the release of Locrian’s Return To Annihilation 2xLP on their new home at Relapse. We’ve been following the band since Drenched Lands was released, and it’s been truly awesome to watch them mature as artists and receive the recognition they deserve. Return To Annihilation marks another high point in their meteoric career, and maybe even a bit of a stylistic shift, though the music is as deafening as ever. Pick it up on green vinyl at relapse.com. Just don’t request clear (never request clear)!

Locrian - Return To Annihilation 2xLP

Locrian - Return To Annihilation


3 Responses to “Locrian “Return To Annihilation” 2xLP”

  1. I am so requesting clear.

  2. pick it up at the show in Montreal yesterday! Great evening!

  3. is there a real reason to avoid clear vinyl or is it just a preference? I always have a hard time telling what shape the record is in when it’s clear. one of my favorite records ever is the moonraker 10″, which is clear and fits beautifully in with the packaging concept.

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