Locrian “The Clearing” LP Preorder

We’ve been hugely behind pretty much everything Locrian has ever done, they are one of our favorite bands in the world. From what we’ve been hearing, “The Clearing”, their new full-length album, is their best yet. Countless musicians have tried to imitate their brand of dense, blackened experimentalism, but Locrian remains in a class all their own. It’s safe to assume that this new LP will raise the bar even higher, cementing them as the reigning kings of dark drone. Preorder the vinyl for $20 now at FanDeathRecords.com.

Locrian Chalk Point by Fan Death Records


3 Responses to “Locrian “The Clearing” LP Preorder”

  1. cover photo reminds me of Silent Hill

  2. …reminded me of A clockwork orange.

  3. That cover isn’t all the sweet. Looks like a “still” from some cheesy zombie movie from the 80’s. The band should have traveled to Detroit for photos of decay.

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