Mark Templeton Top 10 Albums of 2011

Scotch Heart is easily one of the best releases we have ever had the pleasure of putting out. It’s creator, Mark Templeton, would like to share his top 10 albums of 2011 with our readers:

1. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Replica” (Mexican Summer/Software) 
This is the first and only album of Oneohtrix Point Never that I own. I guess I missed the hype. Really love the way he has used such abstract and odd samples.

2. Andy Stott – “Passed Me By” (Modern Love) 
I love how everything is dragged through the dirt and how the samples create disjointed beats.

3. and 4. Grouper – “Alien Observer” / “Dream Loss” (Yellowelectric) 
So much beauty and heartache… At least that’s how my heart and mind interpret it. This is the amount of emotion that I strive for in my work as an artist.

5. Ezekiel Honig – “Folding In On Itself” (Type) 
My family regularly listens to Mr. Honig. His works are literally the soundtrack to our lives. The components of “Folding In On Itself” are so intricately intertwined and woven together that I often am lost as to what sounds are coming through the stereo and what sounds are occurring in my environment.

6. Colin Stetson – “New History Warfare – Judges, Vol. 2” (Constellation) 
Ever since seeing Colin Stetson perform at Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in Montreal, I’ve been amazed at how he controls and commands his instrument; pushing it into new territory.

7. Nicola Ratti – “220 Tones” (Die Schachtel) 
By far Nicola’s best work to date. A dense, rhythmically broken, balanced, melodic experience.

8. Fennesz – “Seven Stars” (Touch) 
I love the chordal progressions on a number of these compositions. Fennesz just has a way of extending chords to bring out so much emotion. Beautiful!

9. Andy Stott – “We Stay Together” (Modern Love)  
He’s back!!

10. Andrew Pekler – “Sentimental Favourites” (Dekorder) 
Quirky, odd, yet melodically it hits the spot. I’ve been meaning to check out more of his work.


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  1. Happy New Year… Who the hell are these artists and why didn’t you mention LMFAO or David Guetta?

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