Melvins / Isis “split” 12″

In case you weren’t strapped into your computer chair all weekend long, furiously refreshing vinyl message boards, you may have missed the fact that the hotly anticipated new vinyl split from Melvins and Isis was released for pre-order. The BCD was absolutely hemorrhaging copies of this, so much so that they are now fresh out. Keep checking back at or put in a pre-order at No audio, but if you haven’t heard Melvins or Isis before, you probably aren’t reading this blog?

Aural Exploits also has a pre-order up.


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  1. they were selling this at the Isis shows, black vinyl …

  2. i just got this at the melvins/isis show, its really good (black vinyl)

  3. Awesome, thanks for confirming the pre-sale is sold out 3 days after the pre-sale went live and at least a day after the pre-sale went “out of stock” at the etch-a-sketchy Blue Collar Distro.

    Well, at least you covered Unearhtly Trance / The Endless Blockade and Vasaeleth on Friday instead.

    Fail or epic fail?

    Keep checking back to see if they sell more sold-out pre-order copies of something the band is already selling at their “we no longer exist” tour dates? That’s a nice big ball of WTF.

    Isn’t the premise of a pre-sale to sell allocate future copies before they’re manufactured, in part to gauge demand to know how many you need to ultimately manufacture?

    And apparently they were selling 4 different colors and each person can only buy up to one copy of each color, and still they hemorrhaged copies? How many copies to do you have to sell over two days to get labeled with a term related suggestive of bleeding out from a ruptured artery?

    Remember, kids, don’t just blow by BCD’s “it’s not our fault” disclaimer they paste on every vinyl page, because there’s a good reason it’s on every page: your order will be damaged.

    Lastly, even though these records are pristine please be aware we DO NOT issue refunds or replacements for minor cosmetic damage, such as corner dings, bends, split inserts, and so on. We pack our vinyl very securely and carefully but in some cases this type of wear is simply unavoidable in shipping.

    That’s right, it’s simply unavoidable. With their shoddy packaging and lame materials, that type of wear is ALWAYS “unavoidable.”

  4. you mad

  5. Never once had a problem with BCD’s shipping. Saw this, thought about ordering and waited. Missed colors but let’s be honest, more copies always come up.

    This is available from Aural Exploits for preorder at $14.20 a piece along with the Torche/Boris split.

    They also Have Mastodon Blood Mountain on color for a sale price of $12.95.

  6. I think its funny your name is hallucinogenic…

    yes, it is lame that the post for this record was done after the record was ‘sold out’…however, black copies are still available, so really its not sold out yet.

    However, if your a fan of ISIS and a fan of vinyl collecting, you should already know just how crazy people get over isis vinyl, a preorder goes up, and within a matter of hours is usually gone…and obviously colors go first.

    i have to disagree with you on the preorder remark…at least in the vinyl world. Almost every new record that is released these days is technically a preorder, as the only pressing plants left are in europe and lately seem to have a lengthy turnaround time. Also, they usually already have a set pressing amount before the preorder even goes up, say /1000 on black, /500 on white, and so on…ive seen a few instances where a preorder sells out and it actually prompts an increase the the pressing numbers…but usually they already know how many records are being pressed and once they sell, whether it be a preorder or not, they’re gone until a second pressing is done, if at all..

    lastly, BCD ships there records in the standard cardboard vinyl mailer with bubble wrap…with a few exceptions, this is how ive received every single record ive ordered online. BCD simply puts a disclaimer as the way our good friends at the post office handle packages is far from gentle….

    my two cents!

  7. I’m kind of lucky to live here in Southern California where I’m about 5 miles away from Vacation Vinyl. Vacation is partly owned by Hydra Head records, so they do a lot of exclusive sales for the store only. On the day that the Melvins / Isis split dropped, the first 20 customers received a limited record with Aaron Turner’s art gracing an actually copy of the record. This was the copy I received:

    Pretty cool eh?

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