Menace Ruine “Alight in Ashes” 2xLP

Alight in Ashes, which currently stands as Menace Ruine’s most defined work to date, is now available to pre-order in a 2xLP package with silkscreened artwork both on the jacket and on the insert. This is not your typical black metal record, it feels forced to place a label on it at all. Stream a track below and pick this up at


2 Responses to “Menace Ruine “Alight in Ashes” 2xLP”

  1. It’s hard to label black metal because.. it’s not? Sounds like some kind of drone-folk to me.

  2. I was fully prepared to buy this, and then changed my mind when I saw that the cheapest shipping option is $9.78?! What a fucking rip-off! How do you sleep at night Blue Collar Distro?

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