Mitch’s Top Ten Albums of 2014

Another one bites the dust, eh? It seems like I just spent the year working, worrying, and skateboarding, but I did listen to some amount of music, presented for you below. Cheers.

1. Sun Kil Moon – Benji
I don’t listen to Benji very often, it’s just too painful. But I think that’s why it deserves the top spot. When’s the last time someone made a record so emotionally taxing that you couldn’t even fuck with it more than once a month?

Sun Kil Moon

2. Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers
‘Deconstructed techno’ makes up a large portion of my listening these days, and it’s hard to imagine a lot of it existing without the influence of Andy Stott. The master still reigns supreme on his newest slab.

Andy Stott

3. The Knife – Shaken Up Versions
It says an awful lot that a remix album can make my top ten, but I have that much love for The Knife. One of the biggest bummers of 2014 was their breakup, though I’m certain both members will continue to produce goods. Swedish gods incarnate.

The Knife

4. Vessel – Punish, Honey
Having been a fan of Vessel’s debut album a few years back, I was excited for this one, but didn’t expect it to be THAT good. Groundbreaking stuff in the noise/techno world. You may not find me listening to it five years from now, but it sounds really great right now.


5. Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
The best country album of the year with the worst cover art of the year (spanning all genres). This one has hints of everything anyone ever loved about country music. Should please most folks even remotely fluent in American nostalgia.

Sturgill Simpson

6. Objekt – Flatland
I feel so lucky to be living through yet another golden age of electronic music. It seemed like it lulled out in the early aughts, only to surge forth through both the mainstream and underground in recent years. Experimentation has yielded stunning results, and this Objekt album is the strongest proof yet. Their techno ancestors must feel like the proudest parents ever.


7. Run the Jewels 2
I thought I was done with “backpack rap” (or anything that wasn’t prominently featured on XM HipHopNation) for good. And of all people to bring me back, it’s Killer Mike and Mr. Funcrusher himself, El-P. The RTJ project has turned into the best thing either has ever done in their career (yes, even better than Company Flow). Who knew?


8. FKA Twigs – LP1
She’s like an ultra-stoned-out Beyonce. I like that a lot.

FKA Twigs

9. Leon Vynehall – Music for the Uninvited
Yet another great electronic album in what has to be a hallmark year. Subtlety rules here, with nods to decade-old deep house and downtempo.

Leon Vynehall

10. Taylor Swift – 1989
No explanation necessary.

Taylor Swift

FAVORITE FILM OF 2014: Under the Skin

Under The Skin Poster


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