Moloch/Glass Coffin 7″

Let’s ease on into the week with a couple of heavy metal 7″s, shall we? First up is a pre-order for a brand new split 7″ from two misanthropic one man black metal acts: Moloch and Glass Coffin. Moloch just got off tour with Thou, so you know this fellow brings the phlegm-specked hatred, and anyone keeping up with the black metal tape scene might have heard a few scorching tracks from Glass Coffin by now. $8 in the USA at Abandon hope.

Thanks to Harold for pointing out that this is NOT the same Moloch that just got off tour with Thou. UK versus Ukraine, etc. Both are awesome.


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  1. I hate to be a killjoy here, but this Moloch is not the one that just toured with and did the split with Thou. This Moloch is the black metal act from the Ukraine, while the Moloch with Thou is the hardcore/sludge band from the UK.

  2. Ha! Thanks, man. Not sure what we would do without our readers keeping our facts checked for us!

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