Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass – 12″

It’s no secret that we here at OMGV are slaves to the rave. The only thing I love more than throwing on a hot new tune is throwing on a hot new tune while someone blows Vicks® Vapo-Rub® in my eyes and massages my temples with Tiger Balm. I don’t post about these dubstep EPs because I think you might like them. I post about them to make me feel better about blowing 75 bucks ordering amazing new twelve inches from England. You guys do whatever you want, I’m going to buy this new twelve from Mount Kimbie. See you in the k-hole. £5.99 at

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2 Responses to “Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass – 12″”

  1. The K hole is a bad place to be !

  2. @Anyone actually interested in ordering the new Mount Kimbie and Zomby EPs – you can get both shipped to the US for just shy of $30 from

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