Neurosis “Sovereign” LP

What’s that? Neurosis vinyl? While the rest of you skip immediately to the link, I suppose I’ll write some words for the three people still reading. This is an EP with only 4 songs, but it’s Neurosis so those 4 songs stretch out over 30 minutes. Plus it’s recorded by none other than Steve “Pro Toolz DO NOT WANT” Albini. Classic Neurosis material here too, tracked shortly after the Times of Grace LP (when is that getting repressed?). Clear or red/black vinyl available, don’t dally –

BUMP: Copies available at on black vinyl. Gone.


9 Responses to “Neurosis “Sovereign” LP”

  1. How about that Prurient 7″ for $10/$16ppd?

  2. Hydra Head + Blue collar distro = Big fat ripoff

  3. Sold out already? Or does it just say that because it is a pre order? I don’t know how BCD gets away with those prices. $20 for a single LP?

  4. This a Record Store Day exclusive so BCD had only a very small amount for sale. Should be able to pick it up on RSD.

  5. White Collar Distro… ripping off punks since whenever

  6. i think the pricing is all HH’s fault as there’s other products on BCD that are priced fairly. HH’s reaction to high price complaints is, “don’t like it, don’t buy it”. i’m happy there’s maybe, and i mean maybe, one release a year that i want from them cuz they can go fuck themselves.

  7. Already have the original press, so I’ll skip. Now if only they’d repress Enemy of the Sun and Souls at Zero…

  8. damn it sold out!! the price is fair enough, in ebay this LP sold more than 50 USD

  9. Got mine from a local shop on RSD, and it rules my face.

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