New Bardo Pond LPs / Cave – Psychic Psummer LP

Well, Important Records just released approximately one metric-shit-ton of new vinyl. One brand new Bardo Pond LP plus 3 additional Bardo Pond related side projects and collaborations. Add a new album and 7″ from Chicago psych-rockers Cave and we have, as I said, a metric-shit-ton of new vinyl. I’m not even going to try and come up with zippy, clever explanations for each one but if we had to pick a unifying theme it would probably be “psychedelic”. We’re talking Manson Family, not Partridge Family. You dig? Early adopters get colored vinyl bonus, go check all of this stuff out at List of releases below.

  • Cave – Psychic Psummer LP
  • Cave – Made in Malaysia 7″
  • Bardo Pond – Gazing at Shila LP
  • Alasehir (John Gibbons, Michael Gibbons, Michael Zanghi) – Torment of the Metals LP
  • Alumbrados (John Gibbons, Michael Gibbons, Michael Zanghi, Aaron Igler) – Monochord LP
  • Moon Phantoms (Bardo Pond & Suishou No Fune) – s/t LP


2 Responses to “New Bardo Pond LPs / Cave – Psychic Psummer LP”

  1. Haven’t gotten a chance to check out any of the other 3 yet but the bardo record is pretty good. Not among their best but not down at the bottom. somewhere in the middle which isn’t too bad considering how much stuff they’ve released.

    The screenprinting on the bag they sent along was pretty much the worst i’ve ever seen though. 🙁 oh well, it was free.

  2. Was really digging side A of the Bardo album. Side B was a little too much free form noise for my sensibilities, but maybe I’ll come around. Definitely digging the other 3 albums as well. Good job, Important.

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