Om “God is Good” LP Pre-order

This may quite possibly be the best album to come out this year. Folks were a bit dubious on how this new arrangement would work out with Emil on the skins. To my ears, this new arrangement is working out fantastically. There’s bound to be some haters trying to convince you that this album is definitely not amazing. They’d be wrong. $14 $16 pre-order at

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9 Responses to “Om “God is Good” LP Pre-order”

  1. Barring anything crazy happening, this is my album of the year.

  2. Yep. I was leery of the new lineup. Especially after Gebel Barkal, but this album is fantastic! Best of the year though? Monoliths & Dimensions and Xerrox Vol. 2 both rate higher for me still. That may change though after I see Om live next week…

  3. Me and Mitch the Admin are both pretty huge Grails fans, so without a new album from Grails this year I guess this will have to do. I actually liked Sunn less after seeing them live. Weird, I know. Still think M&D is a great album.

    Let us know what you think of Om live.

  4. I feel sincerely sorry for anyone who doesn’t fully dig this. Either you know that this music is transcendent, or you don’t. Open your ears, people!

    If John Coltrane were around today, he’d be spinning some fucking Om on his turntable.

  5. …and LIVE?

  6. Just left the show, where I picked up the vinyl. This stuff only translates live thanks to Lichens. He was the highlight for me. Nowhere near as physically trancendent as SunnO))), nor as loud. Did you see SunnO))) with Attila? That was what put them over the top when I saw them live. He was absolutely incredible.

  7. Finally got to listen to the LP. OMG! You are gonna flip. It sounds so good! There’s only one possible conclusion to come to: THIS ALBUM IS TOO SHORT! I think this might just be my album of the year, with Monoliths & Dimensions and Xerrox 2 coming in a close second and third. They’re all so damn good.

  8. Spinning mine right now. Sounds. Amazing. Packaging is superb as well.

    I did see Sunn w/ Attila, on their most recent tour through the Midwest. I got kind of bored about halfway through and went to the back of the bar to watch Devil’s Rejects with Sunn in the background – which ended up being more interesting than watching the band. Not hating, just don’t really think I was into it. Like I said, still love the new album but one of the things I love about the new album is the classical/jazz instrumentation and choral vocals, which were obviously lacking in the live show.

  9. I understand. There’s just something so pure and visceral and physical (when your pants start vibrating) about SunnO))). I was hoping Om was gonna be as loud as when I listen to the records. As it was they were 90 dB measured by my SPL meter, which was a giant disappointment and not a fraction as loud as other bands I like to see live like Sunn, Boris, Melvins, etc. That could be Kurt Schlagel’s fault though. You’d think a legendary Melvins soundman would know to turn it up!

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