Om – “Live Conference” LP

Both Amazon and Insound have posted preorders for this new live LP from Om, though they seem to differ on the delivery date. Insound has it released later this month, while Amazon says end of May. Either way, the details sound pretty awesome: “Deluxe limited edition vinyl-only release packaged in heavy-duty tip-on style die cut jackets. A definitive statement of the new Om energy, recorded on 24-track multi-track remote audio at their 2008 performance in New York. Mastered by Carl Saff, the audio quality is strikingly clear and full.” Hopefully we can expect better things than the dismal product that Southern Lord released last year as “Live in Jerusalem”. Although to be fair, how could it possibly be any worse? Preorder at or, or get on the mailing list at to order it directly from the label whenever it becomes available.


3 Responses to “Om – “Live Conference” LP”

  1. Seriously, that Southern Lord record was/is awful. I keep trying to listen to it and everytime I’m let down. I really want this to rad.

  2. Important posted something on their twitter about finalizing the test prints and it would be about another 30-40 days before they finish pressing the vinyls.

  3. I believe, also according to the Important twitter, that this album will be available to order by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

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