OMGV HQ Relocation

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We have some KVLT metal posts for your enjoyment today. Scroll on, brave reader.

If you’re wondering about the lack of posts recently: OMGVinyl is currently relocating to a new home further North. Posting will be sporadic, at best. If you want to follow us on twitter, I will do my best to post topical updates there:

Edit: To be clear, regular posting will resume as soon as we are settled into our new HQ. The site is not going anywhere, we are just taking a break while we pack boxes!


3 Responses to “OMGV HQ Relocation”

  1. hey best of luck w the move, can’t wait til you’re settled in and posting again. the stuff you cover is always awesome and your site has turned me on to some new artists that I might not have come across elsewhere. thanks for this labor of love.

  2. Noooooooooo don’t leave! You’re the n°1 source of good music and cool records as far as I’m concerned.
    I check your site every goddam day!

  3. Come on guys! How long can unboxing take!?

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