OMGVinyl Guest Post at Altered Zones

The folks at Altered Zones were kind enough to ask us to do a guest post on their site today. Click through to read a little bit about one of our favorite bands, Ash Borer, and stream the 8-minute face-melter “Rest, You Are the Lightning” from their self-titled LP. Thanks, dudes! Altered Zones = essential reading.


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  1. I’m chomping at the bit for my s/t deluxe edition to come in the mail. I’ve been hosed on every single damn tape they’ve released (the discog tape was supposed to go back up on the 21st but nothing has happened yet damnit). If anyone has any extras of ANY of their tapes, reply here as I’d love to buy em. This is the one band that OMGVinyl actually introduced me to so thanks for that guys.

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