Osborne “The Ghostly Remixes” 12″ EP

I heard you guys like Bullion. And you may have heard that we like Ghostly International, the super swanky boutique label with one of the best logos ever created. And I’ve never heard of Osborne, but he doesn’t make a peep on this limited edition 12″ EP, except to offer his tracks up for the remix treatment from a few artists that I have heard of, chief among them the aforementioned Bullion. You’ve also got vinyl remixes from Bogdan Raczynski and Lukid and a few digital extras in the form of rerubs from Luke Vibert and Arto Mwambé. It’s alot of remix here for $15, even if they aren’t all cut to vinyl. But you can’t listen to that shit in your car anyways. Check out some sound samples and ordering info at theghostlystore.com.


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  1. Bogdan Raczynski!!

    Now you’re talkin’

  2. got everything he’s released. ordered!
    aaaa, is that you serp?

  3. I don’t think so…who is serp?

  4. an enigma.
    sorry Aaaa!

  5. lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…

  6. Wookin fo nubbbb

  7. i thought for a moment that the internet was just inside my computer

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