PHORK – High End LP

NNA on vinyl is one of the best things to happen recently. I especially love how they seem to pick up artists from the Opal Tapes roster and give them their analog due. PHORK dabble in that bizarre sort of techno sound that’s all the rage with the kids these days. Impress said youngsters by grabbing a copy for yourself and busting out a few bizarre sort of dance moves for them next time you put it on. The youths love that shit. Purchase:

PHORK - High End LP


Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchesta – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything LP

I’m certain that a high percentage of our readers have a lot of shelf space dedicated to GYBE! and their offshoots – such is the nature of this musical collective and their fan base. Fact of the matter is: I’ve never felt a need to own a single record until this one. I’m not trying to take any particular stance here but to say that if, like me, you hadn’t really bothered with this group before – it’s worth your time to give this record a listen. And if you are already a fan, well, you don’t need much convincing, do you? Pick up a copy in Northern North America at or regular old North America from

Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything LP


Naked Island (Ensemble Economique & Felicia Atkinson) – s/t LP

This Peak Oil label is on a bit of a roll. So far, their release record is impeccable, and the two newest catalog numbers aren’t going to break that streak. They are both worth checking out, but today we are taking a look at Naked Island, which is an eponymous and predictably sublime collaboration from Brian Pyle and Felicia Atkinson aka Ensemble Economique and Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, respectively. This venture finds them diving deep into understated techno drift, and features a lenticular cover that will presumably look better than the animated GIF below. Pick it up at before it disappears forever just like all of this label’s releases.

Naked Island



Remember that tape that you ordered that you never received? The one that you emailed the label about several times and were repeatedly told “this will ship next week” before all possibility of a reply or a PayPal refund were apparently sucked into some sort of cosmic black vortex (hmmm… maybe that’s what their logo represents). Oh, I’m sorry – do I seem bitter? I guess we gave these clowns the benefit of the doubt for too long.

Anyways, if it’s just all about the music, after all, and not about actually receiving the music… then said label is a class act! Because the music is fucking great, and lucky for those of us who appreciate it, a few other labels have stepped up to actually deliver the goods. One such label being, of course, The Ajna Offensive, who run a tight fucking ship and are distributing the 3xLP vinyl edition of TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK, a new compilation celebrating the admittedly excellent music of the Black Twilight Circle. Just make sure you order it from someone reliable like or or or ANYBODY or ANYWHERE but And yes, fuck all labels that steal money from their fans. Cheers.



Gevurah – Necheshirion LP

Gevurah have been a difficult band to track down for analog enthusiasts. Their demo was released as a hard to find cassette tape, and their follow-up was released as a CD by Profound Lore. So we can’t necessarily blame you for not checking these guys out yet… but you are officially out of excuses. Necheshirion has been released as a vinyl edition from Graceless Recordings (their very first vinyl edition, by the way) and you are expected to purchase a copy. This is limited to 300 and available right now at

Gevurah - Necheshirion LP

Gevurah - Necheshirion LP


20 Buck Spin New Releases: Obsequiae and Mournful Congregation LPs

Two new vinyl releases from the 20 Buck Spin shop are now available for aural consumption. First up is a vinyl edition of supreme and melodic death metal from Obsequiae, something to tide over the discriminating analog aficionado until the new album drops later this year. And if that one just isn’t gloomy enough to soundtrack your impending suicide, then they also have a new EP from Mournful Congregation, mindful practitioners and torch carriers of unrelenting DOOOOM. Concrescence Of The Sophia is a two-song EP from these masters, and is also being released in anticipation of a new album. All this and much more in the new releases over at

Obsequiae - Suspended In The Brume of Eos

Mournful Congregation - Concrescence of Sophia EP


The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer 2xLP

A difficult band to peg precisely, but Chicago’s The Atlas Moth are nothing if not Heavy. Over the course of a few albums, their songwriting skill has only increased which means this, their most recent, is indeed the best thing they have recorded. There are still a few pre-order options available over at

The Atlas Moth - The Old Believer 2xLP


Tape Tuesday: Alraune – s/t EP

Scuzzy black metal just seems to fit the cassette tape format so perfectly. Graceless Recordings, quickly becoming one of our favorite cassette labels, offers up this two track blast of misanthropy from Alraune - a little taste of their full length LP (out on vinyl soon via Gilead Media). Pick it up at

Alraune - s/t cassette


Lee Scratch Perry – Back At The Controls 2xLP

Lee Scratch Perry has returned with an album full of golden age tunes and dubs. It would be irreverent to claim that this is as good as any of the classic albums from The Upsetter’s repertoire, but if you spend as much time as we do digging through dusty bins looking for dub records – then you owe it to yourself to expend the minimal effort it will take to pick this one up. Well worth the $30 import price from right now.

Lee Scratch Perry - Back At The Controls 2xLP


Vilkacis – The Fever Of War LP

That tape you wanted, the one that you were planning on buying in a couple days but then sold out, is now available as an LP. Lucky you. Don’t fuck this one up again, dude. As we said, Ash Borer is leaving on tour soon, so the PV label/distro will be essentially out of commission for awhile – you have like two days to place an order for this: Better yet, if the tour is coming through your area, make sure to stop by and see some modern black metal supremacy live and in the flesh.

Vilkacis - The Fever Of War LP