Vorde LP

No reason to wait on this one, folks. Purple vinyl is not only sexy, but limited. The self-titled debut from NYC’s Vorde presents a swirling maelstrom of cosmic black metal. This being a joint release between two of the finest underground labels – you can get the limited edition right now from psychicviolence.bigcartel.com or either edition (black or purple vinyl) from fallenempire.bigcartel.com.


Jon Mueller & Duane Pitre – Inverted Torch LP

It’s encouraging to see artists creating works that require intimate listening in a time when you can effortless fly through and entire digital library with ease and never truly listen to any of it. ‘Inverted Torch’ finds Mueller (Death Blues, Volcano Choir) and Pitre (who used to skate for Alien Workshop if you can believe it) stripping everything down to gongs, bowed cymbals and some Max/MSP patches, the collection of which sonically acts as a kind of annunciation of something to come, or perhaps something that has always been. Each of the sidelong movement takes inspiration from the poetry of Edith Matilda Thomas, and like poetry, there is a cadence present in these works that instills a patient expectancy in the listener for the big picture.

Available in an edition of 500 copies (initial copies on gold vinyl) from Boomkat and Forced Exposure.


Sungod – Sungod LP

Holodeck won’t quit. Their newest release, a self titled slab from Austin’s Sungod, is a super rad Americana-Krautrock sandwich that folds space-time and allows dusty slide-guitar work to meld seamlessly with arpeggiated synth explorations that should get all the beardos and long-hairs riled up. Fire up the lasers and get on with the show!

Available in and edition of 500 (as well as a cassette edition for the reel fans)


Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers 2xLP

Andy Stott – somehow, inexplicably – levels up again. Faith In Strangers marks an improbable leap in style evolution from the seemingly unsurpassable and fully developed throb of Luxury Problems, then leaves us all to wonder, “Just how good can this guy possibly get?” Pretty damn good, apparently. Pick it up on pre-order from boomkat.com or experimedia.net.

Stream the entire album over at npr.org.


Swallowed – Lunarterial 2xLP

Plenty of bands piggyback on the mythos laid down by the visions of infernally inspired storytellers preceding them. I mean, how many more songs need to be written to finally wring the last, fetid drops from the shroud of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s imagination? Well, lots more, probably. Anyways, point being – sometimes a band just hurls you straight into the mouth of madness, and no context is necessary. Drop the needle on this and try in vain to keep the cold clutches of cosmic despair at bay: darkdescentrecords.com.


Fennesz – Venice 2xLP

Holy digital decay! Have we really not written this one up yet? The phenomenal album Venice from Fennesz has finally, and rather recently, received an expanded vinyl pressing on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. And it sounds freaking fantastic. Slow-motion run, don’t walk, to your closest record store and pick up a copy. And if the closest record store happens to be experimedia.net or touchshop.org, well then – you’ll just have to tell your postman to get his skates on.

Fennesz - Venice 2xLP


Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry LP

A brand new album from Blut Aus Nord is not necessarily a rare event. The man (and his band?) have been putting out top-tier, icy black metal consistently and prolifically. A new entry in the Memoria Vetusta series, though? Well, that’s nothing to blog about lightly. You must blog. That. Very. Seriously. According to the pre-order page, this is released today: debemur-morti.com. No copies on North American shores yet, but you can rest assured that it will be well distributed. Available for pre-order in the States from blood-music.com.

Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta III Saturnian Poetry LP


Vladislav Delay – Visa 2xLP

Much is being made of the fact that Visa marks the first “all ambient” album from Vladislav Delay in a decade or so, and we won’t downplay the significance of that. The whole thing plays out with incredible sonic detail and anxiety-inducing restraint – the sounds of a machine slowly drawing breath and trying to boot up – but ultimately lapsing back into stasis and dreaming of electric sheep. Pick up Visa from experimedia.net or boomkat.com.


Mysticum – Planet Satan LP

Mysticum have finally delivered the long-awaited Planet Satan album. And it rips. A dark carnival of psychedelic black metal propelled forward by mechanized, breakneck rhythms. You can pick this up from burningshed.comshop-hellsheadbangers.com or 20buckspinshop.com.


Ttotals – Let Everything Come Through + Test Pressing Giveaway!

In recent years there has been a definite increase in two-piece rock units. While there are those who haven’t quite figured out how to spread it around, there are others who effectively fill in all the sonic gaps left behind by a lack of instrumentality. The Nashville based ‘outer blues’ duo Ttotals belong to this latter grouping, and with ‘Let Everything Come Through’ they cement this fact. At first listen, yes, there is the driving force of drums and guitars…but theres also the understated positioning of drones, electronics and lush vocal work throughout that tie it all together. In many ways this record is a throwback to the psychedelia of the 60’s and 70’s, but with a rad modern twist. And check this: we’ve partnered up with the excellent Twin Lakes Records to giveaway a test pressing of the album to one of our lucky readers. So get on that, then head here to grab a copy of the LP.

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random on Friday morning. Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation. Cheers and good luck. Contest Closed! We’ll be in touch with the winner soon