Tape Tuesday: Digitalis

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock—or on Neptune—there is a new batch of tapes from the one and only Digitalis. When he’s not producing mind bending instrumentals as Charlatan, Brad Rose is slinging some of the best experimental/left-field music that exists. These new ones from Sound Out Light, wzrdryAV, Benjamin Finger and Mind Dynamics only help to further this point. There is something for everyone here: scattered electronics, blissed out atmospheres, infectious grooves and maniacal beats. An excellent cross section of exploratory musicians creating fearless art.

Each tape is limited to 50 copies. Choose your own adventure.


Andrew Pekler – The Prepaid Piano & Replayed LP

In line with the prepared works of John Cage, Pekler has also tackled the piano with a modern twist that we could only imagine Cage would delight it. The A side of this long player contains participatory recordings wherein audience members of a performance in Berlin were invited to call mobile phones placed inside the performers piano (hence Pekler’s play on Cage’s original title) which would vibrate the strings and the signal would be passed along to a modular synthesizer via contact mics. The B side contains recordings from The Prepaid Piano which are then translated to MIDI notes via Ableton Live. Bonkers, right?

Available from Senufo Editions in an edition of 300


andrew pekler


Richard Youngs – Red Alphabet In The Snow LP

The multi-instrumentalist Richard Youngs has a new record on Poland’s Preserved Sound label. Bright and glowing, ‘Red Alphabet In The Snow’ is a shower of shimmering strings of all varieties and 60’s era Cat Stevens-ish vocal acrobatics. The LP is 180g and is an edition of 250 copies. As a bonus, the first 100 copies include a CDr (whatever that is) of the album …both in handmade recycled sleeves, which is always cool. Reach out and touch something someone else has!




Drophead vs. Silent Land Time Machine – From Ashes Comes the Day LP

Montréal’s Eric Craven (of HRSTA fame) and Holodeck head honcho Jonathan Slade (Silent Land Time Machine) are set for a sonic struggle on ‘From Ashes Comes the Day.’ Feedback and distortion abound as classical string movements battle with blown out guitar passages for center stage. After the dust and decay of these two side length movements settles, it becomes evident that the creative tension presented here is the ultimate spoil of war, regardless of the victor.

Limited to 300 copies in silkscreened jackets. There is also a cassette edition of 200 copies for all you tape heads out there as well.



Al Cisneros – Empty Tomb b/w Sepulcher Dub 7″

David V. D’Andrea, illustrator extraordinaire, is now releasing music in addition to his amazing drawings and prints via his Samaritan Press imprint. First up: dubby spirituals from Al Cisneros of OM/Sleep fame that are in line with his most recent solo material. Out-there-somewhere melodies, ghostly vocals and steady beats.

The 7”s themselves have all kinds of handmade goodness about them. Hand stamped records, screen printed inserts and hand pressed chipboard jackets. Limited to 1000 copies. At $25 dollars, this is quite an investment. That being said, a portion of the first month’s sales will go to charity so, you know, Samaritan Press right? Travel on.

al ciseneros


Bing & Ruth – Tomorrow Was The Golden Age 2xLP

Nothing goes with some orchestral drone quite like some more orchestral drone, and maybe a dark roast french press with a splash of fresh cream. If you found yourself rolling your eyes at the fact that we were posting about A Winged Victory For the Sullen like, a month after it came out — and presuming you’ve already worn the grooves down on your copy — why not try out some Bing & Ruth? The beautiful and wondrous new 2xLP from these lads  (and lady) can be picked up on limited edition colored vinyl over at rvng.bandcamp.com or at igetrvng.com.

Bing & Ruth - Tomorrow Was The Golden Age 2xLP


A Winged Victory For the Sullen – Atomos 2xLP

Orchestral drones is the name of the game today, and we have a twofer for you. Starting with the new full-length from Adam Wiltzie’s stunning side-project with Dustin O’Halloran: A Winged Victory For the Sullen. The Atomos 2xLP comes on ethereal clear vinyl, and can be purchased in the US or Europe from kranky.net and erasedtapes.com, respectively.

A Winged Victory For the Sullen - Atomos 2xLP


Tape Tuesday: Field Hymns

The fact of the matter is: Field Hymns already has, hands down, the best RIYL descriptions one could ask for. Never the less, we’ll bite. This newest batch includes work from Sad Horse (limited to 100 copies), Portopia ’81 and Conrade Wedde (limited to 75 copies each) and it pretty much covers everything you need from 6 string lunacy to retro-futurism to aquatic exploration…plus, top notch artwork as usual.

It looks like some of these titles are moving too, so quit screwing around and grip already!


Tape Tuesday: Sunshine Ltd.

Two new tapes from Florida’s Sunshine Ltd. are available. This time around both releases are from Brooklyn based artists Billy Gomberg and the duo of Taylor Burton & Andy C. Jenkins. Gomberg provides some glacial drones and the Burton/Jenkins duo get ritualistic with some manipulated gamelan explorations. Both tapes have arrived just in time for the changing of the seasons. Open the blinds and let the light in.

Limited to 50 copies each.


billy gomberg

burton jenkins

Full disclosure: OMGVinyl is partially affiliated with Sunshine Ltd.


Trwbador – Several Wolves LP

We’re not just all about misanthropic metal, dystopian techno and grey dronescapes over here at OMGV HQ. We have feelings, too. And sometimes those feelings require a cheerful, electronic pop record. It’s rare, but it happens. Several Wolves from Trwbador hits all the right buttons, and might just be the perfect thing to keep you from slipping into an absolute coma of misery this winter. For now, pick it up at owletmusic.greedbag.com. We’ll alert you to any US distribution, or maybe you will alert us. Cheers!

Trwbador - Several Wolves LP