Can Reissues

Updated 08/19/2014: You should be able to pre-order at least four new reissues from your local record store. Don’t have one of those? Bummer, try Amazon then: Tago Mago, Soundtracks, Monster Movie, Ege Bamyasi.

The Can albums are being reissued individually. You no longer have to fork over half a paycheck in order to own the few that you want. Let’s be honest, though – you are going to end up buying them all anyways. So far, it looks like you can pick up Monster Movie or Ege Bamyasi along with Tago Mago and Soundtracks (links below) on pre-order over at We haven’t found a good option to purchase stateside quite yet but when we do, you’ll hear about it.

Update: You’re right to be wary of purchasing Can vinyl; bootlegs abound. However, we have every right to believe these are completely licensed and legitimate so you should purchase with confidence. Read the write-up over at and assuage your fears.

Can - Tago Mago LP

Can - Soundtracks


ABSU – Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. LP (Standard Edition)

The Crypt specializes in beautiful, expansive vinyl reissues for essential, underground metal bands. We all know this. Well, we all should. If you don’t then shame on you. I’ve got to admit though, the cost of admission and forfeiture of precious shelf space has kept me from picking a few up. So I was pretty damn excited to hear that they are planning to offer “Standard Edition” versions of some of their recent, lavish boxsets; including, but not limited to, the Absu discography. Well, hell yes. Starting with Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L and presumably continuing with the rest of the albums in order, as they’ve done with the box sets. Order at

ABSU - Barathrum


Deaf Center ‘Recount’ LP

A new recording from Deaf Center, presented to you in a lovely die-cut sleeve, Recount contains a pair of rehearsal performances from years past. You can pick this one up at

Deaf Center - Recount LP

Deaf Center - Recount LP


Incantation ‘Dirges of Elysium’ LP

That new Incantation album, though – don’t sleep on this one, you’ll have nightmares. Red vinyl may be a little harder to find, but you can and should pick up the black vinyl at

Incantation - Dirges of Elysium LP


Madlib ‘Pill Jar’ LP

The phantasmagorical artwork adorning the newest slab of beats on vinyl from Madlib is pretty great, and so is the music inside. This is Madlib we’re talking about, after all. Pill Jar collects a selection of cuts from the Madlib Medicine Show Volumes 1 through 13 onto our favorite format. Pick it up at

Madlib - Pill Jar LP


SND ‘newtables’ 2xLP

We’ve been digging pretty hard on the new early work reissues from SND. The second EP is now out as an expanded 2×12″ edition with previously unreleased session tracks – all painstakingly remastered by Rashad Becker – and guaranteed to make your woofers wobble. Currently distributed in North America via

If you haven’t picked up the first EP yet, there are still copies in stock over at

SND - newtables 2xLP


Further Records: Jo Johnson & Scuba Death LPs

Further Records, one of the best tape labels around, drops a pair of new LPs featuring the finely curated electronic sounds that the label has made their calling card, this time courtesy of Jo Johnson and Scuba Death (aka Ricardo Donoso). Pre-order and stream these “mandalas of tone mantras” at

Jo Johnson - Weaving LP

Scuba Death - Nitrogen Narcosis


YOB ‘Clearing The Path To Ascend’ 2xLP Pre-order

Four sides, four songs. What else would you expect from YOB? The new 2xLP from these doom titans is now available to order at and I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on it. As usual, the most limited color is already gone. Suck it up, pal – these aren’t baseball cards.

YOB - Clearing The Path To Ascend 2xLP


Earth ‘Primitive & Deadly’ 2xLP

The big talking point around the new album from Earth is going to be that it features vocals, but I think most of us are confident that Dylan and company can pull that off gracefully. This ain’t their first slow-motion rodeo. And you know Mark Lanegan isn’t going to fuck anything up. Pick it up on colored vinyl (except on that color that you wanted – that one is sold out) at

Earth - Primitive and Deadly


Tape Tuesday: Ardour Loom ‘Demo’ Cassette

We haven’t checked in with Parasitic Records for awhile… no time like the present – especially since they just put up this new tape from Ardour Loom. If that new Agalloch went too deep into the woods for you, then do well to check this one out. The band keeps things distinctly black, and yes – you might even say “ascendent”. Available at

Ardour Loom - Demo CS