Earth ‘Primitive & Deadly’ 2xLP

The big talking point around the new album from Earth is going to be that it features vocals, but I think most of us are confident that Dylan and company can pull that off gracefully. This ain’t their first slow-motion rodeo. And you know Mark Lanegan isn’t going to fuck anything up. Pick it up on colored vinyl (except on that color that you wanted – that one is sold out) at

Earth - Primitive and Deadly


Tape Tuesday: Ardour Loom ‘Demo’ Cassette

We haven’t checked in with Parasitic Records for awhile… no time like the present – especially since they just put up this new tape from Ardour Loom. If that new Agalloch went too deep into the woods for you, then do well to check this one out. The band keeps things distinctly black, and yes – you might even say “ascendent”. Available at

Ardour Loom - Demo CS


Tape Tuesday: ATM ‘Xerox’ Cassette

We’ve had a flirting fascination with the 1080p tape label, and this newest 43 minute cassette aims straight for our throbbing, deep-house loving hearts. An email collaboration between Perfume Advert and M/M – now available for 7 Canadian dollars at

ATM - Xerox


Tape Tuesday: Agalloch ‘Serpent & The Sphere” Cassette

The vinyl has disappeared for now, but you can still grab a cassette edition of the newest full length from Agalloch over at I got my tracking number 10 minutes after ordering so shipping is presumably reliable. Make haste.

EDIT: LP is back in stock.

Agalloch - Serpent and the Sphere


Tape Tuesday: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma ‘Songs Of Forgiveness’ Cassette

Heads up, Tape Tuesday faithful! There are 4 copies of this new cassette from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma left over at Guitar melodies drift overs beds of synth, feedback and drum loops… like your favorite John Hughes soundtrack anthem being slowly sucked into a black hole. Lovely.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma


Posh Isolation: White Void 12″ & Puce Mary LP

Posh Isolation are trading tapes for nudes. No joke.

If sending full frontals to strangers does not fall within your realm of comfort, then you can also just buy some things (using cold, hard cash) on their website: And if you are currently sizzling in the North American summer heatwave, then you can pick up copies of the two newest vinyl offerings over at and shave a bit off the cost of import. Post-punk worship and industrial noise should help take the edge of that humidity, right?

White Void - We're Falling 12

Puce Mary - Persona LP


Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World LP

Hell yes. Death From Above 1979 are back and no amount of uninterested hipster posturing is going to convince me that you aren’t just a fucking dweeb if you don’t like the new track and hey! Look at that! A lyric video that is not an absolutely atrocious eyesore and waste of bandwidth! Cool. You can pre-order a vinyl copy of The Physical World at

Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World


M Geddes Gengras – Ishi LP

It’s been awhile since a drone album grabbed me like this one has. In fact, even calling it that may be leaving it too vulnerable to easy dismissal from those of you who sold all your shit drone tapes at the swap meet last year – this is an orchestral work on par with Stars of the Lid and Kyle Bobby Dunn – a beautiful and serene album to lose your head in; from a dude who has been around the scene long enough to know a thing or two. The Stones Throw / Leaving Records partnership continues to yield strange and beautiful fruit, so you can pick this one up right now from

M Geddes Gengras - Ishi LP


Demdike Stare Represses

This triptych of black-magic-audio-alchemy from Demdike Stare on the Modern Love label has been repressed. Get off of Discogs and head over to

Demdike Stare - Forest Of Evil LP

Demdike Stare - Liberation Through Hearing LP

Demdike Stare - Voices Of Dust LP


Chelsea Wolfe – The Grime and The Glow LP

Finally, those of us who showed up to the Chelsea Wolfe party one album late can catch up – The Grime and The Glow has been repressed and can be purchased over at Limited to 1000 on colored (well, actually it’s “grey/black smoke” so not really colored) vinyl. Mascara not included.

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime and The Glow LP