Hey Colossus – In Black And Gold LP

Hey Colossus have a new slab out now on Rocket Recordings and it’s a doozy. Jangly guitars and murky low end find a common ground on ‘In Black And Gold’. Take all those Melvins records you love so much and blend ‘em up with some psychedelia, some dub and some krautrock and you have quite the sonic beverage.

The sweet gold vinyl is sold out already it seems, but UPDATE: Gold vinyl can still be had via Cargo Records (Thanks Bill!) and black is still available from the label in the UK and Experimedia in the US.


Tape Tuesday: Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr. – Wren/Le Chat Est Parti

Tombed Visions are killing it right out of the gate in 2015. Their signature quality is again front and center with the new 2xCS from Joseph Lawrence Quimby Jr. This is Quimby’s third time around on the label, and this double recording is easily his best. Cellos, guitars, pianos, field records and great use of space culminate in waves of tone and texture that come, sometimes rolling, sometimes crashing in bringing with it varying degrees of mood and mire.

‘Wren / Le Chat Est Parti’ is available in a super limited run of only 30 copies! Not sure about any US distribution on this, but we’ll keep you apprised of the situation if it develops.


Tape Tuesday: Constellation Tatsu Winter Batch

Constellation Tatsu return with another time-delayed and glittering transmission from the distant stars, this time in threefold. The label has been consistently releasing seasonal batches from the get-go, and what’s more: every tape rewards a listen. Pick up one, a pair, or all three from the Winter Batch over at ctatsu.com.


Juju & Jordash “Clean Cut” 2×12″

Clean Cut came out on the tail-end of 2014, and may have flew under a few radars for that reason – because this 2×12″ of hardware driven techno is bound to please those who would rather sink into a comfy pair of headphones then slink onto the dancefloor (not to say it won’t work both places). Released in high-fidelity on the Dekmantel label, looks like you might have to scroll through discogs.com for a copy.


New on Init Records: Krieg – Transient LP + 7″ and Woman Is The Earth – Depths LP

Init Records is now shipping their two most recent releases: a pair of black metal recordings to carry you through the ravages of the Midwest winter. Krieg’s newest album comes with a 7″, and one colorway is already sold out (the other two aren’t far behind). On the more atmospheric side of the US black metal spectrum is South Dakota’s Woman Is The Earth with a 3-song blast of spiritual catharsis housed in a beautifully printed gatefold sleeve. Pick up both records fast from initrecords.corecommerce.com.


Tape Tuesday: Tranquility Tapes Winter 2015

Yeah, its cold out—we know. The weapons we recommend for battling the elements? Lamps, coffee, plants and this new batch of zones from Tranquility Tapes. Take your pick of oceanic explorations, kaleidoscopic synth swirls or distorted alchemical exercises…OR why not book the whole family on this mission to the sun with a batch deal? Seems like a no brainer to us.

All three tapes limited to 100 copies each, include digital downloads and feature artwork, as always, by the excellent Caroline Teagle. Rise and shine, friends.


Tape Tuesday: Jackie McDowell – Language Of The Birds

Jackie McDowell (aka Inez Lightfoot) has a new tape that is ripe for the picking. Dusty harmoniums, autoharps, drones, voice and, of course, birds make ‘Language Of The Birds’ a folk recording in the truest sense of the word… but one with an esoteric twinge to it that un-grounds it in a most enjoyable way.

Pick it up from Hairy Spider Legs for only $5.


Áine O’Dwyer – Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I & II 2xLP

The title of this record pretty much speaks for itself and it sounds like what you might expect. Solo pieces for pipe organ recording during the hours in which the church is being cleaned. Sounds basic, but its actually quite entrancing. The solemn improvisations provided by O’Dwyer are perfectly married to the gentle clacks of buckets, shuffled ladders, vacuums, and the occasional person asking that she not hold a note for so long. Originally released on cassette in 2012, ‘Music for Church Cleaners’ is expanded here as a 2xLP featuring new artwork as well as new audio.

Available in an edition of 500 from MIE in the UK as well as Forced Exposure in the US. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.



Björk – Vulnicura 2xLP

And just like that: the new Björk album is available to pre-order. We have no idea yet what it is going to sound like, but with production credits from both Arca and The Haxan Cloak (and the fact that it’s, you know, Björk) – chances are that it will sound quite good indeed. So if you cannot sit patiently and wait for your favorite record store to put copies on the shelf, then why not make your claim at bleep.com?

Bjork - Vulnicura 2xLP


Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason – Silent Period LP

‘Silent Period’, the new collaborative effort from Gareth Flowers and Josh Mason, follows the arc of a long night/early morning following an unknown event that has led an enigmatic main character into self-exile. Four movements of haunted guitar ambience and troubled trumpet lead you through four specific states of being. A perfect spin for late nights of neurotic reflection. Additionally, randomly inserted into the stock over at Sunshine Ltd. are 4 special ‘Evidence’ copies, each housed in a black archival box that contains clues to the night in question.

Limited to 250 copies and available from Sunshine Ltd. and Experimedia

silent period

silent period evi

Full disclosure: OMGVinyl is partially affiliated with Sunshine Ltd.