Autechre – Incunabula 2xLP, Amber 2xLP & Tri Repetae 2xLP

At last, Warp has reached all the way back to the beginning of the Autechre catalog to offer up some much needed represses. Incunabula, Amber and Tri Repetae are now available for pre-order from Expect these to show up in all of your favorite stores as well.


FIS – From Patterns to Details LP

The fact that we cannot track down any samples or previews doesn’t have us any less excited for the new album from FIS, coming out this week. His previous effort was one of our favorites from last year and the move to the Subtext label is a promising one. Pick this up from or

Updated: This is streaming over at!

FIS - From Patterns to Details


Drive 12″

If you never managed to get your hands on the Drive soundtrack, and have been living a life devoid of meaning ever since, you can maybe pull yourself up by your bootstraps enough to pick up this 12″ from Italians Do It Better featuring four key tracks cut at 45 rpm:


Vordr – In The Shadow of the Wolf LP

If you are seeking an epic and sprawling 3xLP of progressive-blackish-metal-tree-worship wankery, then this is not the album you are looking for. Vordr get straight to the point on their newest, and their teeth cut to the bone. Sometimes it’s nice to flip a record only once in order to listen to an entire album, no? Imported from Finland and currently being sold at and our new favorite metal distro:

Vordr - In The Shadow of the Wolf LP


Oloo DB – Central Line 12″ EP

Unless you like your techno deeply hypnotic and awash in lovely ambient tones, then I suggest you look elsewhere for your techno: Good day!


Various Artists – Giegling 20 – Mind Over Matter 3×12″

No electronic label in 2016 is inspiring FOMO quite like Giegling – a new release guarantees the message boards are about to get lit and they’ve just announced two new 12″s alongside a much needed repress of DJ Metatron’s 2 The Sky EP. Those all come highly recommended but the Mind Over Matter label compilation coming in November is the must-grip thing here. Do not miss out – point your browsers at to listen to samples and order.

Giegling 20 - Mind Over Matter


Mare Cognitum / Aureole – Resonance: Crimson Void LP

Hello, friends. Split LPs have a tendency to be an unbalanced affair, with one side succumbing to groove wear long before the other. Best of luck picking favorites between these two, then — Mare Cognitum continue on their blackened cosmic trajectory (please see also: their forthcoming LP), while Aureole conjures the necessary wormhole to suck everything back down onto one perfectly round and flattened disc available on crimson or black vinyl: What are you guys listening to?


Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) 2xLP

Huerco S. switches modes and releases one of the best ambient records of recent memory. Nine tracks of residual dance-floor melody roll out of the speakers, collect in the corners, and send tendrils up the walls. Enjoy in solitude and silence, or with a group of friends shuffling out of consciousness. Pre-orders are live from


Thee Oh Sees – Live In San Francisco LP + DVD

I’m sold on the cover photograph alone, but if you need more convincing: it is worth mentioning that Thee Oh Sees are objectively proven to be the greatest live band of all time. Or so I’ve heard; I’ll have to rely on documentation like this in order to confirm:


Whitney – Light Upon The Lake LP

Blame it on their recent ascent to the hallowed ranks of Pitchfork’s BNM –or just the fact that Whitney hit all the key Dad Rock notes which vinyl collectors love so much – but the joyous, golden-hued debut from this group seems to already be getting scarce on our favorite analog format. If this isn’t the perfect soundtrack for ringing in the season of cookouts and campouts, then we don’t know what is. All the effusive reviews are well warranted, and you can still find a copy by scouring,, (who appear to still have blue vinyl) or hey just pick up a tape from the label: