Cultes Des Ghoules – The Rise Of Lucifer 10″ EP

On that Luciferian erection tip, the Cultes Des Ghoules coven throw their hats in the ring with this magnificent ten inch. As usual, new material from these masters of the dark arts has been disappearing off the virtual shelves at an alarming rate, leaving fan boys very hot and most definitely bothered. Grip it while you can from

Cultes Des Ghoules - The Rise Of Lucifer


Kid 606 – Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored Of Excitement LP

Of all the artists you would have pegged to produce an Eno-inspired, ambient piano record… well, not exactly what we’ve come to expect from Kid 606, is it? But here it is – and it sounds sublime. You can pick this up at

Update: This just went up in the update, as well.


Hilde Marie Holsen – Ask LP

Holsen is likely a name that you haven’t heard before. That’s ok. We’re here to help. “Ask” is her debut full length on the very excellent Norwegian avant jazz label Hubro. She burns through 5 movements of trumpet work, both classically oriented and manipulated, as well as auxiliary electronic accompaniment. This is limited to only 200 copies and currently is only available overseas (which, for US friends, will run you just about $30 shipped) but we’ll be sure to update if any land stateside.


Mystifier – Goetia 2xLP

As far as satanic erections go, the cover for Mystifier’s Goetia gets a 5/5. Subtle and none too fussed over, it is nevertheless wrought with consummate skill and an undeniable respect for the craft and nuance of devil boner rendering. The music? Well, it’s about as blasphemous and titillating as a nun in heat, dry humping an inverted crucifix. Revel in the joyous strains of this reissued classic on analog vinyl:


Tape Tuesday: The Snowfields – How To Get Good Sound From A Dead Ear

Ever find yourself jamming some old Pink Floyd records and think to yourself “I wish this weirdy synthy interlude thing would just go on forever”? Well, The Snowfields are going to help you out with that. Their new tape on Field Hymns offers up two sides of meditative movements that build and build and build towards that one transcendent moment. The destination is one thing, but the journey can be something else entirely.

Available direct from the label in an edition of 100.


Agalloch – The Mantle 2xLP / Ashes Against The Grain 2xLP

We couldn’t find much info about these 2xLP versions of The Mantle and Ashes Against The Grain that just went up over at but that didn’t stop us from instantly ordering them, and it shouldn’t stop you either – these two masterpieces have been out of print and in demand for many years now.

Edit: Looks like these are the “unofficial” versions from Grau.

Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain 2xLP

Agalloch - The Mantle 2xLP


Jamie xx – In Colour 3×12″

Despite the, um, glowing review from, we are pretty into the new Jamie xx record, and certainly have no bone to pick with this lovely deluxe edition — cut to three pieces of 45rpm vinyl on an appropriately broad spectrum of coloured compounds. You can pick up this easy-listening, instant summer classic over at

Jamie xx - In Colour 3x12


Rob Mazurek – Alternate Moon Cycles LP

So, this record came out last year. But we just found out about it, and its crazy that its not sold out. “Alternate Moon Cycles” by Rob Mazurek (of Chicago Underground/Isotope 217 fame) features two side length movements of droning organ, bass and cornet that shimmer and glow in a most agreeable way. The minimalist compositions presented here continue the ideas fleshed out in Mazurek’s “100 Cs for Dixon” and we are fairly certain Bill would have been proud. Available direct from International Anthem Recording Co.

The album is also available as a crazy awesome cassette that features alternate versions of the material that was recorded a week earlier than the LP material. Choose your own adventure!


Tashi Dorji – Appa LP

Released by Bathetic, “Appa” is the newest LP of solo guitar improvisations by Tashi Dorji. Some of the movements venture into American Primitive mode, while others veer close to free jazz territory. In either case…Dorji’s sometimes delicate, sometimes angular playing is masterful in the way it feels like its falling down the stairs, but with grace and tact. It’s available directly from the label and is perfect for a quiet afternoon at home.


Charles Cohen – Brother I Prove You Wrong 2xLP

Charles Cohen wields a single instrument: the Buchla Music Easel. The results of his focus are far from one-dimensional, however. Entire synesthetic worlds are painted for your mind’s eye. This is a new album from the maestro on the Morphine label (as opposed to his previous archive release) and is available right now from or