Naðra – Allir vegir til glötunar LP

Forum lurkers and scene chasers know: there’s something wicked going on in Iceland these days. The black metal being exported is of a quality that is simply unmatched within any other geographic setting right now. Fallen Empire was in early (as usual) with their vinyl release (and subsequent repressings) of the debut album from Misþyrming and now we have been gifted with the debut recordings from Naðra, a band with whom that group shares members. Dismiss it all as hype and ignore at your own peril… one of strongest albums you will hear this year now available from


So Pitted – Neo LP

Negative noise rock is not only appropriate, but necessary. Neo starts off in the red and doesn’t drop the needle until your dreams of a pleasant spring are buried beneath a mountain of feedback, sludge and migraine inducing percussion. Pick up the white vinyl at


Amnesia Scanner – AS 12″ EP

Perhaps you, like me, are rather convinced that our nuclear dusk is nigh. If we aren’t destroyed from the inside by our own elected leaders, then it will be the Hitlerjugend AI cyber-nymphs who burn the sky to a crisp. The proper soundtrack to annihilation is key, and you’ll want this one queued up with the needle ready to drop when the Drumpf stormtroopers break down your door. Order (as in immediately) at or


Kindling – Vs The Police Lathe Cut 7″ / Giveaway

Alright ladies and dudes – today, something special. Last summer, most excellent fuzz-gazers Kindling laid down their twist on ‘Hate the Police’, a hardcore punk rock favorite from The Dicks, originally released in 1980. With Gary Floyd’s permission, the song was made available digitally, with 100% of the proceeds going to a non-profit organization dedicated to ending police abuse of authority. The track is now available as a surprise release limited lathe-cut* 7″ on Disposable America, with all proceeds from the band’s copies going to the same organization (which has chosen to remain nameless due to the nature of the topic)

There are only 59 of these bad boys (get it? GET IT?) in existence and we got a copy that we’re gonna pass on to a reader. To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random on Friday morning. Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation. Cheers and good luck. Closed! We’ll be in contact with the winner!

*for those not clued in to the nature of lathe-cut records, they are cut in real time, one at a time on plexiglass, by a person using vintage equipment. these are not audiophile products, as they contain surface noise and slight distortion. doesn’t get much more punk than that really.


The Range – Potential 2xLP

Speaking of emotive electronic music… here’s a couple of new tracks from The Range that’ll hit you squarely in the feels (assuming you are not a sociopath). These are leading up to the new 2xLP out on Domino, due for release this very month. This edition is limited to 1000 pieces and includes an extra 12″ with additional music so act like you know:

The Range - Potential


Guy Andrews – Our Spaces 2xLP

If you’ve been craving a bit more drama in your electronic music, look no further. The sharp ears at Houndstooth have picked up Guy Andrews for his debut LP, Our Spaces, and the music on display is shot through with vivid streaks of emotion. Guitars and waves of hardware-driven distortion run amok, making this a highly enjoyable listen and really unlike anything we have plopped onto our turntable recently. Stream below and then pick up a copy on 2xLP from or


Tape Tuesday: Quartz Safari – Syzygy

Quartz Safari put out one of the best ambient tapes of 2013. Now, the Olso/New Jersey duo has dropped a new tape on Ginjoha out of Japan that further explores their trademark cosmic atmospherics while expanding their sonic palette with, wait for it, time signatures. Drum loops and grooves in the vein of a more lazy FLyLo (maybe?) are featured here on the same level as the guitar & synth explorations, all melding into a super crisp 4th dimensional vacation at an extraterrestrial beach. Limited to 75 copies, so hit it.


Meyers – Negative Space (1981-2014) LP

If you have ever been on drugs, of any kind, then you are familiar with the idea of oscillating between lucidity and obscurity. ‘Negative Space’ is kind of like an audio version of that same sensation. Unable to exert himself, Meyers chronicles the time passed during recovery from surgery, utilizing field recordings, computers and contact mics to produce a hypnotic (and sometimes hypnogogic) work that is simultaneously on edge and calming. Highly recommended.

Available in an edition of 300 direct from Sympathy Limited. The first 100 orders also receive a label lapel pin.


Skee Mask – Shred 2xLP

The first great techno release of the year has arrived on none other than the excellent Ilian Tapes label (run by the Zenker Brothers). Skee Mask rolls out some choice breakbeat driven cuts on Shred and the album format suits him well, allowing for plenty of moody exploration and even a few ambient pieces. Haven’t seen it in the States yet, but you can and should order this right now from


Tape Tuesday: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Fans of samurai films, kabuki theatre and sound design take note.

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides is releasing two full length recordings on two separate UK labels simultaneously: ‘Aulos’ Second Reed’ and ‘Oh Sylvia’ on the always excellent Tombed Visions and the fantastically minimal Sacred Tapes respectively. All told, you have over an hour of the duo bending silence to their will, as well as alluring flute work, sparse percussion and a general clatter that is woven together in way that makes what would be the on-screen tension of a snowy duel or temple confrontation almost palpable in the best possible way. Both are killer tapes and both are available for pre-order now. Essential grips for 2016.