Tape Tuesday: mmph – Dear God

Dear God, indeed. Electronic sounds gathered and then organized into a balm designed for troubled minds. May cause anxiety and/or bliss depending on pre-existing conditions. Virtually harmless when taken as prescribed. Let this one wash right over you: beerontherug.com.


Ulwhednar – Modern Silver LP

No, we hadn’t heard of Ulwhednar either but the names Varg, Abdulla Rashim and Northern Electronics are enough to instill FOMO in the staunchest of electronic music followers. White vinyl, limited to 150 apparently, can be picked up at northernelectronics.bandcamp.com. If you miss out on that, get a pre-order in over at redeyerecords.co.uk.


The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy LP

There are 5 copies left of this LP on Bandcamp right now. If Lovecraft worship metal is your thing, we highly suggest you check it out: thegreatoldonessom.bandcamp.com.


Sutekh Hexen – Salem LP

Salem is a live, impromptu field-recording by GreySun Records which provides a rare window into the improvisational and un-scripted creative realms of Sutekh Hexen. Finding the collective at their most forthright and primitive to date, Sutekh Hexen conjures something entirely original within their own construct. Upon completion came reflection and context, which yielded a challenging and equally commanding release in six movements.

Housed in a heavy tip-on gatefold jacket and individually hand numbered, Salem is available in a standard edition of 250 black vinyl and a deluxe version of 50 “smoke-swirl” vinyl


Romans – Valere Aude 2×12″

Another stellar Bandcamp based electronic label, and featuring domestic fares for those of you who lose half of your wages to currency converted shipping costs: The Bunker New York. They have plenty of 12″s to browse through as well but we are lusting after this double-pack vinyl edition containing seven tracks off the recent album from Romans (aka Gunnar Haslam and Tin Man). If you aren’t expecting plenty of gooey acid, then you need to manage your expectations. Limited edition blue vinyl exclsuive to thebunkerny.bandcamp.com is still available.


nthng – It Never Ends 3xLP

You could do a lot worse than spending your entire paycheck at Lobster Theremin’s Bandcamp page today. Go on in and dig through the virtual crates yourself, but if you want a starting point we will point you at this 3xLP from nthng: lobstertheremin.com.


Pessimist – Pagans EP 12″

At the time of this posting there appears to be only 5 of these left on the Osiris Music Bandcamp. Look alive, mates! Four tracks of dark, percussive techno: store.osirismusicuk.co.uk.


Scuba Death – The Worm At The Core LP

There is a new burner from Scuba Death (aka Richard Donoso) and like his previous work, its one for the books. 2 sides of the dubby beats, drones and the underwater creepies.

Available now from Further Records (who are matching ACLU donations – 100% digi/50% physical) on black and blue vinyl


Agnes – 012016002001 LP

From the ashes of Aught, everyone’s favorite esoteric electronic tape label, comes the no nonsense Chained Library, everyone’s soon to be favorite esoteric electronic vinyl label. As usual, we know nothing about this record, but if the quality of the Aught releases is any indication of what to expect, be prepared to fork over your monies.

Pre-order 012016002001 direct from Chained Library

Also of note, you can find a special mix of some kind here as well, with proceeds going to the ACLU


ACLU Day at Bandcamp

For those who haven’t heard, today Bandcamp is doing something that we here at OMG feel is pretty right on. The short explanation is they will donate 100% of their revenue shares from all sales made today, Friday, Feb. 3rd.

So today we will, throughout the day, be posting below not only new releases and the stuff we think you should hear, but also artists who have agreed to donate their shares as well. Look at it this way, its Friday, and for a lot of people (us included) this means payday…and chances are you were already gonna be picking up some wax or some tapes (or jeez, even a download) so we just feel like this is a no brainer. But that’s just us.