Tape Tuesday: Field Hymns

The fact of the matter is: Field Hymns already has, hands down, the best RIYL descriptions one could ask for. Never the less, we’ll bite. This newest batch includes work from Sad Horse (limited to 100 copies), Portopia ’81 and Conrade Wedde (limited to 75 copies each) and it pretty much covers everything you need from 6 string lunacy to retro-futurism to aquatic exploration…plus, top notch artwork as usual.

It looks like some of these titles are moving too, so quit screwing around and grip already!


Tape Tuesday: Sunshine Ltd.

Two new tapes from Florida’s Sunshine Ltd. are available. This time around both releases are from Brooklyn based artists Billy Gomberg and the duo of Taylor Burton & Andy C. Jenkins. Gomberg provides some glacial drones and the Burton/Jenkins duo get ritualistic with some manipulated gamelan explorations. Both tapes have arrived just in time for the changing of the seasons. Open the blinds and let the light in.

Limited to 50 copies each.


billy gomberg

burton jenkins

Full disclosure: OMGVinyl is partially affiliated with Sunshine Ltd.


Trwbador – Several Wolves LP

We’re not just all about misanthropic metal, dystopian techno and grey dronescapes over here at OMGV HQ. We have feelings, too. And sometimes those feelings require a cheerful, electronic pop record. It’s rare, but it happens. Several Wolves from Trwbador hits all the right buttons, and might just be the perfect thing to keep you from slipping into an absolute coma of misery this winter. For now, pick it up at owletmusic.greedbag.com. We’ll alert you to any US distribution, or maybe you will alert us. Cheers!

Trwbador - Several Wolves LP


Objekt – Flatland 2xLP

That whole scuzzy, lo-fi techno trend was cool and all, but how exciting is it to hear a tune with crystalline production and a microcosmic attention to detail? PAN delivers a proper full-length from the much-hyped Objekt, and you can (and should) pick it up on pre-order from p-a-n.org or experimedia.net.

Objekt - Flatland 2xLP


Reverorum Ib Malacht – De Mysteriis Dom Christi LP

Hells Headbangers still has copies of the vinyl edition of De Mysteriis Dom Christi, the newest LP from Catholic black metal troupe Reverorum Ib Malacht. The CD, cassette and vinyl editions of this album all feature completely different music, so what you will hear is exclusive to these grooves. Somebody uploaded a rip of the B-side below, but you should probably just scurry over to shop-hellsheadbangers.com to get a copy before these vanish.

REVERORUM IB MALACHT - De Mysteriis Dom Christi LP


Erik Honoré – Heliographs LP

‘Heliographs’ is the first solo release on the excellent Hubro label by Norwegian producer and musician Erik Honoré. Culled from various live and studio recordings, the varied instrumental tendencies found on this album are best described at experimental chamber music. Many of the tracks feature vocal embellishments by Sidsel Endresen which adds a great deal to the mysterious mood of the album. Highly recommended.

Limited to 500 180g copies (and includes a CD copy)
Currently, its available Norway, but has an international release date of November 17. We’ll update you when distro info becomes available.


kayo dot


Transllusion – The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate 3xLP

Another killer on the Discogs black market, another Drexciya-related project being reissued – Transllusion’s The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate features more classic Detroit synths and drum programming rendered in inimitable fashion. Orders can be placed currently at redeyerecords.co.uk or normanrecords.com.

Stream the entire album at factmag.com.

Transllusion - The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate 3xLP


Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair 2xLP

This has been available for awhile now but once it is gone, Discogs prices will rise again, just as the Drexciyan warriors of the forgotten underwater realms will. And this is what you will listen to while you toil away in their salt mines. Pick it up at experimedia.net or amoeba.com.

Drexciya - Neptunes Lair 2xLP


Tape Tuesday: M. Sage – Data In The Details

Between operating his label Patient Sounds and turning out some of the best minimal ambient works of the year, Matt Sage has had a great year. Lucky for all of us he can’t and won’t stop. His newest tape on Geographic North is a rad addition to an already stellar catalog. In some ways slightly noisier and cut up than his previous works, ‘Data In The Details’ finds Sage exploring new rhythmic territories while saying goodbye to one environment, and saying hello to the future in a new one.

Now available via Geographic North in an edition of 100



Tape Tuesday: Bus Gas – Snake Hymns

The new Bus Gas tape is out today on Spring Break Tapes. ‘Snake Hymns’ is a far out trip on magnetic tape accompanied by delayed guitars and booming aquatic synth work. It’s a testament to the trio’s skill that a recording such as this can be as haunting as it it alluring. Like fireflies in the evening, the gloom presented here is punctuated by just enough light that you’ll willingly follow it into the bush.

Limited to 100 copies

bus gas