Nick Höppner – Folk 2×12

We are fairly enamored with the debut full-length album from Nick Höppner, erstwhile label manager of the incredibly reliable Ostgut Ton imprint. Much and more has been written in many a scholarly techno blog about the mires and pitfalls of the full-length-techno-album effort – but it’s hard to care much when two beautiful slabs of vinyl are this enjoyable, front to back. We implore you stream this while you can at and then go pick a pre-order from or

Nick Hoppner - Folk 2xLP


Sashash Ulz – Nighthouse LP

Jozik Records presents Nighthouse, a collection of pastoral music for nocturnal activity from Sashash Ulz. The Karelian artist has a slew of tapes floating out in the ether (including one of the venerable Sweat Lodge Guru) but this looks to be his first outing on the full length vinyl format. Rejoice. You can pick up an order from for now, and we will update the post with an US distribution.

Sashash Ulz - Nighthouse LP


ARIZMENDA – Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus 2xLP

Counterpoint to the album released by BTC figurehead Volahn earlier this year, Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus is the newest double LP of black sex majick from ARIZMENDA. A hotly anticipated release, not least of all because this has always been one of the more interesting projects to shake out of the deep folds of the Black Twilight Circle. Stream “Cum In Your Wound” below and pick up a copy on vinyl from (blue vinyl is long gone, sorry) or on pro-dubbed cassette from


Blind Idiot God – Before Ever After 2xLP

Once in a while, a band will come along and make a record that will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. ‘Before Ever After,’ the band’s first full length in over 2 decades (and first to feature Tim Wyskida of Khanate fame), is one of those recordings…and for our money, it’s the best Blind Idiot God LP yet. 13 tracks span almost the whole musical gamut, from down-tuned heaviness to reverberated surf rock and springy dub reggae. It’s pretty much a swiss army knife of modern avant garde rock.

The 2xLP is available now from Invisible Music on transparent green 180 gram vinyl and features fantastic new art in a triple gatefold package from the mighty Seldon Hunt.




Tape Tuesday: Former Selves – Three Wells

Still bummed out from the grips of winter? Lucky for you, Former Selves have dropped a new tape of billowing, gauzy drone on the Polish label Wounded Knife just in time for Spring to, well, spring. On ‘Three Wells’ gentle synths and guitars dance on the breeze that blows throughout these two side long movements.

Available in an edition of only 70 copies available direct from the label for only €4.50 (which, with shipping to the US works out to about $9)


Anna Caragnano and Donato Dozzy – Sintetrizzatrice LP

Not sure about you, but Donato Dozzy’s name on anything inspires must-grip fever here at OMGV. We’ve all seen what he can do when working with a limited palette, so an entire album of him rendering a single voice – Anna Caragnano’s – into wide spectrum, high resolution sound is bound to be much more expansive than the concept initially lends credence to. Sponsorship by Spectrum Spools means you can rest easy knowing every minute detail will be wrought exquisitely into a beautifully mastered and pressed piece of vinyl. Pick it up from or


Abigor – 1994-1998 The Complete Hörnix Recordings

This is a monumental release from the legendary Abigor, and you could easily argue that it comprises their best material. A boxset featuring remastered audio of the first six albums worth of material. No Cracker Jack’s trinkets or colored vinyl – simple, no-frills packaging and a 32 page booklet, all presented on black vinyl LPs with a nice looking slipcase to hold it all together on your shelf for you. In the United States, you can pre-order a copy from for $100 or go straight to the source at These should start shipping next week.


Lilacs And Champagne “Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh” Test Pressing Giveaway

There is a new album on the way from the Lilacs and Champagne shop – their 3rd and most evolved feature to date. Once again, Emil Amos has agreed to share a test pressing with one of our readers, and you can put yourself on the wishlist by entering a comment below. Unfortunately, only one of you is going to win, so I recommend the rest of you click over to and pick up a copy. Colored vinyl is limited to 300 and going fast.

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random on Friday morning. Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation. Cheers and good luck. Contest closed! Thank you for the entries.


Levon Vincent “s/t” 4xLP

We urge you to believe the hype on this one. Levon Vincent’s self-titled debut album is an electronic masterwork coming early in the year, and it will likely eclipse everything that comes after it. Yes, it’s expensive, but I paid more for my own copy and believe it to be well worth it. 11 tracks cut in high fidelity to 8 sides of vinyl, “minimal” – as in “non-existent” – packaging, and bespoke record labels. $32 is a steal over at This one will probably get harder and harder to track down, so act now.


Tape Tuesday: Night Cleaner – Sketch for Winter III: Green Sleeves

We now have the third installment of Geographic North’s “Sketch For Winter” tape series—this time featuring Matthew Allen Lambert’s (of All The Saints) moniker Night Cleaner. Jangly, swirling guitars and slapback delay abound here within the mix of drone and trippy psychedelic space rock that is “Green Sleeves.” It drops you off just before dawn after one of the coldest nights; the sun is starting to rise and there is hope for warmth on the horizon.

Limited to 100 copies on ‘Narcotic Soot’ cassette shells (love all these creative names for black) and are a steal at only $5 via Geo North