Sonny Day’s (of We Buy Your Kids) Top Twelve Records of 2015

So I started writing this list on the bus to Sydney from Orange, where Biddy and I have just moved. I was heading down to meet my Mum and my sister and her two kids. All was going to plan until I started to feel a little car sick, and that’s my story.

Now that all the friends and family have left us after the holidays and the working year has started again, I thought I’d better put the lid on last year’s music. I gotta say, 2015 was AMAZING for new music. So many bands, so little time, and super hard to whittle down to a manageable list.

This list is mainly the albums I found myself listening to the most whilst drawing.

Hope you enjoy.


Tame Impala – Currents
After Innervisions, Elephant left me a little flat. Lo and behold, Kevin Parker almost ditches the guitar and makes the best Tame Impala record yet.

Tame Impala


Drake – If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.
The album where Drake toughened up.



The Holy Soul – Fortean Times.
We love the Soul. We’ve worked with these guys since their first EP and to see how much their music has progressed is amazing. Fortean Times is the record where all the magic parts of this band align, and under the watch of Gareth of The Drone, they’ve made the best record of their career.

The Holy Soul


Torche – Restarter.
I LOVE Torche and Restarter might be my favorite album of theirs since Songs For Singles. Harder and more focused, good times all round.



Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower.
I might have completely missed this if it wasn’t for Arik Roper. Arik did the cover for this amazing record and I pretty much bought it from Bandcamp 10 seconds into Twin Urns. I love metal and doom and this record is the shit. I need a little groove in amongst the sludge, and holy shit, Dorthia Cotrells’ vocals… Windhand delivers. Thanks Arik.



Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor
Its very rare that I use the phrase ‘ Stunning return to form’. I fact, I’ve never used that phrase. But that’s all that comes to mind with MM new record, in my opinion its the most focused record he’s made since Golden Age, and in some ways, a delayed follow up to Mechanical Animals.

Marilyn Manson


Sleater Kinney – No Cities To Love.
This record was part of this string of amazing January releases. I’ve never been a big fan, and to clarify, that’s just because I’ve not really listened to them. Oh Well. This record, wow, just wow.

Sleater Kinney


Vince Staples – Summertime ’06
What a dark masterpiece, thats all I’ve got. Jump Of The Roof was one of the big jams leading up to Mind Intern at Mondo.

Vince Staples


Dr Dre – Compton.
I thought there would never be another Dre record and then, boom! Compton! Such and amazing mixed bag of beats and rhymes and, oh, only one of Snoops best verses in years! And K Dot!

Dr Dre


Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete
I loved the build up to this album. The website, the alien, all of it. The music of OPN is some of my favorite to draw to. I love records that suck you in and take you a journey. I might need to check the last couple of years’ best-ofs, I’m pretty sure I say that every year.

Oneohtrix Point Never


Jamie XX – In Colour.
This record is everything I love about dance/electronic music. Its touches all the right bases and, seriously, anyone who can pull off sampling Studio is alright in my books.

Jamie XX


Turnstile – Non Stop Feeling.
You know when something comes along you didn’t realize you were missing? Well, Turnstile was the missing piece to my musical landscape in 2015. I came across them by accident on some metal site’s best-of list. This record makes me feel like I’m sixteen. I just bought tickets to their show here in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. I’ve heard complaints about the hype around this band and constant comparisons to 90’s bands. Who knows about the hype? And who cares? These guys sound like quite a few bands, yes, obviously. I’d rather get hyped on a new band that reminds me of some of my favorite older bands than get stuck grumbling about how good the 90’s were.



Gaussian Curve – Clouds LP

The first few weeks of the new year should be spent catching up on what you might have missed during the previous 52. Here’s one we glossed over: Gaussian Curve’s Clouds LP. At first blush, this may seem about as exciting as every other new-age knockoff to shake out of the revivalist camp within the last ten years, but we couldn’t help but become increasingly intoxicated with each new spin of this 8-song suite of sparse and minimal arrangements. It’s rather perfectly soothing, to be honest. Sold out at the source, and distro’d copies seem to be drying up, but here’s some right here:


Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria LP

Good morning everybody and happy breakfast! Gaze upon the album cover for Pissgrave’s Suicide Euphoria as you shovel whatever protienated-oatmeal-health-slurry you’ve convinced yourself will extend your life into your fleshy gob. Then give this album a spin and wallow in the continual futility of drawing breath. Order on black vinyl from or before you crawl back in bed, hopeless and despondent.


Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu LP

Will this analog transcription of triumphant Icelandic black metal disappear, once again, within a matter of hours? Best not to chance it:


Mgła – Exercises In Futility LP

The no-frills vinyl edition of one of 2015’s finest; now available to carry you into the New Year: No colored vinyl, no limitation, no gimmicks.


Neurosis – Strength and Vision 11xLP Boxset

It seems like we were all waiting for several years for some of the most coveted Neurosis LPs to reappear on vinyl, and most of us jumped at the opportunity to snap up Through Silver In Blood and Times Of Grace last year. Now it looks like for $275 you can own all 11 Neurosis albums on your favorite format. That is a hell of a deal when you break it down per album. If any band deserves a boxset on your shelf, it’s this one: These are scheduled to start shipping out in April.

Neurosis - Strength and Vision 11xLP Boxset


Soft Kill – An Open Door LP

When it rains, it pours. Soft Kill seem to be gaining some traction recently, and it looks like their last album, An Open Door, is finally getting a repress with brand new artwork. This is another pre-order shipping out in mid-February and is undoubtedly deserving of your attention:

Soft Kill - An Open Door LP


Soft Kill – Heresy LP

If I were to ever, let’s say, write a top ten of 2015 albums list, then Soft Kill’s Heresy would be on there close to number 1. In a year that saw no shortage of post-punk flirtation, this band of mopers rose quite easily to the top of the on-repeat pile. Daily check-ins have led to the discovery that, at last, you can now order these 6 songs on vinyl: Pre-orders will begin shipping in February.


Acronym – June 2xLP

At long last, 2015’s finest and least attainable techno release looks to be receiving some sort of repress. This 2xLP from Acronym starts off all opulent ambience before descending slowly into exquisite and pulsing techno on the second half. Snatch it up before it disappears again; pre-orders are currently up at


Shape Worship – A City Remembrancer LP

Personally, I have never been to London. Yet this album reminds me of it. Such is the power of Shape Worship’s narrative, that it is bound to implant false memories of a night bus through a city under siege by gentrification. A City Remembrancer is the debut LP from this young man, and is truly one of the most impressive pieces of abstract leaning electronic music this year.  Pick up a copy on vinyl (limited to 300 pieces) over at or