Tilth – Country Music LP

There is a new Tilth release on the newly christened Minnesota label Round Bale Recordings (from the mind that brings you the FFFoxy Podcast) entitled “Country Music.” This follow up to 2012’s “Angular Music” presents the familiar tape and guitar work you’d expect from previous efforts, but also provides a new depth with the addition of drums, violin and saxophone. This isn’t your grandpa’s country music. This is a modern, airy meditation on purposeful living and “going to the center.” Highly, highly recommended work from some of the most thoughtful guys in experimental music today.

Available direct from the label AND…the first 50 orders will include a bonus CDr of extra material, so wake up when the suns up, and get to the good work.


Retribution Body – Aokigahara LP

For those of you unfamiliar with suicide forests, there is a famous one in Japan called Aokigahara. For those of you unfamiliar with Matthew Azevedo’s solo moniker Retribution Body, he has a gloomy new record out soon on Type which shares the same name as that dark sea of trees. The LP contains two side-long movements of low end throb and gloom that are as meditative as they are eerie. Drones are drones, but what’s great is the space that fills the groove between swells of oscillating electronics.

Available to pre-order from Boomkat (initial copies on clear vinyl) in the UK, and Experimedia in the US.


Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short 2xLP

Drudkh return with their tenth full-length, A Furrow Cut Short. Majestic Ukrainian black metal cut across 4 sides of vinyl, available on white from 20buckspinshop.com or red from erodingwinds.com (only 2 left!).


Dino Spiluttini – All I Want is to Be a Happy Man LP

Dino Spiluttini has a new tape out on Sacred Phrases, but Tuesday it ain’t, and we wouldn’t dare persuade you to buy obsolete magnetic media on any other day of the week. Lucky for all of you slow-motion, blurry orchestra fans, the man has self-released a heavyweight vinyl edition of his newest opus, All I Want is to Be a Happy Man. But hey! That’s limited to 100 pieces (plus the cost of import) over at dinospiluttini.bandcamp.com. So make haste!

And if you’d rather keep your drone locally sourced – well, there is that tape option.


Oscar Mulero – Muscle and Mind 2×12″

Oscar Mulero presents Autechre-like textures built into banging beat structures and shot through with moments of drifting ambience. So yeah, that’s awesome. As will happen sometimes, the vinyl presents only eight of the dozen album tracks, but – in our humble opinion, it’s actually a much tougher and leaner set (the techno gods forbid that any album is cut more than two tracks per side, it is known). We found our copy over at redeyerecords.co.uk – their import charges are extremely economical.


Great Falls/Thou – Split 7″

Great Falls, Thou and Shellac walk into a bar…and the punch line is, this new cover 7”, which does just that. Thou, who have been on a roll this past year with insane cover versions of 90’s favorites, offer up their twist on “A Prayer To God,” which takes the sadness inherent in the original track to a whole new (lower) level. On the flipside, Great Falls also get low with their version of “Wingwalker,” the b-side from Shellac’s 1993 “Uranus” single.

Available from Hell Comes Home in an edition of 1040 copies on black vinyl with screen-printed covers. Do it already.


Macabre Omen – Gods Of War – At War 2xLP

A good way to start a Thursday is with some powerful and majestic Hellenic black metal, as the old saying goes. Macabre Omen fulfill the requirements masterfully, and you can pick up their new 2xLP – their first in ten years – over at darkdescentrecords.com via van-records.de.


Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss 2xLP

You know we have to shine a spotlight on this one, even though it’s already being illuminated from every possible angle. Chelsea Wolfe’s dark star has risen drastically over the years – for good reason – and if Abyss sees even a brief return to the occult dirges that I first fell in love with on Apokalypsis (as this recently released song suggests), then fans are in for a hellish dose of catharsis. You can browse the usual myriad of pre-order options from hellomerch.com, just don’t get so overwhelmed that you forget to actually order something.


Tape Tuesday: Phinery May Batch

Phinery, a relatively new tape label out of Denmark, has got a new selection up for you to play and then rewind and then play again. Everything from glitchy crackle to modular wizardy to cut up collage work. It looks like the full batch isn’t up yet, but there are batch order options that begin shipping next week, so check that out. This is definitely a label you want to keep your eye on—excellent tape game.



Voices From The Lake – Live at MAXXI LP

Donato Dozzy and Neel have finally returned as Voices From The Lake with something more substantial than a 12″. Indeed this live LP appears to be the rightful successor to their wildly popular (at least in my living room) self-titled 3xLP from 2012. Stream a new track below and guess what? It’s straight up New-Age, Yanni-snorkeling-with-the-dolphins blissout hypnosis. My body is ready: editionsmego.com.