Transllusion – The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate 3xLP

Another killer on the Discogs black market, another Drexciya-related project being reissued – Transllusion’s The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate features more classic Detroit synths and drum programming rendered in inimitable fashion. Orders can be placed currently at or

Stream the entire album at

Transllusion - The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate 3xLP


Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair 2xLP

This has been available for awhile now but once it is gone, Discogs prices will rise again, just as the Drexciyan warriors of the forgotten underwater realms will. And this is what you will listen to while you toil away in their salt mines. Pick it up at or

Drexciya - Neptunes Lair 2xLP


Tape Tuesday: M. Sage – Data In The Details

Between operating his label Patient Sounds and turning out some of the best minimal ambient works of the year, Matt Sage has had a great year. Lucky for all of us he can’t and won’t stop. His newest tape on Geographic North is a rad addition to an already stellar catalog. In some ways slightly noisier and cut up than his previous works, ‘Data In The Details’ finds Sage exploring new rhythmic territories while saying goodbye to one environment, and saying hello to the future in a new one.

Now available via Geographic North in an edition of 100



Tape Tuesday: Bus Gas – Snake Hymns

The new Bus Gas tape is out today on Spring Break Tapes. ‘Snake Hymns’ is a far out trip on magnetic tape accompanied by delayed guitars and booming aquatic synth work. It’s a testament to the trio’s skill that a recording such as this can be as haunting as it it alluring. Like fireflies in the evening, the gloom presented here is punctuated by just enough light that you’ll willingly follow it into the bush.

Limited to 100 copies

bus gas


Hildur Gudnadottir – Saman LP

Hildur Gudnadottir wrings a lot of emotion out of her instrument, and on Saman she combines her voice with her cello to create an intoxicating alchemy of understated music. Not to be missed, and the pressing on Touch should be top-notch. Pick it up at

Hildur Gudnadottir - Saman LP


Paul Chain – Mirror 2xLP

Paul Chain has recently received a career resurrection of sorts – with a prolific string of lovingly crafted reissues and rereleases put out by labels intent on alerting the masses to this other-worldy musician and master of many things doomy, proggy, thrashy and weird. You get all those bases covered by the collection of odds-and-ends Mirror, a 2xLP spanning a couple of decades of singles and compilation tracks; released in fine fashion on high-spec packaging from FOAD Records. Now available for pickup from or

Paul Chain - Mirror 2xLP


Kayo Dot – Coffins On Io LP

If nothing else, Kayo Dot will keep you guessing. After last year’s fantastic and massive ‘Hubardo’ release, Driver & Co. are dialing it back (or in…or hell, maybe out? I don’t know anymore) with ‘Coffins On Io’. Much of what you’d expect from the band’s tool belt is in intact: crazy time changes, horns, distortion, vocal theatrics–but with at 100% more goth and a Lynchian/stranded in middle of nowhere/synth-noir vibe.

Sounds good to us.

The clear/red marble version is already sold out, but black vinyl is still available to pre-order at The Flenser

kayo dot


King Diamond – The Eye LP & Fatal Portrait LP Reissued

Two new King Diamond reissues from the Metal Blade imprint. As far as we are concerned, you either hunt down the originals or you purchase these (just stay away from that last round of Roadrunner/Cargo reissues – blegh!). Essential. You can pick up The Eye at or and pick up Fatal Portrait the same way: or

King Diamond - The Eye LP

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait LP


Giant Claw – Deep Web LP

Keith Rankin (of Cream Juice/Orange Milk fame) has unleashed ‘Dark Web’, an orgiastic cut of sample based R&B MIDI fighter mash up insanity…kinda like using the ‘Last’ button on your remote and jumping back and forth between BET and Nickelodeon. You never quite know where it’s going next, but its a super sweet ride. Like with most of his releases, Rankin also has handled the artwork (along with Ellen Thomas), which is definitely a contender for cover of the year.

Available from Noumenal Loom and the Claw himself.



Black Spirituals – Of Deconstruction LP

Black Spirituals (the duo made up of Zachary Watkins and Marshall Trammell) have released their debut LP on Sige. Equal parts free jazz and noise, ‘Of Deconstructions’ is a tense, yet satisfying sonic trip. Trammell’s percussive work gets downright hypnotic and Watkins sounds as though he is wrestling electricity itself. Not to be missed.

The LP is available and limited to 250 hand-stamped copies in custom jackets with artwork by Faith Coloccia of Mamiffer fame.