Panda Bear “Surfers Hymn” 7″

Hey, what do ya’ll think about Panda Bear? That’s what I thought. Grab this one now to complete your collection or cry about it later while furiously searching eBay in a hysterical panic. Oh, it’s backed by a remix from Actress that pretty much just blew my fucking mind. Seriously. Get in on it at like right now.

UPDATE: Europeans, sounds like this will be up for sale at very soon. Go there to get more info.


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  1. And in europe?!

  2. $9 for a 7″ (+ shipping, I’m sure)? Am I the only vinyl junkie starting to feel abused?

  3. Forced Exposure doesn’t have great communication if you need to get a hold of them… actually non-existent from my experience.

    As well, they provide no indication of shipping until they actually ship. This is really inconvenient and expensive. They can tack on any shipping price they wish after you’ve already agreed to purchase your item(s). Then you see the bill and you look in horror at the cost.

  4. it’s on

  5. curious what other think of this remix.

    “blew me away”, really?

    didn’t do much for me and i love electronic productions

  6. sorry. the quote was “…pretty much just blew my fucking mind. Seriously.”


  7. I was pretty unimpressed upon first listen. Listened to it again on my Grado’s after a coupla glasses of high-gravity IPA and was subsequently smitten. I am a pretty huge Actress fan though so take it with a grain of salt. According to the man himself the original dub was cut way way down in order to fit on a 7″.

    Also, never really had a problem with FE. Pretty sure they have a flat shipping rate. Only issue I ever had was not knowing whether an item was out of stock or not until they shipped your order and it looks like they are resolving that in their new beta store.

  8. Forced Exposure does not seem to have a flat shipping rate. Again, only from my experience – $9 for one album in North America… a bit steeper than I’d hoped. No prices are posted nor any indication given beforehand. The buyer finds out shipping charges after it is sent and they are charged whatever FE determines.

    It would also be nice to be able to maximize “shipping value” by knowing if adding a few more albums would help to disperse the shipping cost across more albums.

  9. Russ, you are incorrect; FE does have a flat mailing rate- $4.50. No other web stores I use regularly (Dusty Groove, Other Music, Aquarius records, etc.) have a cheaper rate. I’ve purchased 5 or more LPs at a time and it’s still the same flat rate.

    I bought the Panda Bear 7″ from them last night and I got the mailing confirmation today.

    It’s true that FE can be a bit “cooler than thou,” but overall I’ve only had good experiences purchasing from them. I’ve been buying stuff from them all they way back to the days when they were primarily a fanzine, nearly 20 years, and have had good luck w/ them all the way through.

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