Parashi – Pilot’s Salt LP

Well, the dust from the year end explosion has settled. Take a second to breathe before you dig into this Parashi LP, because you might not get another shot. ‘Pilots Salt’ is a grinding tour de force for modular synths, tape and metal objects. But it’s more than just a ‘noise’ record. There is a fantastic balance between audio and what is written. Tracks like ‘Recombinant Field’, ‘Pilot’s Salt’ and ‘Pulverized Concrete On The Rim Of A Coffee Cup’ — I mean, what exactly are these things and what’s really going on here? I have no idea, but it’s totally intriguing word play that is perfectly married to the esotericism inherent in the sound and totally worth getting lost in. A sleeper hit from the end of ‘14, not to be missed.

Available in an edition of 300 (first 100 copies on Grey Marble) from Retrograde Tapes.


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