Pete Swanson “Man With Potential” LP

UPDATE: This album has been repressed. Don’t sleep on it again –

Sorry for the slow posting lately, life has been incredibly busy for both of us. Still, we should’ve posted about this album sooner, its a stunner. Pete Swanson, formerly of Yellow Swans, has just released an LP that will surely make a bunch of year-end lists. If you haven’t noticed (you will when you read all of today’s posts), the new trend in experimental music is free-form, completely crazy electronica. If you want to see what this genre has to offer, look no further than”Man With Potential”, it’s a bonafied opus. Sweaty dancefloors shrouded in a wall of fuzz. Nearly perfect. This came out on Type and is already becoming scarce, but you can get one via Forced Exposure.

Pete Swanson – Man With Potential by _type


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  1. Absolutely incredible LP!

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