Plain Records Reissues Every 90’s Album Ever

Aural Exports is now selling the classic Primus album Sailing the Seas of Cheese on their website along with preorders for two early LPs from The Breeders and the debut LP from Mr. Bungle. All of these albums have been out of print for quite some time, probably since they were originally released in nineteen-ninety-whatever. Each record comes on 180 gram vinyl and is priced at $14.95. They are all listed, along with many other titles, in the new releases at

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  1. I have the Black Crowes “Southern Harmony…” Lp released recently, and is sounds horrible. I have a pretty accurate, studio-level system, and it sounds like an MP3… much worse than the remastered cd releases from the mid nines… Uggh.. very disappointed, even after it costing under $20. the pressing is off center, warped, and has pitch variations… utter dross.

  2. Seems to be a lot of complaining about the Plain label – from shitty pressings to being pretty negligent about fulfilling pre-orders on time. These Breeders pre-orders went up in January and only started shipping at the beginning of this month (September). Aural Exploits has listed some pre-orders for a few other Plain reissues recently, including a Mazzy Star album… but I’m feeling pretty weary of the label currently.

    We appreciate when readers let us know about quality issues with pressings. Some of these labels need to step it up. We listen to vinyl because it’s supposed to sound better. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  3. the Ween reissues are pretty dope (the box set)..

  4. just listened to the debut Mazzy star reissue on this label. The pressing is so far off center that I thought the quartz lock on my 1200 was failing. I’m pretty irked as “We listen to vinyl because it’s supposed to sound better.” thumbs down on quality control

  5. Just bought the Breeders’ “Last Splash” reissue LP and side 2 had a pretty ugly defect on it: a small hunk of glue or adhesive. I’ve cleaned it with some rubbing alcohol and it doesn’t skip anymore but there is audible noise where the defect was. Pretty disappointing.

  6. John, I had the same problem recently with a different record. You can also try using some denatured alcohol on the spot it leaves behind but I found I was never able to full “wash” off the noise. Sucks.

  7. my reissue of Ladies and Gentlemen… by Spiritualized is unbelievably breath-taking. the original insert and everything. i couldn’t be happier with how it sounds and looks. shame about the others…

  8. I just played an Elliott Smith Figure 8 album by them. Holy crap this is unbelievably bad. No quality control at all?

  9. still waiting to see if they botch the heatmiser mic city sons reissue

  10. The Plain Records Elliott Smith Figure 8 reissue is just opened is perfectly flat, clean and the pressing is very nice and quiet. But the sonics of the record are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. It’s not a quality control problem with the pressing. It’s as if it was sourced from a 128kbps MP3 and run through a Fuzz Face pedal for the mastering. I feel raped, and this is an absolute insult to this music. The Kill Rock Stars vinyl release of “New Moon” is gloriously beautiful (and was $16, instead of $25). I will NOT buy another Plain records release.


  12. If it were illegal to sell shitty vinyl the prisons would be overrun with hipster scumbags.

  13. I pre-order the Tinderstick II reissue before i found about the bad reputation of Plain records. Now i’m worry.

  14. I disagree all the way around. I have both Figure 8 and Ween’s The Mollusk and I think they are excellent. First off, they were definitely priced right. 2nd, instead of having to drop $100-$200 on eBay for these, $40 got me both. Plus, you have the nice artwork to frame. I also want to state that I don’t download FLACs or analyze every sound with a fine tooth comb, so my opinion may not mean anything.

  15. Check this out, so awful:

    Ownership and control is important, because if you don’t own what you do, all sorts of stupid stuff happens to it, and people spend good money on garbage. For example, in America, Warner Bros. licensed Loveless and Isn’t Anything to Plain Records, and they ********basically just ripped [the audio] off the CD and put it on vinyl [in 2003]. They did an awful, terrible job. It was done without my permission, and the sound quality was 100% wrong. It was a rip off to anyone who bought it.************ But I didn’t know anything about it until they were in the shops. We actually got an injunction against it being imported into the UK at the time because it was technically a bootleg but, in America, Warners operate under their own law, so it might have been slightly legal in the United States.

  16. I just bought the Plain Reissue of Sparklehorse “It’s A Wonderful Life” on LP. I’m sad to say they took the last track from the album completely off. But the sound quality is kosher throughout.

  17. I ordered The Breeders POD on vinyl twice.

    On both records, there is a 4 second loop that repeats itself during the song Hellbound.

    I’m awaiting my second refund from the vendor. Will never order anything from Plain ever again.

  18. Sade, Elliott Smith plain recorsd sounds like mp3s. Hissing highs, compressed lows, narrow soundscaps

    . Gotta check the labels before purchasing from now on

  19. Plain Records is by all means an abomination. Vinyl enthusiasts for all sorts of releases keep complaining. Hmm, I wonder why? Maybe because the folks at Plain should not be pressing vinyl in such a shitty quality. Unfortunately, Elliott Smith’s beautiful two major label records cannot be enjoyed on analog, as even the Bong Load issues aren’t that good according to reviews. It’s a shame people bid as high as they do for Plain Records discontinued vinyl on ebay. Boy will they be surprised.

  20. I have the reissue of Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space as well as Elliott Smith’s XO and Figure 8 reissues. LAGWAFIS sounds breathtakingly perfect. Figure 8 on the other hand sounds like a 128kbps mp3 rip. HORRIBLE sound. Glad I didn’t use my own money for it. Haven’t listened to XO yet, hopefully it’ll be better than this garbage.

    Overall, Plain is capable of good but appears to be frighteningly inconsistent. ugh.

  21. I just put on Figure 8 vinyl from Plain: it is utterly abysmal. Did poor Elliott not suffer enough in his lifetime? Really no point in listening to this any further than track 2. And this is not just audiophile griping. This is beyond surface noise. Sounds like listening on a plastic Fisher-Price record player.

  22. Just listening tothe Plain reissue of Tindersticks. Sides 1 and 2 play fine, nothing special – probably a transfer from the digital file but not too badly done. Side 3 is a total nightmare of distorsion and background noise. No amout of cleaning has done a thing to improve it. Side 4 is the same. Such a huge letdown. Great record, awful reissue.

  23. I wish I saw this thread earlier, ordered Mr. Bungles first album, had to crank it all the way to barely hear it. Very disappointing. Shame on you plain recordings.

  24. My copy of figure 8 sounds like crap for the most part!

  25. Their Elliott Smith & Ben Folds Five reissues are just compressed-to-hell awful. Spiritualized’s “Ladies & Gentlemen” is OK, but is most likely just a dump of the CD onto wax; Same with Ween’s “White Pepper”. Ween’s “12 Golden Country Greats” & “The Mollusk” are surprisingly pretty decent.

  26. Well, I was thinking of getting a new Figure 8 pressing but I guess the Plain one is not a good idea! appreciate the comments.

    On the other hand, their pressing of Loveless is perfectly fine. Loveless was mastered to DAT, not analogue tape, so the fact that Plain’s disc was mastered from digital is irrelevant. I have an original Creation copy and the Plain and I can’t tell the difference. If you can get your hands on both you’ll see. I know Kevin Shields whined a lot about it, but honestly there’s nothing to his complaints about the sound – he was just angry they did it without his approval (which is understandable, but still). And then if you listen to his (expensive, Japanese issued) remastered version, which is supposedly “right” and “better,” well…not really.

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