Predatory Light – MMXIV Cassette

Updated 03/24/2014: Second press now available from and

In this week’s don’t-sleep-on-it Monday morning news we present to you the tape debut of Predatory Light. A day earlier than usual, but seeing as how there are only a few handfuls of stock left – we would like to encourage you to pick up a copy. Immediately. Don’t cry when they’re all gone, kids. Available from or

Predatory Light - MMXIV


5 Responses to “Predatory Light – MMXIV Cassette”

  1. Damn, this is really good

  2. anyone know of another place to get a tape?

  3. Copies now available from Analog Worship.

  4. gilead media has some too

  5. Repressed and available through the band and Psychic Violence Records.

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