Public Image Ltd. “First Issue” Test Pressing Giveaway

This month will see the 100th release from Light in the Attic Records and as part of their celebratory blitz, they’ve agreed to allow OMGVinyl to give away a test pressing of that release to one of our dear readers. Public Image Ltd, the band started by Johnny Rotten after the implosion of the Sex Pistols, released it’s first album in 1978, and here First Issue is lovingly reissued by Light in the Attic. A seminal release, at the time deemed too “un-commercial” for release in the United States (hey, we’re a sensitive bunch here). This reissue comes with the usual high specs from LITA: 180-gram vinyl, tip-on gatefold sleeve and plenty of extra inserts like posters, newsprint adverts, buttons and a patch. Pick it up at and see our giveaway details below.

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random in about 24 hours (sometime Friday morning). Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation.

Contest is closed, thanks for all the entries. We will contact the winner early next week!

Public Image Ltd - First Issue LP

Public Image Ltd - First Issue LP


144 Responses to “Public Image Ltd. “First Issue” Test Pressing Giveaway”

  1. Lord almighty, that’s exciting.

  2. Thanks OMGVinyl!

  3. Bitch spelled backwards is dog.

  4. It seems like everything light in the attic does is worthy of attention these days!

  5. Crossing my fingers..!

  6. Oh Yeah!

  7. Woo!

  8. Sweeeeeet! Thanks guys!

  9. Looking forward to the Roky reissues.

  10. count me in!

  11. Pick me

  12. Now, that’s what I call “The Public Image” :)

  13. LITA RULES!!!!

  14. Yep!

  15. Awesome. Thanks.

  16. Boom!

  17. Great prize!

  18. Ice cream has no bones!

  19. I love pills and Lita Ford

  20. I want it.

  21. Nice

  22. throw my name in the hat, plz.

  23. The king is gone but he’s not forgotten….

  24. This record is great

  25. fingers’ crossed

  26. What a terrific label! they keep rolling out fantastic reissue after fantastic reissue.

  27. this is like the orange haired lottery and I have the winning powerball number. PS. I am terrible at math.

  28. “everything I do is unreal and meaningless.”

  29. In for the potential win…

  30. Yes please

  31. Bloody Brilliant!

  32. i want i want i want! 😛

  33. Oh, John Lydon, where have you gone? This is a great choice for a reissue. Hoping to win one!


  35. I want your motherfuckin’ Daytons and your motherfuckin’ stereo! And I’ll take a test-pressing with cheese!

  36. Please, please! Gimme, gimme!

  37. I don’t do drugs anymore, but I’ll take that PIL…

  38. Schwing!

  39. ohhh, das wäre toll!!! :)

  40. or, if you like, Jack the Knife

  41. yes please

  42. Yes, please!

  43. First class issue!

  44. yessss

  45. SURE, sounds good

  46. Fingers crossed.

  47. yeah yeah yeah yeah!

  48. Not saying I need this, but I could certainly handle it.

  49. PiLease!

  50. Can you feel the bass.

  51. comment comment comment

  52. Sign me up!

  53. First (ever) Issue on vinyl in the US. Thanks LITA


  55. worst lead singer ever…please let me win..(yawn)

  56. humble review:

  57. H-E-double hockey sticks (L-L) YEAH!!!

  58. I know just where it will go on my record shelf. Thanks for the contest and opportunity!

  59. Can’t wait for this one! LITA is the best.

  60. Randomly pick me! PIL-ease!

  61. OMGVinyl, I would love to get that surprise in my mail!

  62. Awesomeness!

  63. YEW

  64. Awesome!

  65. I’m posting out of my love for Country Time butter!

  66. We are now trying to finish the album with a minimum amount of effort which we are now doing very suc-cess-ful-ly.

  67. Very nice–thank you!

  68. C’mon baby!

  69. Ann-ahh-leee-sahhh!

  70. You never listen to a word that I say

  71. woot

  72. consider me, please

  73. A singer in his prime (Lydon) and a label in its prime (LITA).

  74. This would make my Friday!


  76. hey gunther, how’s the gooseneck. PiL!!!!!

  77. Throwing my hat into the ring.

  78. my stylus is trembling in anticipation.

  79. I would like to win the album.

  80. So weird yet so good.

  81. Please consider my father for the father of the year award.

    My father is very groovy and, despite the fact that I am his step-daughter, never gets mad at me, unless I deserve it like the time I left a Popsicle stick on his golf club bag and he tied me to the radiator and left me there for three days because my mom was visiting my aunt Edna and he was on a drunk and forgot about me. And then there’s the time he wanted me to set him up with my friend Bernice who had earlier gotten me in trouble with Ms. Beaufort…

  82. This has got to be the best giveaway this site has done

  83. Even better than a reissue of the Vivian shirt with the 2 cowboys on it.

  84. LITA 100!

  85. May the road rise with me!

  86. Meat isn’t murder, it’s delicious. – john lydon

  87. I want to win this.

  88. I am win for the fabulous LP


  90. yessss

  91. The bitterest PIL is mine to take.

  92. “my grand finale, my goodbye…”

  93. i gave you chocolates you wanted flowers instead

  94. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. no, I don’t look back Think tank, winner takes all, loser takes blank Think tank, burning off steam, loser takes blank Think tank, winner takes all, loser takes blank Think tank, burning off steam, I’ll let you dream Dream on

  96. What a great prize!

  97. Don’t give this to one of them ‘sensitive’ American types… Only the Brits are man enough for this! :-)

  98. This album is one of the all-time classic examples of an artist completely breaking away from his past and reinventing himself as something new and better. Love it. BTW, what the heck is a “tip-on” gatefold sleeve? I get the gatefold part, but the “tip-on” part has me very confused.

  99. I can feel Jahs basslines in every one of me molecules

  100. Throwing my hat in the ring…

  101. I almost bought a test pressing of this album at a record collectors show on Sunday. The seller didn’t want to negotiate on a more reasonable price, so I walked…

  102. 100 releases!!! Keep em’ coming!!

  103. Light In The Attic is awesome!

  104. Comment n’ that!

  105. very cool, i’ve always wanted this on vinyl. only album i really seem to like by them. bought the RSD live lp for some of the songs featured on this, but i’ve always wanted this album. saw it in a second hand clothing store in Philly years ago in a bin they play records from and they wouldn’t sell it.

  106. PIL popping fun!

  107. love these contests

  108. Sign me up!

  109. thanks!!!!!!!

  110. That’s cool.


  112. I need all the additional light in the attic I can get. I’m dimming by the day.

  113. That would be sweet!

  114. Saw PiL earlier this year. JL was utterly amazing.

  115. Hell yeah!

  116. Pick me!

  117. Shiny!

  118. Who doesn’t want a test pressing?!

  119. Woohoo.


  121. whooooooooooooooooo! on a serious tip this record is ace. “we only wanted to be loved!!”

  122. The phone is ringing and I can not linger, watch out butt here comes my…

  123. Thank you for offering this sweet give-a-way. May the road rise with you!

  124. I remember this attempt!

  125. looks great

  126. Want. Covet. NEED.

  127. gimme gimme

  128. PIL!!!

  129. i’ve got baby fingers for this album!

  130. “We’re all Sensitive People”…. I’d pay good money to hear John Lydon sing Let’s Get it On! I Love PiL!

  131. me too, please

  132. i like this album.

  133. oooh pick me!

  134. Saw these guys last year at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Would love to have this.

  135. Oh yeah!!

  136. Hello!
    Hello….. hello hello

  137. Zombi rules!

  138. Better than butt sex

  139. Theme!

  140. woohoo! :) thanks omgv and lita

  141. PiL, that is to say Public Image, Ltd. a band which started in 1978 after the Sex Pistols demise and Lydons ne Rottens subsequent diassociation with that band and their so-called svengali Malcolm McLaren in my humble opinion (trust me; i ain’t humble!) is not PiL without either Keith Levene or Jah Wobble. it’s as simple and cut-and-dried as that!

  142. Thanks for this opportunity! What a great album.

  143. Sex is oglee…

  144. Hey y’all! ;*

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