Public Image Ltd. “First Issue” Test Pressing Giveaway

This month will see the 100th release from Light in the Attic Records and as part of their celebratory blitz, they’ve agreed to allow OMGVinyl to give away a test pressing of that release to one of our dear readers. Public Image Ltd, the band started by Johnny Rotten after the implosion of the Sex Pistols, released it’s first album in 1978, and here First Issue is lovingly reissued by Light in the Attic. A seminal release, at the time deemed too “un-commercial” for release in the United States (hey, we’re a sensitive bunch here). This reissue comes with the usual high specs from LITA: 180-gram vinyl, tip-on gatefold sleeve and plenty of extra inserts like posters, newsprint adverts, buttons and a patch. Pick it up at and see our giveaway details below.

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random in about 24 hours (sometime Friday morning). Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation.

Contest is closed, thanks for all the entries. We will contact the winner early next week!

Public Image Ltd - First Issue LP

Public Image Ltd - First Issue LP


144 Responses to “Public Image Ltd. “First Issue” Test Pressing Giveaway”

  1. I almost bought a test pressing of this album at a record collectors show on Sunday. The seller didn’t want to negotiate on a more reasonable price, so I walked…

  2. 100 releases!!! Keep em’ coming!!

  3. Light In The Attic is awesome!

  4. Comment n’ that!

  5. very cool, i’ve always wanted this on vinyl. only album i really seem to like by them. bought the RSD live lp for some of the songs featured on this, but i’ve always wanted this album. saw it in a second hand clothing store in Philly years ago in a bin they play records from and they wouldn’t sell it.

  6. PIL popping fun!

  7. love these contests

  8. Sign me up!

  9. thanks!!!!!!!

  10. That’s cool.


  12. I need all the additional light in the attic I can get. I’m dimming by the day.

  13. That would be sweet!

  14. Saw PiL earlier this year. JL was utterly amazing.

  15. Hell yeah!

  16. Pick me!

  17. Shiny!

  18. Who doesn’t want a test pressing?!

  19. Woohoo.


  21. whooooooooooooooooo! on a serious tip this record is ace. “we only wanted to be loved!!”

  22. The phone is ringing and I can not linger, watch out butt here comes my…

  23. Thank you for offering this sweet give-a-way. May the road rise with you!

  24. I remember this attempt!

  25. looks great

  26. Want. Covet. NEED.

  27. gimme gimme

  28. PIL!!!

  29. i’ve got baby fingers for this album!

  30. “We’re all Sensitive People”…. I’d pay good money to hear John Lydon sing Let’s Get it On! I Love PiL!

  31. me too, please

  32. i like this album.

  33. oooh pick me!

  34. Saw these guys last year at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Would love to have this.

  35. Oh yeah!!

  36. Hello!
    Hello….. hello hello

  37. Zombi rules!

  38. Better than butt sex

  39. Theme!

  40. woohoo! 🙂 thanks omgv and lita

  41. PiL, that is to say Public Image, Ltd. a band which started in 1978 after the Sex Pistols demise and Lydons ne Rottens subsequent diassociation with that band and their so-called svengali Malcolm McLaren in my humble opinion (trust me; i ain’t humble!) is not PiL without either Keith Levene or Jah Wobble. it’s as simple and cut-and-dried as that!

  42. Thanks for this opportunity! What a great album.

  43. Sex is oglee…

  44. Hey y’all! ;*

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