Pyramids / Horseback “A Throne Without A King” LP + 7″ Pre-Order

Whoa there, buddy. Mr. Horseback has gotta take it easy with these avant-metal collaborations. First Locrian, now Pyramids. This time a 2xLP featuring a 45 minute tune split across 4 sides and a seven inch featuring a new tune from each project. This is destined to be an amazing record, both of these musical entities are at the top of their game right now and the power of their droning metallic dirge combined threatens to swallow the fucking universe. Yellow or black vinyl pre-order at


3 Responses to “Pyramids / Horseback “A Throne Without A King” LP + 7″ Pre-Order”

  1. any knowledge of someone picking it up in europe?

    i just started ordering it from blue collar and the price just went too high…

  2. Anywhere else going to be carrying this period? I can’t stomach ordering from BCD. Even just to Canada it’s too much.

  3. Pyramids pummeled my mind with their self-titled CD. Horseback seems content on ripping my heart out with every release. I’m not to sure why I’m anticipating this album so much cause there will certainly be nothing left of me after I hear it.

    Nonetheless. I’m stoked.

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