Rachel Evans (Motion Sickness of Time Travel) Top 20 Albums of 2011

From Rachel to our readers:
“This year was pretty amazing for music. Below is a list of my top 20 releases of the year. There were way too many incredible albums released on different formats that I couldn’t begin to limit the list to just one format. There were a lot of releases that I enjoyed in addition to these, but for space’s sake, here are just a few highlights: The Vitamins 7-inch is one I’m particularly fond of; even though I don’t tend to lean towards this type of music most of the time, this Colorado-based band is incredibly energetic and refreshing. The A-side specifically reminds me of some of my favorite Stereolab… so good. The Innez Lightfoot 3-inch Cdr I just couldn’t resist including, even though it came out later in the year it hit me harder than just about anything else that came out this year. Simply stunning, this mini-album is one long piece which seems to expand further with every listen… like some lost Valet album, just beautiful. Pimmon’s newest CD on Room 40, another one which I didn’t hear until really late in the year, resonates magically. Not only is it one of my favorites of 2011, it’s also my favorite Pimmon to date. All in all, it was a great year for music, especially for music that takes you places.”

1. Grasshopper – Goodnight Sweet Prince LP (Baked Tapes)
2. Lawrence English – The Peregrine LP (Experimedia)
3. Telecult Powers – Stars Are the Eyes of God CS (Draft)
4. Lee Noble – Horrorism LP (Bathetic)
5. Voder Deth Squad – 1 CS (Stunned)
6. Xiphiidae – Honeyguise CS (Rotifer)
7. Pimmon – The Oansome Orbit CD (Room40)
8. Shingles – White Out CS (905 Tapes)
9. Royallen – Inspirational Tape CS (Housecraft)
10. Vitamins – No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What 7-inch (Hot Congress)
11. Afterlife – Hypnautic Rinse CS (Stunned)
12. Outer Space – Last Vaccum Demos Vol. 1 LP (Wagon)
13. Je suis le petit chevalier – L’Enfant Sauvage LP (Aguirre)
14. Bernardo Femminielli – Souvenir Express CS (Digitalis Ltd.)
15. Steve Hauschildt – Tragedy and Geometry LP (Kranky)
16. Hobo Cubes – E.Motions CS (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
17. Innez Lightfoot – The Battle of Wandlimb 3-inch CD (Kim Dawn)
18. Dolphins Into the Future/ Floris Vanhoof – Split 7-inch (Experimedia)
19. Pulse Emitter – Forest, Mountain, Valley CS (Tranquility)
20. White Rainbow – Gnarchives Vol. 1 CS (Gnar Tapes)


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