Radiohead “The King Of Limbs” 12″ Remix Series

In case you were not yet aware, Radiohead is rolling out a series of 12″ EPs featuring remixes off of The King of Limbs from all of their (or at least Thom Yorke’s) favorite producers. The series so far has produced fantastic 12’s featuring the likes of Caribou, Jacques Green, Harmonic 313, Mark Pritchard and Nathan Fake. The future sees Lone, Pearson Sound and Four Tet tackling remix duties, as well as who knows who else – the band has stated that they are unsure how many EPs will end up being released, but has thrown out six or seven as a possible number. Pretty sure a Flying Lotus remix will be in there somewhere! You can keep abreast of this series via, where they are being offered for sale. So far, Radiohead has also been posting all the remixes to their Soundcloud account, so check that out.

Little By Little Caribou RMX by Radiohead


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  1. Wish these were 10″ and also a little cheaper. Oh well, I bought the first one already and will be grabbing the other when my shop gets it.

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