Rene Hell “The Terminal Symphony” LP

After a prolific run on small tape labels like Night People, Arbor, Agents of Chaos, etc, Jeff Witscher has blown the fuck up with his Rene Hell project. Last year’s “Porcelain Opera” graced a ton of year-end lists, and with good reason. Witscher has become a consistently awe-inspiring master of modern synthesizer music. He’s done plenty of drone and noise in the past, but “The Terminal Symphony” is decidedly next-level, easily breaking free of genres and eclipsing almost any contemporaries. Sure, it references the past, but it’s also one of the freshest, most exciting records we’ve heard this year. Type, you’ve done it again. You can get the LP (which includes a bonus CD) in Europe at Boomkat, otherwise grab in the US from Experimedia.

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18 Responses to “Rene Hell “The Terminal Symphony” LP”

  1. That’s the back cover just for the record (thank god). The front has that peeling violin action going on.

  2. yeah, sounds very interesting- have now purchased- thanks OMGV for this, pulse emitter, infinity window and johann johannson- altering my listening habits, slightly

  3. That cover photo is from the billboard campaign for the Portland Timbers soccer team here… of which I am a big supporter! Weird to see it used as an album cover.

  4. Deforestation….so sexy. Yay, team humanity!

  5. Absolutely brilliant album!

  6. yeah, that is a shot from that timbers campaign. I hope they paid chris hornbecker to use the image he took.

  7. why do you express that hope here? does the question of ‘breach of copyright’ have to always be raised? i come to these sites to get away from such mundanity!

  8. I wonder how rene hell would feel if one of his songs was used without his permission?

  9. he would sue or not and chris would sue or not- they would do what they wanted to do, whatever would be right for them and their business concerns- but why do YOU hope they paid him? and why do YOU wonder how rene would feel?

    i’m just grouchy

  10. because chris hornbecker is my friend, sir.

  11. well why not ask him directly rather than raise the question here?

  12. I’ll raise the same question to you that you raised to me: why do YOU care?

  13. i don’t anymore- i’ve run out of steam

  14. VICTORY! 🙂

  15. i’m bloodied but unbroken!


  17. …are mine!

  18. Saw him in Asheville when he opened for No Age, was high as hell and he melted my balls off.

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