Saviours “Accelerated Living” 2xLP

It’s easy to get bogged down searching out the hottest and most obscure black art-metal trends. Sometimes we forget what this whole thing is really all about. Riffs. Saviours seem to have mined plenty for their newest album, fueled on by a discriminating diet of fine ganja and cheap whiskey. This isn’t about standing around with your arms crossed waiting for a transcendent drone to run it’s course. This is about devil-horns throwing, bottle-breaking, dive-bar shaking heavy metal. Pick up a copy on 2xLP for $20 at

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4 Responses to “Saviours “Accelerated Living” 2xLP”

  1. I have a sincere love for this band. Equal parts Black Sabbath and Black Flag, perfect. Anyone know the pressing info for this? I know there was a limited tour press on Orange for the last LP and I wonder if there’s a similar story on this one.

  2. Hmmm, I got a copy on orange of the previous album when I pre-ordered it from the webstore. Didn’t know it was a limited tour press. No idea the pressing info on this one.

  3. I guess I may have just gotten the idea of the tour press since I got mine at a show. I do know the orange was limited to 300 though.

  4. i think theres just that orange one, never seen any black copy… bought mine in a record shop in germany, is also orange. the copy i bought for my bro one year later in another shop was also orange… even on ebay all opened copies i´ve seen so far were orange.

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