Seefeel – Quique LP Giveaway

Good morning, 90’s darlings. You may have heard that Light In The Attic has reissued Seefeel’s Quique as the next step in the (d)evolution of their Modern Classics Recordings series. What you may not have heard (since we haven’t announced it until literally just now) is that Light In The Attic is giving a free copy of this dubby, shoegazey delight away to one of our loyal readers. You know the deal, and if you don’t: read below. Don’t feel like taking any chances? I don’t blame you; go ahead and order a copy over at

To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. A winner will be picked at random in about 24 hours (sometime Friday morning). Please only enter once, we will be checking for double-ups. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is probably awaiting moderation.

Contest is closed, thanks for all the entries!

Seefeel - Quique LP

Seefeel - Quique Gatefold


74 Responses to “Seefeel – Quique LP Giveaway”

  1. I never win these things…

  2. Seefeel me.

  3. Feelin up this Seefeeling

  4. I want

  5. Yessir!

  6. I’m a 90’s darling! Do I win?

  7. Yep.

  8. check!

  9. So overdue!

  10. Yup

  11. Awesome!!! Light in the Attic keeps reissuing my favorite records.

  12. Very nice

  13. Maybe I’m not loyal, but I’m sure I’m a reader!
    Oh, If only I could read better, maybe I’d be also more loyal

  14. Please

  15. Oh Yeeeeaahhh!

  16. Entering…

  17. Please!!!

  18. Seefeel

  19. I only have a CD copy of this classic album so getting it on vinyl would be sweet!

  20. oolala.

  21. Oh yeah, this is it…

  22. got to be mine.

  23. God, I would love to own this album.

  24. Just want to say I received my copy this week…cannot say enough good things about the pressing and packaging ! Another awesome job from Modern Classics and LITA…keep up the great work !

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